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The Food Lab: How To Make Beef Barbacoa Better Than Chipotle's

Making this for Cinco de Mayo. Is there any alternative to using a Dutch oven? I, strangely enough, live in Holland, but have no such apparatus (or an oven big enough to fit one).

DIY Orange Liqueur

I made this, but could only steep it for 1.5 weeks. There did seem to be a change in the last few days - the zest stopped floating, the oils inside settled quicker - that made me think it was getting close to being ready. I only added about half of the recommended sugar too. Since I'm using them in a margarita with simple syrup and fresh fruit, I didn't want to go too far into sugarland.

EAT THIS NOW!: Fried Pizza with Homemade Sausage, Egg, Parmesan, and Hollandaise

Wow, guys, unduly harsh. Can we concentrate on the fact that Kenji has FRIED A PIZZA? No I don't feel so bad that my only oven has the word 'microwave' before it.