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  • Last bite on earth: Probably some kind of sushi, oddly enough my mother keeps telling I'm going to die young if I keep eating raw fish. Hmmm...

What do you guys prefer plastic or wooden

I use plastic for raw food, and a wooden cutting board for things that are cooked/eaten raw.

Suggestions for dessert tasting menus

I say pick a theme, i.e. Lemon, Chocolate, Blueberries, and make lots of small desserts based on the theme. Maybe, a creamy dessert, a tart/sour dessert and a cookie/biscuit.

Beets in lieu of red food coloring

Please let me know if you find a recipe that works! I get headaches when I eat large amounts of red food colouring in red velvet cake.

I used to think reactions like this were psychological until one day I got a massive headache and had no idea why and someone commented that my tongue was red from eating red velvet cake!

Perfect Quick-and-Easy French Toast

I once had french toast at a coffee shop that DEEP FRIED their french toast. I'm not going to lie, it was kind of amazing. Lots of fluffy egg curls around the edges and crispy edges.

14 Things You Might Not Know About Ben & Jerry's

I once made a presentation in a speech contest that we had to describe our dream job and why we'd be good at it. I made the case for why I should be Ben and Jerry's ice cream taster and I came in 2nd. The fact that employees get three free pints of ice cream everyday only adds to my desire to work for Ben and Jerry's.

Work Pot Luck

Some kind of quinoa salad. It's vegetarian, lactose free and gluten free.

What's for breakfast these days?

I just recently got into avocado toast. Toasted bread, olive oil, avocado, sprinkle of salt.

How to Make Macaroni and Cheese Waffles

What brand of macaroni do you use? Your macaronis seem to have less of a bend which I'd prefer.

The Best Cookie for an Ice Cream Sandwich

I'm a fan of snickerdoodles in ice cream sandwiches. I once had a snickerdoodle like cookie that had bacon in it and it was delicious.

Gadgets: Mastrad Minute Cooker

Love these reviews Donna! I'd love to see a best and worst compilation.

Spring = Pig Roast!

What's your favorite way to prepare cauliflower?

Kenji's buffalo fried cauliflower. Not healthy at ALL but delicious.

Anyone serve punch anymore? Recipes?

Punch in my family always meant a bunch of random things mixed together (usually at least one item being Sprite or ginger ale and there was ALWAYS frozen orange juice) with ice cubes. As a child I loved it of course.

Alton Brown did an entire show about punch and his punch was really traditional and had tea and LOTS of booze in it.

Ask the Critic: The Best Baked Goods for a Host Gift

What about a chocolate babka?

Asian Vegetables in Non-Asian Dishes

I'm pretty sure Bok Choi salad with fried ramen noodles on it doesn't count as an Asian preparation

The New Ben and Jerry's 'Cores' are Pretty Mindblowingly Delicious

I tweeted Ben and Jerry's Canada and they said the Cores won't be sold in Canada, but to keep my eyes out for something new and exciting soon. Boo.

It's perfectly normal to go cross border ice cream shopping right?

Cute Alert: Two Cats Battle Over Bed That Looks Like a Burger

Finding out this was a macaron and not a hamburger ruined my day.

What to bring? Going Away party, 30 ppl, 10am

Make a big quiche in a square pan and then cut them into square or diamonds!

You can do the same with the cake if you can't get cupcake pans.

Ramping up for the season. The countdown to ramp madness begins

Totally looking forward to the rampocalypse. I usually just use them instead of garlic when I make pasta dishes. They're hard to find/expensive in my neck of the woods so I don't get much of a chance to experiment much.

What should I put in a piñata?

@Mr. Nick replace the little baggies with balloons and I think you're onto something

What should I put in a piñata?

@Mr. Nick replace the little baggies with gallons and I think you're onto something

This Week at Serious Eats World Headquarters

I can't help but point out last week's sad pizza had a slice missing, and this week's sad pizza is a single slice. Coincidence? I think not.

Which Cocktails Do You Think Are Overrated?

Screwdrivers are overrated. I tend associate them with underaged teenagers.

Taste Test: British Digestives

We spell it "Centre" in Canada too. What did you do with all the leftover biscuits? I saw a recipe that uses broken biscuits to make some kind of chocolate cake, apparently Will and Kate are fans.

Ask the Critic: Breakfast for Dinner in NYC

Haven't eaten there but doesn't Shopsin's have pancakes at dinner?

Ordering beyond the signature dish

During a trip to NYC my sister and I went to Pearl Oyster Bar. While we loved the lobster roll (sorry Kenji), what really blew me away was the fried oysters and salt crusted shrimp! It got me thinking about dishes that are as good, if not better than the dish that a place is known for.

Anything that we should order instead of the most popular/famous dish?

Worth the wait?

