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  • Location: Austin, TX
  • Favorite foods: sushi & sashimi, pizza, oysters, avocados, cheese, NJ bagels, pho, ramen, ice cream, ceviche, breakfast tacos, gnocchi, chaat, falooda, chai, shawarma, falafel, marzipan, kombucha, baklava, tiramisu
  • Last bite on earth: a huge bite of chocolate pudding pie topped with whipped cream... simple and delicious, plus it takes me back to childhood every time!

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Baklava and Beyond: 12 Turkish Sweets You Should Know

@badseed1980 baklava isn't really all that difficult to make- it's more time-consuming than anything! (and ohhh so worth it when you bite into those crisp, buttery layers! mmmmm)

Sugar Rush: Olive Gelato at Uchiko, Austin

@carriebwc you are missing out then! @melodyfury I've been meaning to check this olive dessert out since I saw your Instagram post! looks divine..

8 Frozen Treats We Love in Austin, TX

I've been meaning to try that patbingsu at tous le jours! also never tried the taiwanese shaved ice at coco's... and the tres leches sundae looks pretty amazing too.

First Look: Qui in Austin, Texas

Nice job, Melody! You really captured the beauty of the food and the space. That being said, I thought $46 for the rabbit 7 ways seemed like a steal.. it is easily splittable between 4 people! (And was one of my favorites for sure!)

First Look: Cocktails at Qui in Austin, Texas

ohmygod, every single one sounds amazing. i only tried lena dunham's super nightlife mule and LOVED that one. can't wait to try all the others too!

First Look: Cow Tipping Creamery, Austin

there's certainly a lot of the menu to navigate through-! and they have off-menu specials too!! not to mention all the endless possibilities you can come up with using their toppings. at this rate, i'll be wearing a muu-muu to Barton Springs! :-O

Keep Austin Weird: 12 Unique Foods Found in Austin

@rosewood, one time i sought solace at 888 (vietnamese) on oltorf rd during sxsw... not only is it spacious and still very close to the action, but there was no wait AND it's open til 2am! Also, I'd agree with @joydreamz- brsolet tacos don't really seem to fit on this list of unique eats but everything else is a great representation!

Nashville Taco Truck Roundup

Now how did you eat all those tacos in one day?!


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