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10 Great Late Night Bites in the Meatpacking District

For a neighborhood so seemingly devoted to the concept of nightlife (and everything that it aspires to be), the Meatpacking District is surprisingly bereft of the kinds of cheap, junky midnight snacks that party animals know and love. But here are ten great ones—everything from burgers and pizza to 24 hour kebabs and high class French pastry—to satisfy your late night urges. More

8 Great Late Night Bites in the West Village

Known for its aggressive community boards as much as for its bevy of iconic New York dining institutions, Manhattan's West Village caters to palates and pocketbooks of every denomination. While its status as a safe haven for creative and alternative lifestyles is on the wane, the neighborhood remains one of the best areas on the island for the nocturnally hungry to snag a midnight snack. More

Midnight Snack: Fondue and Its Ilk in the East Village

Chances are high that if you're in any semblance of a relationship (real or imaginary), the days ahead are going to be filled with some combination of hand-holding, adoring stares, and breathless whispers. A guy or gal is bound to get hungry after so much endless romance, and one of the sexiest ways to refuel is fondue—or the Swiss art of shared cheese-dipping—and its many cultural counterparts. With a reputation for late nights and a number of different cuisines represented in the 'hood, the East Village offers a convincing argument for getting cheesy with the apple of your eye. More

Midnight Snack: 3 Great Burgers in Manhattan's Yorkville

A mix of hospital workers, students, the well-to-do and remnants of the area's immigrant past, Yorkville is far more diverse than the howling hoots and hollers of its local meatheads would imply. There are Irish pubs, British pubs, German beer bars, hookah bars and Hungarian pastry shops-cum-restaurants. Despite all this, the Upper East Side is still fancy-pants burger territory—at least until a certain hour. After other restaurants have donned their wagyu nightcaps and snuffed their truffled candles, the funkier burgers around town let their hair down. More

Midnight Snack: Where to Get Late-Night Milk and Cookies Downtown

If you're like me, deep down, you know that Santa Claus is real without a shred of doubt in your heart. (It simply makes sense that an immortal yet overweight elderly man would have the back strength to slide down a chimney and deliver presents to all 7 billion of us in a single night.) If you're a naysayer, just know that you're rebuking one of your own—Kris Kringle is a food lover, and his voracious appetite for hours-long nocturnal cookie-and-milk binges proves it. Holiday season is cookie season, and in this city, night owls can take advantage of bakeries offering twilight confections. More

In The Midnight Hour: Hachember

Hyper-specialized Japanese restaurants in New York are nothing new (see: Otafuku, Oms/b) but Hachember, which opened last May in the space that previously housed Patate Fellow, Fat Hippo and (most famously) 71 Clinton Fresh Food, may just be the city's first otsumami bar where "women and gay men can eat and drink in harmony." More

In The Midnight Hour: Foodswings

National holidays are a great time for culturual self-reflection, and after a long weekend filled with the noble civic duty of eating as much as my body could reasonably handle without risking diabetes, I realized something: this is America (gosh darnit!), and vegans should be just as entitled to ruin their bodies with junk food as their animal-eating kinsfolk (Freegans can shove it). Williamsburg's Foodswings helps make that dream a seitan-filled reality. More

In The Midnight Hour: The John Dory Oyster Bar

April Bloomfield and Ken Friedman just axed The John Dory Oyster Bar's midnight-2am oyster happy hour in favor of a possible new late-night menu at The Breslin, provided management can figure out a way to offer twilight dining without detracting from the restaurant's popular breakfast service. Even with such a loss, The Dory's bar snacks offer a taste of the kitchen's bold flavors at a reduced price and in portions perfect for hazy, postprandial grazing.