My family absolutely HATES waiting for anything. Waiting in line, waiting for food to cook, etc. In fact when we were teenagers my sister once insisted I paid her minimum wage for every hour she had to wait in line to go into the Gap with me on Boxing Day. Actually she's still like that, never mind.

What recipes or restaurants do you think are "worth waiting for"? Either a recipe that requires a long time to cook, a restaurant that you have to wait in line to get into, a restaurant that you have to book a month ahead, etc. You get the idea!

Regional Food Terms

After overhearing someone who I assume is a fellow Canuck trying to order a "double double*" in NYC I've been thinking about regional/local food terms.

The first thing that came to mind is the pop/soda debate and subs/hoagies/grinders/heroes.

Is there any regional food terms that come to mind either where you're from or that you found particularly interesting?

*Coffee with two creams and two sugars

Chocolate Babka Recipe

I just finished the chocolate babka I bought at Russ and Daughters during a visit to NYC. Now I'm going through Babka withdrawal.

Is it hard to make babka at home? Where's the best recipe? I know there's a no knead recipe on SE but has anyone tried it? Can I bake it in two loaf pans and freeze one?

Foods that are good frozen

Inspired by Max's comment that Pop Tarts are good frozen, what's your favourite item to eat frozen? I like York Peppermint patties frozen. I have yet to try freezing Pop Tarts. My friend the health nut eats frozen grapes and oranges in the summer.

Most underrated and overrated ingredients

What do you my fellow Serious Eaters think are the most underrated and overrated ingredients?

The most underrated ingredients I would say are water and flat leaf parsley. I find water is such a key ingredient, great for thinning sauces or poaching etc. Don't get my wrong I love stock and wine, but sometimes water does the trick, especially starchy pasta water when thinning pasta sauces. Flat leaf parsley I find also adds a great freshness to long cooked dishes.

The most overrated ingredients I would have to say are chocolate and bacon (please don't hate me). Don't get me wrong I love chocolate and bacon! I just think they've become a crutch for a lot of cooks. A lot of mediocre dishes seem to use chocolate and bacon to hide less than stellar ingredients or technique.

What's the best chocolate chip cookie recipe?

I'm constantly keeping my eye out for a great chocolate chip cookie recipe. I've made the recipe on the bag of chips, the Ad hoc recipe, The New York Times chocolate chip cookie, a recipe with vanilla pudding, etc. Lately my favourite has been the Canyon Ranch Chocolate Chip cookie. I initially made it because it was "healthy" and then discovered I really like the flavour and texture!

What are your favourite chocolate chip cookie recipes my fellow Serious Eaters? Is it one of the recipes I mentioned? Or maybe it's the kind you unwrap, slice and bake (I won't judge). Does anyone have a super secret recipe passed down from generation to generation?

Favourite Leftover Hacks

While I was making beef stroganoff with leftover roast beef, I started thinking about other ways to re-purpose leftovers. I've already heard of roast beef turning into shepherds pie, and leftover spaghetti being turned into a pasta cake.

What's your favourite hack for leftovers or one you've been meaning to try?

Are there any so good that you'll cook a dish just so you'll have leftovers to re-purpose.

Wine that goes with Chinese Food

Since it appears that Chinese food is the second most popular food this time of year (after Turkey or some other large piece of roasted meat), it got me thinking about wines that go with Chinese food.

Growing up in a family of Chinese teetotalers, our drink of choice at dinners out was cold water, hot tea or if it was a really special occasion Coke (never Pepsi). At weddings people seemed to mostly drink beer or whiskey,

Of course we know champagne goes with everything, but are there other wines that go especially well with Chinese? What's your favourite?

Death of the Dinner Party?

I read an article on Mental Floss called "What Killed the Dinner Party" ( and it occurred to me I can't remember the last time I went to a true dinner party. I've been to people's houses for dinner yes, but only a very small group or a potluck. Dinner was never the "main event".

Does anyone else still have old school dinner parties?

Best Waffle recipe for Chicken and Waffles

I've found my favourite Fried Chicken recipe (America's Test Kitchen recipe in case you were wondering). Now I'm looking for a good waffle recipe to serve with chicken. I'm looking for either traditional waffle recipes but also interested in seeing unique waffles, cornbread waffles, sour dough, etc.


Most annoying food personalities

I know everyone here already loves to hate on Sandra Lee, Rachael Ray, and Guy Fieri. I was talking to a friend and found out we both can't stand Roger Mooking! He had this cooking show in Canada and he had a show with Aaron Sanchez. He also has restaurants with ridiculous names like Nyood.

Also, for some reason Anthony Bourdain annoys me. I used to be a huge fan and I still like his travel shows, but there's something about him that bothers me. I don't know what it is! Maybe it's the fact that he was in a terrible R&B group in the early 90s.

Is there anyone else that annoys you on tv/newspapers/magazines/etc?

