Horse meat, Should we worry about our own ?

I, hope that I didn't come across as a worry-wort but I do have to admit that I've always wondered about what's actually packaged in those meat packages.

I use to drive over the road for Hill Bros, out of Omaha and we were a Refrigerated outfit so I had my fair share of Packing houses. With the down-sizing of the USDA inspections and lack of oversight, Can we afford to place a lot of trust in what's really what, these days ?

Horse meat, Should we worry about our own ?

With the recent scandal regarding Horse meat found in the UK and the majority of the EU,is there any worry or concern that were facing the same thing here in the United States and just are not aware of it yet ?

We already had our "Pink Slime" episode so are we now facing a much bigger problem ?

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