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Screw Pristine Whites: I Want My Fried Eggs FRIED

@Tkocareli My variant to your technique is to start with duck fat and a little chili oil, and the add thinly sliced garlic cloves to the hot oil. After about a minute, I brenak 2 or 3 eggs right over the garlic and fry 'me up.

Save Your Recipes With Our New Recipe Box Feature!

Well, good luck with that. Ziplist also "powers" (better word: "wrecked") the Recipe Box over at Epicurious, which I've been using for a number of years. They gutted a lot of the functionality (including the filters, which still appear if you upload your own recipe), and the support email inquiry I sent about two months ago remains unanswered. If you check out the forums you'll see other dissatisfied Epicureans. I'll remain a loyal reader, but I'll other folks be your beta testers. Now, if it turns out Ziplist does have its act together, I'd love to figure out how to dump Epicurious and export my recipes over to here.

Rosemary Lemonade Cake

That's a bit more cake than I need for Easter dinner. If I make just one cake, what's the recommended baking time?

Let Them Eat: Lavender-Earl Grey Flourless Chocolate Cake

Just made it. Only deviation was that my brother bought unsweetened instead of bittersweet chocolate; instead of 16oz bittersweet I used 8oz unsweetened chocolate and 1c sugar (1T/oz). Oddly, the cake rose about half an inch above the springform pan, and that was having ditched a bit of batter afterwards--I had too much for the pan. I'll know tomorrow how it tastes...

Are You A Regular At Your Favorite Bar?

I first became intrigued by martinis when I saw The Thin Man in college. While interning with GM, I tried my first martini. And, so, years later, when an actual martini bar opened in the town where I lived (Royal Oak, MI), I had to stop by--and have been a regular for the past fifteen years or so since. The bar is Goodnite Gracie's, sister ship to D'Amato's (right next door). I know the owners (who I knew long before they bought the place) and most of the staff; we have a small crowd of regulars for the happy hour on Fridays. If you're ever in the area, stop by and ask for Adam...


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