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  • Favorite foods: Pizza, cheeseburgers, fried chicken, pulled pork, enchiladas, good microbrewed beer
  • Last bite on earth: Hot soppressata & basil pie at Ken's Artisan Pizza, Portland, OR, pint of Rogue Hazelnut Brown Nectar Ale.

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Daily Slice: Hopworks Urban Brewery, Portland, Oregon

@tonycalzone: Why did you become such a troll? Jim's reviewed good pizza and bad pizza. If Slice only covered the good pizza, this would be a very sparse blog indeed. As someone who works in the pizza industry, you should know that better than anyone.

Poll: Sausage Slices, Chunks, Pellets, or Kibble?

@ESNY1077: If you've eaten a sausage pizza from any chain or American pizza parlor (as opposed to a pizzeria), chances are you've had pellet-sausage.

New York-Style Pizza Sauce

@therealchiffonade, jimz, & JerzeeTomato - I'll echo what Nick Solares said in the comments of the Hong-An Tran Pizza Obsessives interview: you guys certainly have a lot of rules. Here's an idea. How about you try making and tasting the sauce before passing judgment on it?

Slice Visits Una Pizza Napoletana in San Francisco

Excellent write-up, Carey. I can't wait to get back to SF to try it for myself.

Frozen Pizza: Trader Giotto's Pizza Margherita

If I want frozen pizza, I go super-cheap with Totino's. I know it's crap, but it's tasty crap. I actually just had one of these Trader Joe's frozen Margheritas about four days ago, and it's not even tasty crap; it's just crap.

Pizza Obsessives: Hong-An Tran, Slice Snapshot Artist Extraordinaire

Lovely photography, and a great interview. Incidentally, I just had a Shakey's pie about a year ago, and while I can recognize that its quality is far below that of, say, anything from Motorino or Pizzeria Bianco, I still thought it was tasty.

The United States of Pizza: Florida

That Tucci's slice looks delicious. For the first time in my life, I want to go to Florida.

Fritti: Neapolitan-Style Pizza in Atlanta

Nice write-up, Daniel. I don't know what geeyore means by "foo-foo," but this is a good review, and it's convinced me to try Fritti (along with Varasano's and Antico, of course) when I make an inevitable visit to Atlanta.

Internet Pizza Geek Icon Achieves Greatness at Varasano's in Atlanta

Varasano is the reason I'm a pizza fanatic today. Glad to see his place finally get some Slice love. I can't wait to try it!

Where Do You Get Your Favorite Pizza?

Oh MAN, Adam, you've opened the floodgates on this one. This thread's gonna be huge.

The best pizza I've ever eaten is from Pizzeria Bianco in Phoenix. But here in Portland, I go to Ken's Artisan or Apizza Scholls. In Seattle, it's all about Delancey.

Pizza Obsessives: Casey Crynes, San Francisco Pizza-Party Caterer

I didn't get a chance to taste Casey's pies on my last trip to San Francisco (didn't know about him until after I left), but those photos look great. When I make the trip down again to hit a few more places, including the new Una Pizza Napoletana, I'm definitely giving his pizzas a try.

Downtown LA: Bottega Louie

@ratbuddy: I was thinking the exact same thing.

You Know, I Think I've Heard That About [Insert Something Awesome Here], Too

Ha. That was the "official" slogan of the local pizzeria in my hometown growing up. I wonder how many other small town pizzerias used the exact same thing.

How Long Would You Wait in Line for Food?

For Pizzeria long as it takes.

Pizza Recommendations for Vancouver BC

Thanks for the recommendation, Jeff14; Incendio's definitely going on the shortlist.

What about Nicli Antica Pizzeria, Red Card Sports Bar, or Marcello? Have you eaten at any of those three?

Portland, Oregon: Yes, We Went to Voodoo Doughnut

My apologies that I didn't see your request for Portland recommendations earlier. Then I could have told you what a waste of time Voodoo is!

Open(ish) Thread: Can You Tell a Pizza Is Good Just By Looking at It?

Nope. I thought it was possible, but there have been too many times where a pizza has met all the visual criteria for greatness and ended up falling well short when it hit the tongue.

Tomato Bread with Parmigiano-Reggiano and Fresh Thyme

This looks delicious. I'll make it this week and post again to say how it went!

Are Pizza Hacks Really Necessary?

Yeah, I wouldn't consider using the broiler an "oven hack."

I never got a deeply charred crust or leopard-spotted undercarriage from using a preheated pizza stone at my oven's 550-degrees setting without turning the crust from pliant and chewy to crisp and crunchy. Perhaps it's because you have a convection oven? Unfortunately, I don't, but I'd like one if you're getting great results with it!

I'd love to see some pics of your convection-oven pie.

What's the Best U.S. City for Burgers?

As much as I hate to say it (as I hate to concede anything to LA), I gotta go with Los Angeles on this one. I haven't had enough New York burgers to definitively say that they're #1, but I can say I've had dozens and dozens of fantastic LA burgers. Too many to list here. I'm sure New York's supply of quality burger joints is great, but based purely on personal experience, LA wins in my mind.

Lindsay Lohan's Family Abuses the Carvel Free Ice Cream Black Card

Even better is the rest of the story:

Yes, Dina Lohan had her card taken from her, but then had the balls to call the cops to get it back.

What a wonderful lady! I don't know about the rest of you, but I'm not brave enough to play Russian Roulette with karma like Dina Lohan does. She's gutsy.

How to Make No-Knead Pizza Dough (No-Knead Pizza 101)

Cool pics, guys. At some point I do want to try the no-knead recipe, since sometimes I just want to make pizza and don't want to wait 48 hours for my sourdough starter-dough to proof!

But I have to echo what phaelon56 posted above. Using a rolling pin to flatten your dough may be "easier," but you're also popping air bubbles in the process. I've actually seen a number of mentions of "rolling out the dough" on Slice recently, much to my confusion, as I thought that stretching the dough by hand was pretty much par for the course by this point. I used to use a rolling pin to flatten my dough when I first started making my own pizza, but once I switched to the "flatten by hand" method I noticed an immediate difference in the final appearance of the dough. So much airier when you aren't crushing the dough with a big cylinder of wood.

But that's just my experience with it. Perhaps rolling out this particular recipe of dough doesn't hurt it much? Looking forward to the post with the pics of the finished pie!


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