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Culinary No Fly Zones

I only have 2 things I will never do. Reproductive bits, and insects. Those two things just give me the heebie-jeebies when I see someone else eat them. Brains I am highly apprehensive about, as I'm ridiculously concerned about catching something bad. However, if someone showed me the animal I'd be eating the brains of and I was thoroughly convinced of its health, then I'd eat them, as they sound so deliciously fatty and rich.

Theme Birthday Party Food

Opps, forgot to mention, the Calamari should be fried. Easier to play games with finger food. :)

Theme Birthday Party Food

Roast turkey legs for the King Arthur-type game seems appropriate. Not too terribly sure about Cthulhu, Calamari maybe?

Any Memories of Military Chow?

Neither I nor my husband are in the military, but my dad was. I don't have too much experience with military food, but the times my dad brought me into work with him (he was an Instructor, and as such brought me in on days he worked from his desk.) the food at the mess hall was pretty good, especially the breakfast burritos they had from time to time. I do have an exception to the ' MREs are nasty' rule, there was this omelet MRE that wasn't half bad, provided you didn't think too hard as to where the eggs came from.

Taste Test: Strawberry Soda

@amyatkendall - Not sure if you can order it online, but diet strawberry shasta is delicious!

Do you measure ingredients when you cook?

Only when I am making something either unfamiliar, or if it requires precise measurements, like rice and baked goods. Usually I go by either taste, touch, or sight ( usually only works when I am using a very visible spice, like paprika, turmeric, or pepper)

Words That Should Be Words: Disrespectchup

Never been a fan of ketchup. It is just entirely to sweet as far as condiments go.

Foods everyone seems to like but you just can't get into....

raw onions ( cooked too, unless they've been sliced up and carmelized)
bell/sweet peppers- they feel like snot in my mouth
raw mushrooms
peas of all kinds
whole wheat spaghetti
raw oysters
I'm not terribly picky, but these are the list of foods i will never ever put in my mouth even if my life depended on it.

What topics do you wish you would see more of on SE? My top 10

@ Luna_eats- I have type 2. I'm only 23 and I was recently diagnosed. For the most part I've been able to eat decently, It's difficult cooking for my husband as well as the occasional guest. On one hand, I want my food to be healthy, on the other, I want it to taste decent, and sometimes my own hacked substitutions don't work out quite right.

What topics do you wish you would see more of on SE? My top 10

Definitely more food lab related things. Also would love to see a segment on diabetic-friendly recipes. Surely I'm not the only diabetic that frequents this site.

Guide to Grilling: Planking

How does planking affect the taste of the wood. Been afraid to try this because i'd worry that the food would end up tasting like popsicle sticks.

Meet Our New Sites!

Lol, good one! almost believed you there! I'd totally read the Wheats one. (I'm diabetic, and carbs are the ultimate in food porn for me.)

Sunday Supper: Rabbit Ragu with Potato Gnocchi

This sounds delicious, though, where would one buy rabbit? Haven't seen any here in OKC

Silly Question - cut or burn

I don't cut myself too often, but I don't think a day goes by where I haven't burned myself at least twice. Worst cooking-related burn I've ever gotten was when I had forgotten my pizza crust had just came out of the oven, and I had grabbed the hot pan with both hands. Ended up carrying the thing back to the oven before I reacted. Nearly burned off my fingerprints with that one.

Chicken Juices Cross-Contamination, Fact or Hysteria?

I'm careful for the most part, cooking areas decontaminated, and i wear latex gloves when handling chicken or other meat (I have slight ocd and weird-textured stuff squicks me out). I don't switch out utensils while cooking, but cooked food does go on a new plate.

A Sandwich a Day: Grilled Cheese at South Philly Tap Room in Philadelphia

Why am I not able to see pics on this site in firefox? Really would love to see this sandwich but I can't :(

Spice Hunting: Sesame Seeds and Oil

I've tasted sesame oil, and was wondering, is it supposed to taste the same way burning gunpowder smells?

You have a Star Trek food replicator. Would you still cook?

Knowing me, I'd probably replicate basic things, like certain cuts of meat, whole vegetables, spices.....things I would still have to actually cook. I'd probably even still buy food from time to time, as replicated food doesn't quite taste the same as the real thing.

This Week at Serious Eats World Headquarters

Can't wait for the blue cheese dressing tasting. Seriously, I can't! Been wanting to find a dressing that tastes like actual blue cheese, not some sort of horrible, nail polish-like, chemical bomb.

Your last $100.00 What food would you buy?

Rice, beans, chicken quarters (they've been going for about $5 for a 10 lb bag in my area),split peas, spaghetti, eggs. It hurts, and there's not alot of variety, but it gets people fed.

The Nasty Bits: Muscovy Madness

@Les ah- If I'm not mistaken, ducks are fattier birds than most chickens.

Seriously Delicious Holiday Giveaway: La Belle Farms Foie Gras

Never had duck before. I'd really love to try Peking duck.

Last minute chicken help

Just finished up supper, and the chicken turned out just fine, other than the white meat being a little under-seasoned (didn't take to the brine as well as I had hoped. Ah well). Thanks for the advice everyone.

Last minute chicken help

Thanks guys. I was told the drumstick wiggling technique and wanted to get a second opinion. This is my first thanksgiving cooking for myself and actually a little nervous as to how everything turns out. @CJ McD- i figured the brine would affect the saltiness of the stuffing, so i compensated by adding a little less salt to the stuffing, I tend to undersalt, so things should be fine :).


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