In The Midnight Hour: Pata Negra

As restaurant neighborhoods go, the East Village is the equivalent of a Honduran tilapia farm: packed to the gills and in danger of polluting the ecosystem (in this case, with middling restaurants). But Pata Negra, sandwiched into a narrow space on 12th Street between the takeout and proper restaurant locations of mac-and-cheese stalwart S'MAC, has proven itself as a sleeper in the tradition of Spain's best tapas bars, and the area is better for it. Wallets and waistlines, not so much. More

In The Midnight Hour: Izakaya Ten

By definition, the Japanese izakaya is a place meant for drinking, home cooking, and—most importantly— late nights. Izakaya Ten, on a stretch of 10th Avenue known for its vibrant art gallery scene, does the legacy proud with cramped confines, intimate lighting, and menus as boundless as the amount of shochu and sake its patrons imbibe. Seafood takes center stage, to no surprise, and a number of Japanese cooking techniques are at play: yakitori (grilling), mushimono (steaming), and pitch-perfect deep frying among them. In a neighborhood saturated with ambiguous "Mediterranean" outfits, the restaurant is a welcome distraction, and has been five years running. More

In The Midnight Hour: Super Tacos

In this age of food trucks and ice cream boats, a bare-bones operation like Super Tacos—which occupies a space near the southwest corner of 96th and Broadway on the Upper West Side—almost seems like an afterthought, a mobile dinosaur waiting to be done in by the asteroid known as "trends". But while we're all being bombarded with the latest fusion-filled tortilla, Super Tacos continues to quietly kill it. You want innovation? Delivery is available. Let the streets of Manhattan come to you. More

In The Midnight Hour: Sorella

Sorella, Sara Krathen and Emma Hearst's punchy ode to Piedmont, has remained a mainstay on the restaurant-saturated Lower East Side since opening two and a half years ago in the mist of a middling economy. No doubt, Hearst's deft melding of traditional Piedmontese ingredients and edgy, Loisaida flair played its part, but staying open 'til 2am five days a week along the central vein of a notoriously late-night neighborhood can't have hurt either. More

In The Midnight Hour: Desnuda

Desnuda's Christian Zammas is a talkative fella—kind of like a best-case scenario of the season 3 finale of Curb Your Enthusiasm, where Larry David invests in a restaurant with an open kitchen and hires a chef with Tourette's. Put gently, dude takes to being center stage, and it becomes instantly clear upon taking a seat at the long 18-seat bar that you are in his house. More

In The Midnight Hour: Arancini Bros.

Single-food restaurants are nothing new, but more and more of them seem to be sprouting up, and in some cases dominating the culinary landscape they inhabit. Such a fate could easily be in store for the new brick and mortar Bushwick outpost of Arancini Bros., the former Hester Street Fair vendor that specializes in fried risotto balls with fillings as unpredictable as the edgy, industrial neighborhood where they've made their home. More

In The Midnight Hour: Tagine Dining Gallery

Channeling Marrakesh by way of the Lincoln Tunnel, Tagine Dining Gallery comes alive at night. It's a boisterous restaurant, cast in a crimson glow, and run by former Cafe Mogador toque Hamid Idrissi. He's a man who preaches the sanctity of the fiery Maghreb condiment chermoula—that it offers belly dancing and an array of towering hookah pipes is an aside to chef Idrissi's ambitions in the kitchen. More

In The Midnight Hour: Cafe Lalo

Luckily, its brushes with stardom haven't deterred it from being one of the best uptown spots for late-night treats. Lalo could easily find itself in the pages of fellow SE:NY columns Date Night and Sugar Rush—it guns hard for European quaintness with its Christmas-lit trees and numerous Leonetto Cappiello posters and over 100 different cakes, 29 cheesecakes, and numerous fresh fruit tarts. More

How to Make Your Own Cocktail Bitters: Krangostura

@FL-Mixologist: It's certainly worth a try. Make an infused simple syrup to punch up the flavors you're looking to accentuate (citrus peels/spices). Ideally this would help counteract whatever flavor loss occurs as a result of dilution. Cheers!

Serious Eats Neighborhood Guides: Michael Lomonaco's Upper East Side

Whoops, also forgot to add my two cents on Sandro's. They were running a recession pasta special for a long time - and may still be, it's advertised on their website - where the pasta prices would match the Dow (i.e. if the Dow was at 11300, pasta would be $11.30) from 4:30-6:30pm. Since their pastas normally go for around $20 it was a steal.

