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  • Last bite on earth: Vacherin Mont d'Or, no question

One Big Bottle: Captain Lawrence Smoke From the Oak

i love captain lawrence... want some right now!

Grilling: Rotisserie Turkey

If I were trying to make smoked rotisserie turkey, I would try cold-smoking the turkey for some time and then grill-roasting on a rotisserie as in this recipe. The problem with hot smoking is that the air surrounding the bird can hit a sort of bermuda triangle of temperature where it's hot enough to evaporate the water from the skin but not hot enough to convert the collagen into gelatin, leading to dry, leathery skin. If you cold-smoke the bird below the boiling point of water you might be able to get around this.

The Food Lab: Buffalo Fried Turkey

Poll: Deep Dish - 'Pizza' or 'Casserole'?

What about option five: NOMS

How to Choose Wine for Thanksgiving

@Maggie: Thanks for the advice. Are you going to post beer recs as well?

Thanksgiving Sides: Sweet Potatoes

I'm doing sweet potato latkes this year.

My Pie Monday: Margherita, Shaved Asparagus, Duck Prosciutto, and More!

Great selection this week.

My Pie Monday: Microscopes, Broiler Issues, and More

Excellent MPM crop this week. Those of you having broiler issues--have you tried leaving the broiler/oven door slightly ajar? This stops the broiler from going into an automatic cycle.

Poll: Eggs on Pizza - Way or No Way?

@Adam: LOL re: option three

How to Make Thin-Crust Focaccia Pizza

@mangia_beve: Yeast survives a broad range of temperatures. You can refrigerate yeast; it just becomes inactive. 40F, which is hotter than a refrigerator, is just fine.

This Week in America's Test Kitchen: Shrimp Tempura

@duncan1205: Strain the fat and keep in its original bottle. It will keep for months.

Video: Josh Ozersky, In Defense of Di Fara

Best pizza I've had in my life. Sorry, haters.

Best General Purpose Cookbook

I would avoid Bittman and the Joy of Cooking. They're not good sources for excellent meals. You don't need an encyclopedic reference; you need to build technique. If you know how to cook, unfamiliar ingredients or combinations are not challenging.

Martha Stewart's Cooking School and Tom Colicchio's Think Like a Chef teach you how to cook, which is all you need.

This Week in America's Test Kitchen: Charcoal Grill-Roasted Boneless Turkey Breast

before cooking, that is.

This Week in America's Test Kitchen: Charcoal Grill-Roasted Boneless Turkey Breast

That looks fantastic. It would probably be even better refrigerated overnight.

Mixed Review: Manischewitz's Honey Cake

I've had a lot of bad honey cake, but I strongly recommend the recipe from Mimi Sheraton's book From My Mother's Kitchen. It's absolutely fantastic.

Best in Show: Pleasant Ridge Reserve

I recently purchased this cheese from Cowgirl Creamery in San Francisco. It was absolutely fantastic.

Rustic Country Pizza Dough

@wefamlee: I'd avoid pastry flour b/c it's not very glutinous. You can use bread flour, AP flour, or any whole grain you like. I know the Chez Panisse cookbook recommends a little rye flour in pizza.

@The Fat Pug: Glad it worked out for you!

Quote of the Day: Canned Mushrooms. Discuss

Small batch canned or jarred mushrooms expertly preserved in a delicious brine could be awesome, but I've never found that on a pizza.

'Slice' Poll: Fresh Mushrooms or Canned?

Fresh mushrooms ftw. As my recipe indicates I like to sauté the mushrooms first, but slicing them ultra-thin also works.

Favorite Chats with a Grocery Store Cashier?

I always want to make some bizarre joke to cashiers but end up restraining myself at the last minute.

Rustic Country Pizza Dough

I reduced it to 2 Tbsps. just for you.

Recap: Top Chef DC, Episode 9, Restaurant Wars

I'd be wary of saying Alex broke the rules as we're not privy to the exact instructions for each challenge.

Kenny's dishes clearly elicited the worst responses from the judges out of all the offerings on the losing team. He's been good in previous weeks, but Top Chef is all about what the judges have in front of them and he dropped the ball this time around.

Even given his output over the course of the season, I'm not upset about his ouster. His food always seemed to lack sophistication and finesse, though I liked the sound of his quickfire-winning pie dish. I think if you ask yourself what Kenny's style is and try to characterize the artistry of his cooking you'll come up short.

Westchester: Pitch-Perfect Pizza at Frankie & Fanucci's in Hartsdale

@dbdtron--Never tried it... would you recommend it?

Some French Pizzerias

@Adam--It's hard to think of a better snack than a baguette on the go.

Sweet pics; I hope there are more to come.

Favorite Potato Chips?

We're looking to do a taste test of plain potato chips, preferably kettle cooked. What brands should we check out? Do you have any regional favorites, perhaps something we're unlikely to find near SE world headquarters in NYC?

We want YOU to bring the salty deliciousness.

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