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Grilled Stuffed Flank Steak With Scallions, Ginger, and Teriyaki Glaze

I'm in the same boat as some of the others. I don't have a charcoal grill. Can we get directions for other methods, like electric grills, or an inside griddler?

Perfect Quick-and-Easy French Toast

What kind of sugar are we talking about in the recipe? Plain white? Powdered? Any brown? Thanks!

Easy Chewy Sugar Cookies

Does it have to be "bread flour" or can it be all-purpose flour?

Cook the Book: 'Lighten Up, America!'

My food resolution is to make more American "classic" dishes with an interesting twist, and start making some of my own condiments/dressings.

Roasted Squash and Raw Carrot Soup

Why do I need to add the ingredients to a Dutch oven? All I have is a big soup pot - does that change how I would cook it? Thanks!

Vanilla Plum Crumble Pie

I don't live in an area where vanilla bean pods are readily available. Could you give me what the measurement would be in say, vanilla extract? Thanks!


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