Win Tickets To Brooklyn Beefsteak, September 25

At $50 a ticket, I suppose I'll be eating about £32.09 of beef. Maybe a little less if the beer's cold enough.

Vanessa's Dumplings. Not a one trick pony

I stopped by Vanessa's Dumplings today. I'm fighting a mighty cold so I thought I'd go for a soup and in the absence of chicken, I got the closest thing: Peking Duck Noodle Soup.
My eyes have been opened. I know we go there for cheap, tasty dumplings but this has them beat. Although the noodles were pedestrian, the broth was most likely made by God himself. Rich, creamy, fatty, savory, life changing. With little bits of delectable Peking Duck mingling with soft cubes of tofu that would be worth eating on their own. No condiments needed.
Eat this. And tell me where else to find such an amazing thing.

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