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Beyond Potstickers: Around the World in Dumplings

Mmmm so many dumpling favorites! I love all of these, they were real comfort foods growing up. And the SJB in Shanghai that I had were just incredible!

I think Asian families bond over dumpling making parties. I have fond memories of large groups of family and friends sitting around a bowl of filling, pleating and chatting. I remember my mom making tang yuan by hand (she made them tiny! Like, the size of a marble!) and I absolutely loved the black sesame paste filling.

Crunchy Fried Fish Tacos

I just made these tonight and I'll just say this...

My favorite mexican restaurant just lost a customer. They are famous for their fish tacos, but these are better! The batter is so light, super crispy and perfect. The fish stayed really moist and tender.

I used tilapia for this, and topped it with cilantro, lime, hot sauce and thinly sliced radishes. I bet it would be great with a ton of different toppings though!

Forget Mac 'n' Cheese. Say Hello to Creamy, Cheesy Baked Risotto

Oh my god I want this in my mouth!

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Vanilla sheet cake with buttercream frosting.

The Secret to Crisp Arancini (Rice Balls) With Molten Centers: Sushi Rice

These sound great! Looking forward to trying them, I love arancini!

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Gotta be fried chicken!

Extra-Crispy Bar-Style Tortilla Pizza Supreme

I just made these this morning: breakfast style! I topped my pizza with sauce, cheese, mushrooms, spinach and a freshly cracked egg. It was super delicious! I used a multi-grain tortilla so my pizza didn't get quite as crispy on the bottom. Still, I ate it happily with a knife and fork!

Cook This Now: Deep Fried Avocado Tacos

I've breaded and deep fried avocado "fries" before and served them with a lemon dipping sauce, which was pretty damn tasty! So I think I would give this a try!

I HATE the egg-baked-in-avocado thing though. The warm avocado is way too mushy for me in that particular preparation, and it kind of develops a weird flavor...almost bitter.

The Serious Eats Field Guide to Chinese Pastries

@Tingster THANK YOU! Those are exactly them and, oh man, I would kill for one right now! I haven't had them in years!

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Roasted squash and king oyster mushrooms, with a chopped herb and pine nut topping. So so good.

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The Serious Eats Field Guide to Chinese Pastries

Oh man, you left out my favorite as a kid! I don't even know what it's called, but it's basically a round glutinous dough ball filled with meat (usually pork) and some crunchy stuff (water chestnuts maybe?) and then DEEP FRIED. We got them at a Chinese bakery but I think you can also get them at dim sum.

Man I loved those things. Thinking about it, I'm betting they were obnoxiously unhealthy and terrible for you but damn they were delicious.

Great article, though! I love all of these...except for red bean. I hate red bean.

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Japanese vegetable pancakes! They're so quick and easy to whip up and very healthy too!

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I love gougeres! Something about the cheesy airiness just makes me not want to stop eating them! And if I'm being honest...I love frozen shrimp rings.

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The Food Lab: Make Your Own Just-Add-Hot-Water Instant Noodles (and Make Your Coworkers Jealous)

This is a great article! I have a secret love of instant noodles, but I hate how much sodium and saturated fat is packed in the noodles and sauce packet. This sounds like an amazing upgrade! Will need to try soon!

Win a Copy of 'Jamie Oliver's Comfort Food'

Mac n Cheeeeeeeeeeeese. Yes that many e's were necessary. That's how much cheese I want!

The Picky Eater Challenge: Helping Kids (and Adults!) Try New Foods Without Tricks

Great article! I think it's important for adults to not to enforce childrens' food limitations. Every time I hear a parent going "Oh she won't eat that" or "Oh he doesn't like that, don't give him any" I want to scream.

At least let them try it, give it a chance. It often takes several attempts for children to accept new flavors/textures, even if they initially reject it. If kids hear "He/she won't eat that" from adults, they'll believe it and never give it a try. When I was growing up, if I said "I don't like that", they would shrug and eventually reintroduce it in a different dish later on. I got over a number of my food aversions that way.

My boyfriend is quite picky as well and had initially told me "I hate cabbage". Turns out, he hated cabbage ROLLS. I made braised shredded cabbage with bacon and vinegar and he really liked it! Doesn't help that his Mom also boiled every vegetable he ever ate as a kid...

20 Nutty Desserts to Kick off Fall

FYI the link to rocky road ice cream takes you to Macadamia cream cheese cookies.

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Fish tacos are my absolute favorite!

Cook-and-Serve Flour Tortillas From TortillaLand Are as Close as You'll Get to Homemade

I live in Canada.

And now I'm sad. These sound great!

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Adding fresh herbs or dressings.

Tipping: My latest conundrum

So lately, there have been a couple of restaurants near me that are a bit of a cross between fast food and a sit-down restaurant.

You order at the counter when you come in, pay, find your own seats and then the food is brought out to you. You get your own refills, your own utensils, napkins etc. So other than bringing the food to your table, there is no real "service"

When paying, there's often an option to leave a tip. My question to you serious eaters: do you leave a tip at places like these? How much? Because I'm wondering who I'm tipping and for what?

