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Chinese Style Coconut Shrimp

Thanks Sharona, hope you get to try it!

Best place to buy scallops fresh and in the shell??

I see them sold in Chinatown from time to time. It is not always available but it's worth the shot if you have no other options.

Easy Marinade for Chicken on George Forman Grill?

if you like spicy Asian flavor try using soy sauce, sugar, crushed garlic, and some pepper flakes.

my bulgogi is about to become no-gogi.

Hi square_pie, bulgogi is a Korean style barbecued beef. It uses marinade that consists of pear puree, soy sauce, garlic, and etc.

When I make it from scratch, I normally just grill it and eat it with rice. Recently I used grilled bulgogi as a ramen noodle topping and it was just as great!

Chinese Style Coconut Shrimp

Coconut shrimp is one of my favorite Chinese buffet dishes. Unlike the traditionally breaded and fried crunchy coconut shrimp, the Chinese style is shrimp in creamy white coconut sauce.

If you enjoy a sweet and tropical seafood dish, this will be perfect for you. Cut back the sugar if you prefer but seriously if you've already gone this far why not just finish it all the way