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Where to Drink Cocktails in Paris, France

I would knock out le Forum and bring in Le Fumoir. Way better cocktails and an incredible spot with a view on the Louvre and St germain l'Auxerrois Church.
It would be a shame to miss this place.

Chain Reaction: Pizza Hut's New Ultimate Cheese Lover's Pizza

In France the 4 cheese from Pizza Hut look far better : real goat cheese, fourme d'ambert, cantal and mozzarella with tomato sauce to balance the cheese a little.
A real gut bomb but edible.

Ask a Sommelier: Gateway Reds for White Wine Drinkers

This article got something extremely wrong: what will make somebody like a good red wine is the type of meal it is paired with. Red wine on itself doesn't work as well as white.

some association that everybody usually knows :
- Strong and tannic red with cheese or red meat or venison or heavy sauces...
- Fruity reds for white meat or poultry or or even foie gras...
- Dry whites with oysters or fish...
- Sweet whites like Jurançon or Sauternes with Foie gras or dessert
- ...

The Serious Eats Guide to Blended Scotch Whisky

Some blends can be of a very high quality and finesse.

I don't know if Compass Box is imported in the US, but if so, you should have a look at them :

What they do is like art in a bottle.

Monkey Shoulder is nice also and one should never forget Chivas which is not so bad.

French in a Flash: Vegetarian Grilled Zucchini Croque Mademoiselle

The Horse Tavern...
Also known for its extensive beer selection and girafes.
A staple for every Parisian who used to be 20 in the 90's...

Truffle Oil - Yeah or Neah????

Oh... Truffles are not that expensives here... Sorry guys, we re spoiled here.

In Paris you can get à risotto with truffles for 25€ or so, 100 is pure madness.

NYC Shake Shack are all the same ?

Yes but you can take out and go to the park ?
too messy ?

NYC Shake Shack are all the same ?

Upper west side. Ok...
This is the one near the museum, right ?

Visiting NYC? Where to Eat in New York, the Best Restaurants and More

Thanks a lot for this. perfect summary and a great source of info.
Can't wait to be there...

NYC Shake Shack are all the same ?

I don't know what it is sorry :-)

Snacking vices!

Granola cookies (nothing to do with what Granola is in America).

In France, Granola are round cookies with a layer of milk chocolat on it.
Nothing special in that except that it's made with a mix of complete cereal and sesam that give it a very distinctive taste. It's highly adictive.

It's crumbly when you eat it and then it litteraly melt in your mouth mixing with the chocolat.

They come on a pack of 16 and they all die as soon as the pack is opened.

don't try it :

Another likely victim is Nutella. spread thick on white bread (Pain de mie) and eaten with the Nutella facing bottom. Don't ask me why but it's better that way.

Nutella is widely available in USA, isn't it ?

Truffle Oil - Yeah or Neah????

Buy a truffle and cut a few sliver of it in an omelette (2 eggs and a bit of salt, that's all) and you won't be able to approach truffle oil anymore, trus me...

Keep the rest of the Truffle in a jar.

What else to do with Camembert cheese?

Best thing to do with a camembert is to eat it with wine and bread.
If you want to be adventurous, you can put it in your barbecue (leave it in the wooden box, just wrap it in aluminium foil).
And there's to good ways to barbecue a camembert :
- the Jedi way : Put some Calvados (If you can find some) in it, let it melt and infuse in the barbecue and spoon it on good bread.
- the Sith way : Pick some garlic into it and Barbecue it. This is the 2 most fearsome Bad Breath food put into one. After this, you can kill somebody with a kiss, but it's awful good...

Yeah I know, us French are crazy... :-)

2 days in New York

I've been on the statue (in the crown even, 2 years ago) but the boat ride sounds really good...

As for the ice cream, I think I know it, is it near the Brooklyn Bridge?

The way I see it, Boat ride, Breakfast, walk back to Manhattan on the Bridge and a stroll in the village and Lower Manhattan. All of that with an early morning start :-)

2 days in New York

Ok, Locanda verde is definitly on my Map. Looks great, I'm ungry

2 days in New York

Hi Thanks for all of this !
So what I understand is that I have to try shake shack and that Motorino seems to be a solid choice too. Bubby's Dumbo sounds good for a breakfast with a view...

For Patsy, I see that it is in harlem, I absolutely don't know Harlem so I may sound stupid but is it ok to be there at night ? Sorry I only know manhattan...

Great places to eat in Paris and Lyon?

I don't know about Lyon, but I live in Paris.
One week means only a few days, so you've got to choose your neighboroughs and stick to it, other wise you're gonna loose yourself and end up in a shity Greek restaurant in Quartier Latin or Chez Clement on the Champs Elysées.

You've got Odéon / St Germain (not my favorite) where you'll find options to have a drink in typical parisian places like le Bar du Marché (packed in summer, you've got to stay in front of the terrasse and grab a table as it empties) and a few restaurants (tell me what you like, I'll tell you where to go).

Another very good option is rue Montorgueuil (near Les Halles). This is a walking street (no car allowed) with lots of bars and small restaurants (Rocher de Cancale, Il Tre, Mary Stuart, l'Escargot, etc.) and the rue Tiquetonne very near. This street is one small restaurant after the other, like for example, Le Grapillon who specialize in Foie Gras (they do their own foie gras and every dish is made with some). Also very near is rue Montmartre with a restaurant like Le Tambour and other popular bars like le Café Noir or le Coeur Fou with their gritty apparence and laid back ambiance...

Le Marais where you can get the best falafel in Paris (l'As du Falafel, no other - close during chabat) and typical yiddish pastries and plates on Rue des Rosiers (Marianne) or go to la Perle which is insanly packed in Spring and summer (as long as it doesn't rain) with people all over the street...

Other than that, you've got Amici Mei for very good Pizza near Bastille, le Louchebem in les Halles for good steaks. At St Sulpice (rue Bonaparte) is Pierre Hermé for macarons and pastries, Le Fumoir near le Louvre got great cocktails and Berthillon (Ile Saint Louis) or Raimo (Place Felix Eboué, Daumesnil) serves incredible Ice creams... It's end less !
We should have a Serious eats Paris :)

All in all, these are nice and/or not too expensive options in Paris, there's a lot more. In fact you could ask the same question to any Parisians and you would get a different answer...

Hope that helps.

2 days in New York

My Hotel is in the theater district, I got a ggod deal and given the price of hotels in New york...
So Chelsea ... Definitely try that, I'm gonna check some things from the site, but if you have some good plan, I'm all ears :)

As for Brooklyn, I must confess that all I know of it is the bridge and the area around it (Brooklyn heights...), I'll look at Frannie's


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