• Location: Montclair, New Jersey
  • Favorite foods: Thanksgiving is my favorite meal. I love it all.

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Need help finding a restaurant for high profile guests

I'm confused by this question, quite honestly.

If you're hosting a dinner at this level I would expect that there would in addition to budget constraints (which do seem low at this level), security concerns and thereby you should be working from an approved list of venues not trolling for restaurant recommendations on the internet

Where to eat on Oahu?

seconding the Alan Wong recommendation. I had one of the best meals of my life there. The attention to detail and service are fantastic. The food is local fresh and world class.

Don't be afraid of the shrimp shacks on the North Shore, you'll find a good fresh lunch!

NYC/NJ Restaurants Advice!

I can speak to the Montclair area.

For Thai, there's Brookside Thai or Boonsong both in Bloomfield (next town over from Montclair). There's also Thai Essence in Nutley (again less than 5 miles from Montclair).

Japanese, Aki (Bloomfield) or Dai-Kichi (Montclair)

Chinese, our go to is TS Ma (Montclair)

Indian, Brick Lane or Satish Palace

Breakfast, Raymond's or Toast are favorites, plus diners we have diners in NJ, you can get breakfast anytime

Don't discount Italian, we've got a few top notch (not red sauce) places (Osteria Giotto, Fascino)

Really that's just the tip of the iceberg answering your specific questions, we've got a vibrant restaurant scene in the area that includes what you asked for and much much more. There's a really good Peruvian (Costanera) place a couple doors down from an ethiopian (Mesob) place. I can think of 2 really good greek places off the top of my head, vietnamese over in Nutley. plus a whole lot of "american" Blu, the Orange Squirrel, The Pig & The Prince, CulinAriane, etc

There's a large Italian/American community here so all of our markets are "Italian Markets", they carry itialian imports and specialty ingredients in my ShopRite. You can't throw a rock without hitting an Italian deli, bakery or butcher.

What to choose for grilling?!

You're proabably going to want to check your lease or condo assoc agreement to see if grills are allowed on balconies in your building. There are most likely restrictions. You might have no choice but electic

Recipe for Ribs: The Best Ribs Ever!

I'll be sticking with a dry rub then smoke method, but thanks for playing!

In the future, if you want to share a recipe, share a recipe, not a link to drive traffic to your site. It's spammy.

Recipe for Ribs: The Best Ribs Ever!

"I understand most people are unfamiliar with this technique."

We're not unfamiliar with the concept. It's that steaming turns ribs into a mushy, flavorless mess

Recipe for Ribs: The Best Ribs Ever!

Fun fact, a green egg or a smoker is not required for smoking ribs (or anything else for that matter). A standard charcoal or even gas grill will work just fine, without heating up your kitchen by steaming in the oven.

Favorite ice cream flavor?

mixed berry chocolate chip
rocky road
B&J's Chunky Monkey

i had an amazing chocolate chili the other night. very chocolately with just a bit of heat at the end

wait, was i suposed to pick one?

Recipe for Ribs: The Best Ribs Ever!

Spam - spam - spammy

and steaming is abuse of ribs. smoke'em if you've got'em.

The next ingredient trend..any predictions?

we're seeing a lot of pickling in these parts too. I've also noticed razor clams showing up more often.

Is there a great salad dressing mix for sale?

I guess i don't know how it goes either. mixing a dressing in the bottom of the salad bowl before dumping in the greens is the easiest thing in the world

Cheap but delicious food near Columbus Circle?

I used to work not too far from there, some of our regular lunch spots were... Topaz Thai on 56th between 6th & 7th, the Burger Joint in the Parker Meridien, Mangia on 57th between 5th & 6th, Astro Diner on 6th at 55th, oh and there's a fancy Italian restaurant, Remi, on 53rd between 6th and 7th that has a little "to go" store front in the building's pass through.

What Are You Eating During Snow Weekend?

I've got ingredients for a roasted chicken with a kale salad and for a cheddar and stout fondue

Fancy Dinner Recipes

roasted cornish hens. Just as easy as a whole roasted chicken but just a bit fancy

Craft beer recommendations

OOOPS! Misread your southwest as southeast. so scratch what i said. This might help...

Craft beer recommendations

You don't need to go to Colorado, there are plenty of East Coast craft breweries. Some of the more widely distributed ones are Harpoon, Brooklyn Brewing, Dogfish Head, Dock Street, OtterCreek, Long Trail, Shipyard, and good old Sam Adams. But literally there are thousands. I'd recommend finding a good beer bar and start sampling.

What do you eat when you're sick?

I made my own chicken soup last week when the flu hit my husband. Then it hit me, the soup ran out and I turned to take out egg drop soup with a good dose of sriracha.

Ribeye Roast On Electric Hotplate

honest recommendation, stop wasting money on expensive meat you don't have to tools to cook properly.

If you want to do a rib roast you're going to need either a good hot oven or a grill.

Christmas Dinner - Main Course

We did a smoked turkey for Thanksgiving. It was still the traditional main but smoking instead of roasting was a HUGE hit with our guests.

Would work just as well for Christmas.

Meatloaf: In the pan or on a sheet?

Sheet pan.

I tried using a loaf pan once, greasy, crumbling mess.

Does Thanksgiving = Christmas on your table?

Not at all. Thanskgiving is traditional Turkey, Christmas Eve is Italian American fishes, Christmas day is prime rib

Bring the check when asked, please, not before...

I disagree. I don't want to have to ask for the check. It makes the whole process take longer. In my experience, a good server can judge when a table is ready for the check.

New Orleans dining updates

get in a cab and head over to Cochon, you won't be disapointed


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