A Chocolate Shop in Forest Hills, 80+ Years and Counting

I'm loving all the coverage of under-the-radar Queens eats, Max. Keep up the good work!

This Week at Serious Eats World Headquarters

@J. Kenji:

I remember you were asking on twitter a while back if anyone had any suggestions for a cheap way to drive cross-country one way - I was curious if you came up with a solution? Looking to take a similar trip sometime in the near future.

What Are Your Favorite Chinese Bakery Sweets in Chinatown, NYC?

Hot dog buns always

Sugar Rush: Tofu Pudding at Amaz Soya

So I tried to go to this address.. and it was a yellow awning-ed cheap goods/baby goods?/not-sure-what-else store. Hm..

Seriously Original Noodles at Yuji Ramen

A super late thank you for this article! I finally made it there a few weeks ago and was seriously blown away.

Where to Eat Near Grand Central Terminal (Our Updated Guide)

Thank you guys so much for this.. been searching for a midtown banh mi for a while now. Just a tip: Katsu-Hama also has an extensive take out counter filled with udon, rice, and sushi that's really generously priced.

Anatomy of a Smorgasburg Pop Up: Moving On From Smorgasburg

Got hooked on this column a bit late, and was actually looking for Scharf & Zoyer at this past weeks' Smorgasburg and was bummed to see it wasnt around :( Best of luck, Noah!

Win Pop Chart Lab's Worldwide Cheese Wheel Poster

Mont d'or. I get goopy when it's hot.

Sugar Rush: A Cronut Knockoff from Dessert Club ChikaLicious

Apparently Gregory's Coffee has a knock off too! You guys should make it there next.

This Week at Serious Eats World Headquarters

Wait, I LOVE that tattoo. Semi-seriously considering getting an ice cream cone in that kind of style now.

Coffee in Paris: What's Happening Now

Loving all the Paris coffee features lately - I'm a Bos/NY transplant studying abroad in Paris and have been FEENING for a (large)/good cup of coffee here.

Best Food-Inspired Halloween Costumes

Every halloween, I'm inclined to boast about my poptart costume a couple years back. Keep in mind that this is completely homemade. Hell yeah.

Anniversary Dinner in Boston suggestions

13 Great Roast Beef Sandwiches Around Boston

Agreed with JuicyLA - Roast Beast has one of the best roast beef sandwiches of anywhere, in my opinion.

A Pizza My Mind: In Defense of Buffalo Chicken Pizza

Speaking of North Shore Long Island pizzerias - Centre in Little Neck/Great Neck has a fantastic buffalo chicken slice and an even better ravioli slice.

7 Great Places for Soft-Serve in NYC

what?! no milk bar?!

Anniversary Dinner in Boston suggestions

Hi SE community! Looking for a place in Boston to celebrate an anniversary with my boyfriend. Somewhere nice but not snobby, with delicious and unique food. Craigie on main was my choice for my birthday dinner, if that is a good starting point. Budget is 150 for two people not including drinks.


Best baked goods to bring as a gift to a friend

So, I'm looking to go to Boston (from NY) in a week to surprise a friend. She loves sweets - any suggestions on what kind of baked goods (preferably a cake of some sort) would be the best?! I was thinking of Baked by Melissa cupcakes but really am open to everything!

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