Regional Foods

This may have been discussed already but I thought it would be fun to discuss regional foods/recipes.

My sister lives in Ottawa and over there they have a fried dough pastry called "Beaver Tails". Closer to my neck of the woods fairs and festivals boast "Elephant Ears" which to me taste like sweet fried pizza dough.

I feel like I should also mention Toronto's St Lawrence Market and their peameal bacon sandwich.

Does anyone else have a favourite regional dish? The more obscure/"Only in ---" the better!

How to use jarred black truffles?

My sister bought me a black truffle in a jar from Spain. It's in a clear glass jar with some kind of brine (not oil). How should I use it? Are there jarred truffle specific recipes? I don't want to ruin this edible souvenir.

Do you wash...

A few members of my family are really obsessed with cleanliness. I care about hygiene as much as the next person, but I'm constantly being scolded for not washing certain things before cooking them.

Some examples:
-Not rewashing salad in a bag
-Not washing onions
-Not washing eggs before I crack them into recipes
-Not washing meat and poultry before cooking it

Are these foods that are commonly washed? Does everyone here wash these foods before cooking them?

Has anyone used wonton wrappers for ravioli?

I tried to use fresh pasta sheets from the refrigerator case at the grocery store to make pumpkin ravioli and that was an epic failure. I'm now thinking of resorting to wonton wrappers before I dust off the pasta roller and make my own fresh pasta dough.

Has anyone done ravioli with wonton wrappers? How did it turn out? My concern is that wonton wrappers are too thin and will tear!


Canadians Grocery Shopping in the USA, What should we buy?

My sister and I are going shopping in the States in a few weeks. Being the Serious Eaters we are, we'll of course have to hit up a grocery store or two. What should we buy? Is there any really unique or interesting products that are sold in the States that aren't sold in Canada? What are your favourites?

What do my fellow Canucks buy in the States?

Egg Separating Video

I just saw this amusing video from China about how to separate an egg using a water bottle. I thought my fellow Serious Eaters would enjoy it too.

I usually just use my (clean) hand to separate eggs but I may try this just for kicks.

How do you like to cook Pork Belly?

I bought a pork belly and am thinking of either serving it sliced up and over rice or in Korean style tacos.

What's your favourite method for cooking pork belly? I've seen it roasted in the oven and I've also seen it braised. What's the best method?


Do utensils affect taste?

I was eating a Frosty at home today with a metal spoon and I realized that ice cream tastes better with a plastic spoon. My neighbour insists Tim Hortons coffee tastes better out of a paper cup than a ceramic mug. My mom says everything tastes better in a martini glass but that's another story. We all agree sushi tastes better with wooden chopsticks.

Does any else have a similar eccentricity? I heard a rumour caviar tastes best with a mother of pearl spoon but nobody is willing to sponsor such research for me.

Dried potatoes at Latino store

I was at a Latino grocery store buying some hominy and I noticed next to it was bags of dried potatoes. How are you supposed to cook dried potatoes? What's the benefit of dried potatoes over fresh?


Ordering food and ingredients online

Alton Brown is my favourite tv cook/chef. He's always suggesting you order ingredients online. Does anyone order ingredients or food online? What do you order and where do you order it from?

After searching for it in stores unsuccessfully, I ordered freeze dried corn online once to make the Corn Cookies from the Momofuku Milk Bar cookbook. The shipping cost almost as much as the actual corn unfortunately, but the corn should last a long time.

Quick's Darth Vader Burger

Would you eat Quick's Star Wars themed burger with a black bun?

I'll get things started: no.

Food that smells better than it tastes

The other day while popping some popcorn, I said as I always say when eating popcorn "This smells better than it tastes". It got me thinking about other foods that smell better than they actually taste:

bacon (I still love bacon, but wish it tasted as good as it smelled)
roast turkey
frying onions

Mind you I still like these foods, but find the smells are better than the food itself.

Anyone care to add to this list?

McDonald's around the world

My cousin just came back from the Philippines and she said they have chicken wings at McDonald's. It got me thinking about other countries and their McD menus. I remember a childhood trip to Thailand, and they had banana and corn pies.

Anyone live in or visited countries with interesting menu items at McDonald's?

Non-Pork Stuffing for Thanksgiving

This year I'm having my parents-in-law over for Thanksgiving for the first time. I always make sausage stuffing balls that go over very well, but this year I have to adjust because my mother-in-law doesn't eat pork. I want to... More

Scooped: Black Sesame and Orange Ice Cream

In Asia, black sesame ice cream is as classic a flavor as vanilla in the States. There's not much to improve on it—it just works. Ground black sesame seeds take on the texture of tahini in that "so creamy it changes your perception of what creamy can be" sort of way. The rich, roasted flavors of the seeds, which give off an aroma as complex as fine chocolate, are a perfect match for a light custard. More