Serious Eats Neighborhood Guides: Michael Lomonaco's Upper East Side

Great list! As a neighborhood resident for 6 years, it's been a thrill watching the scene transform. For kicks, I'd add Hospoda, Wa Jeal Sichuan Chili House and David Copperfield's as a serious beer bar.

The Vegetarian Option: Agnanti Meze

One of my favorite Greek restaurants in the city, and one of the best in Astoria. Opa indeed!

Behind the Scenes: Soup Dumplings at RedFarm

It's the mushrooms (and fresh crab, no doubt) that make the filling so special. I couldn't put my finger on the earthy, almost smoky flavor that was making these dumplings so good until I had the same mushrooms in another dish on the menu and connected the common ingredient.

Daily Veg: Roasted Carrots from Fatty Cue

Freaking love this dish, one of the highlights of the menu and maybe the best carrots I've ever had? And their beefiness justifies the $12 price tag.

All of the Cocktails at Parm, NYC

Beet Negroni is one hell of a drink, love the earthy flavor and blood-red color.

Those bitters misted over the Amaretto Sour are none other than the Krangostura bitters whose recipe I provided on SE: Drinks!


Patsy Grimaldi Coming Back to Original Grimaldi's Space, to Be Named Juliana's

More pizza can only be a good thing!

In The Midnight Hour: Alta

@RobertoRx - yeah, those sprouts are great! prepped like Roman fried artichokes.

RedFarm: Chinese-American Done Justice in the West Village

Dim sum has always been Joe Ng's strong suit, but between those Pac-Man dumplings and Do or Dine's escargot, let's hope "cutesy food" isn't becoming a thing.

Smoke 'Em if You Got 'Em: How to Brew Lapsang Souchong Tea

Love me some lapsang souchong. In NYC, my favorite source is TenRen in Chinatown, the smoke flavor is super-concentrated, although Republic of Tea has a decent product that's more widely available.

How to Make Your Own Cocktail Bitters: Krangostura

@hightemp - Unfortunately, louching is an occasional necessary evil. Not sure if it can be reversed, but luckily, it doesn't compromise flavor.

Daily Slice: Cauliflower and Gruyere Pizza at Grandaisy, NYC

My favorite of all the Grandaisy/Sullivan slices! I used to have this as an after-work snack constantly when I was in the area.

How to Make Your Own Cocktail Bitters: Krangostura

@MichaelNatkin - Glad I could help! It's really not so bad except for the last parts. Also, here's a handy calculator to help you bring down the proof correctly. http://homedistiller.org/dilute.htm

@Chris_Hennes - I have not, but now I certainly will! Recipe looks totally easy and great. Thanks!

In The Midnight Hour: Pastis

amen to that...photography is clearly not one of my hobbies. happy to say i'm headed to Roberta's tonight!

In The Midnight Hour: Sake Bar Hagi

@RobAmedeo It's true, that place of business fills up like nobody's business

NYC: Black Market Serves a Symphony of Beef, Bun, Salt, and Cheese

Love this place. Just such a cool, laid back atmosphere. One of the finer burgers I've ever had in the city, and the cocktails are murderous. My girlfriend and I also went apenuts over those fries!

I hate to shill, but we really were blown away right off the bat. It's not pushing any gastronomic boundaries, just doing the basics with precision.

In The Midnight Hour: Flushing For Insomniacs

@daffyduck and gargupie - thanks for the suggestions! always ready for more late night destinations.

and I thought something seemed fishy about those slices... ;)

In The Midnight Hour: Amy Ruth's, Harlem

@seriousb - Thanks very much! Luckily, my clothes have been cleaned.

I definitely want to go back for the ribs. Several people had them at their tables and they looked and smelled awesome.

In The Midnight Hour: Sushi Seki

Days later, but thanks so much for the warm welcome, guys!

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