I've even had this at the chinese takeout place that I recently ordered from. I did carryout and there was a tip option. I think it's for the sit-down customers but it made me wonder if I should be tipping.


Ideas for Saffron?

I was at Costco today and couldn't resist picking up a cute little bottle of Spanish Saffron ($15 for 1g, which I think is a pretty good price). So now, I'm looking for ideas as to what to do with it. I know about Jambalaya, but does anyone have any really good recipes that they like to use saffron in?

Thanks SE community :)

Picky Boyfriend - Update

So today, the BF came over for lunch and I made the beef and broccoli stir fry for him that he had picked out and said looked okay. I enlisted his help cutting the broccoli and with a few other things so that he was a bit more involved in the cooking process and he seemed to enjoy it.

Overall, I think it went really well. I asked him what he thought and he said "It's not bad" and looked fairly pleased. Unfortunately, the noodles I was using turned out to be a bit too salty which threw the dish off a bit. But otherwise, the beef was flavorful and the BF seemed to actually like eating it. So that's a plus. I made a big pot of chili for tonight that he said smelled amazing. So he does like to eat more than just spaghetti. I was pretty happy with the result, I think he might be starting to warm up to Chinese food.

Thanks for all your advice, hopefully I can get him to eat more of a variety of things over time.

Help! Picky Boyfriend Challenge!

Okay Serious eaters, I really need your help. My BF is a really picky eater. Pretty much the only thing he likes to eat is pasta and tomato sauce. I, on the other hand, am a very adventurous eater and like to eat a lot of things (also why I love this site). The other day we had a bit of an argument about food. He claims that he 'hates' Chinese food of all types and that he'll hate all of it no matter what. I'm Chinese and my family eats Chinese food pretty much every day. He's tried some food at my house, said he hates everything. We've had pho and some Vietnamese food and (although he said he liked it at the time) says that he hated it all. So he's basically made up his mind that he doesn't want to ever try it again because he'll hate it. Eventually, he basically said "Fine, make me something next week and I'll try it."

Now, I'm wondering what kind of dish to make for him that might at least open up his mind to trying it again.

Things he likes to eat: Fried rice (because it doesn't taste like anything? At least that's what he says), chicken, pasta in tomato sauce, stir fry drowned in teriyaki sauce.

Things he won't eat: fish/seafood, pork, and a lot of others.
Any suggestions as to dishes I could make to entice his tastebuds?

I was thinking maybe a cold noodle dish, with a peanut sauce and some chopped veggies and chicken. I'm looking for something that's simple, without very assertive flavors.

Any help would be appreciated, thanks so much SE community!

Street Food

So, I've recently found myself in China on a trip with my parents. Now, I'm pretty used to only being able to recognize 80% of what I'm eating, so I'm really enjoying the trip.

Now, I have mixed feels about street food in China (been to Beijing and Shanghai so far). Walking by the stands, it often smells really good, but my mother warns me not to eat there because it's dirty. My question to you, serious eaters, is whether or not you think street food in some places is dirty, and what your reactions are to it?

Do you eat it and assume nothing bad will happen? Or do you avoid it completely? Or do you have some criteria about what street food you eat? I'd love to hear your opinions!

Pumpkin Pie Recipe

Hello Serious eaters! I am looking for your help. I want to make a pumpkin pie to bring to my boyfriend's parents' Thanksgiving dinner and I want it to be BETTER than anything they could find at the store.

I have one stipulation though. We all generally like our pumpkin pie cold and quite dense, not the moist mushy kind that you sometimes can get. So my question is, do you know any really good recipes for pumpkin pie?


Crazy Goat Cheeses

My dad went to a farm that he supplies feed for and bought a bunch of crazy goat cheeses that I have never seen before (although it is entirely possible that these are common cheeses and my cheese education is sorely lacking). I was wondering if any Serious Eaters out there had any tips on what kinds of recipes these would work for?

The cheese are St. Maure and Valencay. The St. Maure is a white log and the Valencay is a pyramid with a dark bloomy rind.


Barbecue Chicken Pizza

So the BF has requested that I make BBQ Chicken Pizza. Now, I'm a bit skeptical about putting barbecue sauce on a pizza instead of the traditional tomato, but I'm willing to give it a try. Was wondering if anyone had any tips about what types of cheese to use or what kinds of toppings?

I'm stumped on the cheese part, but I'm leaning towards red peppers and mushrooms as toppings, maybe a bit of cilantro on top of everything.

Leftover Dip?

Anyone have any ideas on how to use leftover 7 layer dip? Besides eating it with tortilla chips of course. The layers are salsa, black bean dip, avocado dip, cheese sauce, sour cream, cheese and tomatoes.

Fresh Chevre

Okay, so I recently brought home a bunch of fresh chevre from a local farmer's market. So far I've made pizza, smeared it on sandwiches and put it on toast under some scrambled eggs but I've still got about a half cup left and I'm not sure what to do it.

The expiry date is fast approaching and I'm not sure what else I can make with this delicious stuff and I certainly wouldn't want to waste it. Any suggestions?

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