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Help! Need to make blueberry syrup out of blueberry preserves

Bless you, BF!!!! You're a lifesaver! XOX (from another BF)

Calves Liver with Onions, Bacon and Potatoes

The only 'risk' I know of is that liver (and any organ meat, I believe) is extremely high in cholesterol, so my doctor prefers that I eat it once a year, tops.

And so what does that mean? It means I host an annual Liver Lovers Luncheon and Dinner. I take orders from my co-workers and friends, and make beef liver the way my mother did: dipped in an egg wash, then breaded with crushed saltine crackers and cooked medium rare in the bacon grease left from makin' the bacon. Sauteed onions too, are served with the liver, along with garlic mashed potatoes and creamed sweet corn. I'm usually serving about 14 or so meals, but one year it was a record 26 meals.

Boiled Water Recipe

@Ken G - Acquacotta recipe above.... please define "Lg Can" for the tomatoes, diced. I'm a precise sort of person and not comfortable with relative terms when it comes to canned items.
Am seriously looking forward to this 'boiled water' recipe (including the poached egg!) TIA. Bree

Mac & Cheese Help

Here's a link to her recipe....

Hope you enjoy it as much as we do!

Mac & Cheese Help

I'd suggest trying Martha Stewart's recipe, Mac and Cheese 101. One day, while waiting in the doctor's office, I copied it down from her MS Living magazine. The cheese was expensive - it uses white cheddar and gruyere or pecorino romano - and it was a tad labor intensive, but I've never had a better macaroni and cheese. It makes a lot, so you can easily halve the recipe if it's just for you and your boyfriend.

If you make the entire amount, it freezes well. Just don't reheat in the micro!!!!! Heat leftovers up SLOWLY in a covered saucepan with a bit of milk and butter, stir frequently.

Boiled Water Recipe

@gkrucia: Just when I think there couldn't possibly be another great entry, then comes "is there a low carb version...?" Thanks for the terrific recipe (I can't wait to share it with my co-workers), and for giving me the best laughs I've had all week. Honestly, you all ROCK!!!

Are you a 'Soup' fan?

As soup weather will soon be upon us, we'll be making stockpots of my versions of mega-vegetable minestrone, hearty beef barley and Portuguese green soup. In the cold months, soup either accompanies the meal or it IS the meal. Sluuuuuurp!

Holeman & Finch: Atlanta's Premier Head-to-Tail Restaurant Serves Up a Burger Impossible to Overhype

Watched a PBS cooking show a while back where the cook made a "family favorite" old fashioned cheeseburger. Just ground chuck, 80/20 a must, no seasoning other than liberally salted and then peppered. The secret? She placed the mounds of ground meat on plastic wrap, covered the meat with another piece of plastic wrap, and then reached for a rolling pin. WTF? "Flatten the burgers with the rolling pin, so you don't handle the meat at all. It doesn't matter that they're not round." How odd, I thought, to take a rolling pin to your burgers, but I admit, I was intrigued. When I finally got around to trying it......omg, what an incredible cheeseburger! Toast up a good bun, fry the burger on a griddle or in your cast iron skillet like I do (I like 'em on the rare side), top with an ordinary slice of American cheese, use your fav condiments, and you'll be loving every bite. I'll never form another hamburger patty with my hands again - ever. Hmm hmm mm.

Wanted: Cast Iron Dutch Oven recipes

Thank you to EVERYONE who answered my query. I'm picking up the cookbook "All about braising: The art of uncomplicated cooking" by Molly Stevens tonight at my local library. I suspect I'll end up buying the book, but I'm looking forward to sitting down with it tonight.

Good restaurants in Springfield IL?

Bleu, I apologize for my smart-alecky comment. It was said in jest, after getting zero recommendations for Springfield restaurants! I live right here too, just outside Chicago -- no shortage of great dining around these parts -- and wanted to get down to the capitol because I'd never been there (even though I'm born and raised in Illinois). Wait a minute..... you 'raise' corn and you 'rear' children.... okay, not sure exactly the correct way to say that. But I digress. We loved our visit to the Capitol, and though we didn't venture to any local dining (we just did dinner at Outback, since they have gluten-free offerings, and breakfast at Bob Evans), we plan on returning soon to finish our sightseeing. So, Bleu, as you can see, I'm not at all a fussy eater. I don't know what the horseshoe sandwich is, but every once in a while I enjoy a 'cholesterol nightmare' kind of meal (I'm not the one who needs gluten-free, thank heavens), so when we return to Springfield, I'll plan on sampling it. Thanks, and I hope you'll forgive me! :-)

Good restaurants in Springfield IL?

Just what I thought - there are no good restaurants in Springfield. Guess we're taking our food along.....

What is your absolute favorite go to recipe?

Paul Prudhomme's (spelling?) recipe "Garlic Shrimp and Oysters on Pasta" has been my favorite special occasion dish for years. Really quick to prepare -- once you've chopped everything and measured out your spices -- and sinfully good to eat. The recipe is for two, and uses a stick and a half of butter! Need I say more? My mouth is watering just thinking about it.

Poll: Do You Toast Your Pop-Tarts?

When I was a kid, none of them came frosted. They were meant to be toasted (they were called "toaster pastries" with the brand name of Pop Tarts). I liked the strawberry best, which I toasted AND buttered. Haven't done Pop-Tarts for years and years until they put S'Mores Pop-Tarts in our vending machine. Nuked for 12 seconds gets that fluff nice and gooey, and then I feel like I'm 10 again.

Wanted: Cast Iron Dutch Oven recipes

Oh my, these all sound so wonderful! I didn't even know what Osso Bucco is until now (I hadda look it up).

I'll be googling recipes for hours, I think.

Thanks all - I'm saving all the links and ideas (though I hope I get some more; I'm a glutton that way)

Slow-Cooker Pulled Pork ideas?

Okay, these all sound wonderful! And hungrychristel, everyone is correct in steering you towards the pork shoulder roast or pork butt roast (pretty much the same thing).

Any loin, no matter how marbled, just won't give you the yummy pulled pork you're looking for. It'll yield a nice pork loin roast, though. So plan on getting yourself a big shoulder roast and treating yourself - again.

What's Your Favorite Topping for Ice Cream?

Try several dashes of Angostura aromatic bitters on a good vanilla ice cream. It's right on the bottle - "use on ice cream" and my uncle turned me on to it. Delicious!!

What's Your Favorite Ice Cream Flavor

Try several dashes of Angostura aromatic bitters on a good vanilla ice cream. It's right on the bottle - "use on ice cream" and my uncle turned me on to it. Delicious!!


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