If you could eat only 10 things for the rest of your life?

1. Avocado
2. Bolognese Sauce
3. BQQ ribs
4. Squid
5. Bagel and Lox
6. Chocolate Chip Cookies
7. Strawberries
8. Bucatini
9. Palmiers
10. Fresh Baguette

Pho in or near Princeton

pho 99 in franklin park is very good

Hungry movies

Any episode of Gilmore Girls!! There seems to always be food present on that show! If they're in Luke's Diner, there's food. If they're home, there's food. If they're at the Inn, usually in the kitchen with Sooki, there's food. If they're at friday night diner, there's food. Makes me so hungry!

Cafeteria Food

Interesting you bring up boarding schools. This poses another question: do private schools have better food than public schools? I can't speak for everyone, but I went to a private school and the food was incredible...that's why I was inspired to right this post!

Bagel and Lox: a forever-evolving duo

I apologize for the irrelevant post...I'm out sick and quite bored today. When I wrote it, it seemed creative, but in hindsight I realize that this post was quite imaginative; I believe you're right. There is no such revolution.

Cruise ship food

I had an interesting experience on norweigan. The buffet was OK- I had a delicious goji danish, and a delicious veggie pizza...but i the pancakes, waffles, and french toast were sometimes cold, and the farfalle bolognese was offensive to italians everywhere. Then my sister got food poisoining from the italian resstaurant on the ship. YET the main dining room was absolutely excellent! I went there every night and had a delicious meal. MY favorite thing was a simple plate of pan seared salmon with Papardelle on the side...but other meals included beef wellington, chilled ginger and pumpkin soup, an amazing octopus appetizer! So I suppose it is hit or miss!

if you can choose a dish to represent your country

I am italian and I'm caught between Papardelle ala Bolognese, or Orechiette with sausage and broccli rabe

Best Dessert Recipes

I need dessert recipes that are a) not cakes (cupcakes are ok) b) don't need to be specifically hot or cold, AKA they can be room temperature. I appreciate anybody's help! Thanks!

Winner Waffle

I am a waffle lover, and though I love my waffle recipe, I would love to hear yours too! I really want to make the best waffle possible, so tell me your absolute favorite waffle recipe!

What is your #1 recipe?

We all have that 1 recipe. Every time you serve it to guest, you'r swarmed with compliments.It's a family favorite...and it's yours. Well, I would like to intrude into your most personal secret: What is YOUR most amazing, delicious recipe?(note: this doesn't have to be an original recipe..a lot of times recipes people think you crafted on your own are family recipes, or from some weird cookbook, or on a website like this!!)

Bagel and Lox: a forever-evolving duo

The classic pair seems to be a childhood favorite for so many people, jewish or not. Lately, though, many variations on this recipe have been spotted everywhere. These variations include substituting cinnamon raisin bagels for plain or onion bagels, or ditching the cream cheese and grabbing the nova spread. What do you think about this revolution? Are these adaptions improvements on everyone's favorite breakfast, or are they purely frivolous?

Pork Sandwhiches

Pork Sandwhiches. I can't imagine how anyone can hear those words and not begin to salivate. Hence, I will never understand vegetarians. So I want to hear what everyone thinks is the best pork sandwhich in NYC. Personally, I believe Porchetta is home to the best pork sandwhiches in the city, but I am curious and open to other recommendations!

Cafeteria Food

I'm aware that to many this doesn't even seem like a topic of conversation: cafeteria food is gross. But beware, my friends, as crazy as it may seem, this is not always true. In fact, some cafeteria food can actually be, wait for it, delicious. This is an extremely rare occurance, I know, but has still proven to be present. So I want to know what you think of your school's (elementary, high school, college, your kid's school, whatever!) food!

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