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Serious Eats Holiday Giveaway: Two Little Red Hens Cake

My mom and I are planning a menu based on the foods of our ancestral homelands. For breakfast we're having French toast (groan), the UK will be covered with roast beef, popovers, gravy and mash, Germany will be represented by spritz cookies and gingerbread. Incongrously, we're having Jewish apple cake for dessert (though I guess that could be German as well... we're 100% WASP).

Photo of the Day: French Fry-Loving Squirrel at Shake Shack

I want to be reincarnated as that squirrel in my next life. Lucky bastard.

Dining Etiquette: Eating Out, and Who Pays

Okay, I admit I should have been clearer in the original post that he only expected me to pay once so far. Combinged with some other rude behavior, I got myself worked up over it (though I am still pretty sure he will do it the next time in the future, if there is a next time). I did get a few chuckles imagining how some of the scenarios you all proposed would proceed! (Especially @cycorider's!)

climbhighak, thank you for raising that point. That possibility hadn't even occurred to me, and now I feel better approaching him about the whole situation.

And for the record, while we both have jobs that allow us to live comfortably, if on a budget, mine pays a lot more :-)

Dining Etiquette: Eating Out, and Who Pays

Just to clarify, I've only bought him dinner once, and that was to thank him for a favor he did for me (he does have a few redeeming qualities). The next time it was clear he expected me to pay again, and I just sort of let the check languish on the table until he finally picked it up. Everyone's advice confirms what I'd been thinking, that I can't really be "friends" with this person any longer. Thank you to all!

Best Pizza in Rego Park?

Can't help you with Rego Park pizza (you should be eating Russian/Bukharian/Turkish/Indian food, not pizza), but Nick's in Forest Hills makes a delicious Neopolitan-style pie. It's only 2 subway stops/a 5-10 minute drive away from RP.

Poll: How many slices is 'lunch'?

Used to be 2, but now that I'm watching my figure, it's 1. One slice of NY-style pizza can easily be upwards of 500 calories, even without the toppings (yes, I am that person now).

"Invited to dinner" food mishaps

One of my friends frequently invites me over to his house for french toast. It's always, "I have some bread, could you bring half a dozen eggs, fresh berries, orange juice (the fresh-squeezed kind) and a pint of Haagen-Dazs?" Guess who gets to keep the leftover groceries? (Hint: not me) Then when I ask if there's anything I can do to "help," I get to do all the dishes that he's left rotting in the sink for the past three days! Yay!

"Good" Butter

Rose Levy Beranbaum recommends Land 'o' Lakes or Hotel Bar. I stock up when there's a sale--Hotel Bar seems to go on sale quite frequently at my local grocery store.

Can I freeze brownies? Any special instructions?

I do the same thing that lemons does--and then I stand in front of the freezer with the door open eating frozen brownies. So much for portion control!

Quinces in NYC?

They are everywhere--even in my tiny neighborhood Key Food in central Queens.

Shake Shack iPhone App: Free and Useful

I have been waiting for this glorious day for a very, very long time.

Cookbook for an 11 year old?

She might be on the older side for this cookbook, but when I was a kid I absolutely loved this book:

What would you eat for 30 days?

Cheese pizza three times a day, definitely. Probably cheeseburgers (Shake Shack!) as well. If hunger were not an issue I could eat ice cream, brownies, or oreos with milk 3x daily as well.

Anyone use pumpkin (or apple sauce) and oil to replace butter?

I usually use 1-2 T of oil or butter and substitute yogurt for the rest of the fat in the recipe.

Best Halloween Candy?

As a peanut-allergic kid it was always so disappointing when a house had only peanut candies to give out.

I like the kit-kats that come in 3 different flavors: milk, white, and dark chocolate.

What's your spice aversion?

Fenugreek is gross. I can tolerate rosemary, but only in small quantities. My roommates sometimes take the liberty of sprinkling white pepper on my food when we eat together. No thank you.

Gluten Free Dessert Ideas?

I like to bake brownies and substitute white rice flour for the all purpose flour. They were famous among my gluten-free ex's family.

Carrot cake also adapts well to being made with a gluten free flour blend.

The Most Unhealthy Thing You've Ever Made

Once I baked a chocolate sheet cake, cut it into slices, hollowed out a hole in the center of each slice, stuffed with the hole with cream cheese frosting, dipped the slice in pancake batter, and then deep fried it. A close runner-up for unhealthiest item ever would have been another item I made that same night, which was double-stuf oreos dipped in leftover chocolate cake batter and deep fried.

It was all delicious, by the way.

Cook the Book: Pumpkin Baking

Lately I've been dreaming of pumpkin pie.

Freefoods NYC: the food snob

I used to place catering/lunch orders with FreeFoods all the time pre-recession and never had anything but exceptional service. Was Michael the manager you talked to? He's super-nice and I recommend asking to speak with him if you had a bad experience.

Ed Levine's Serious Diet, Week 87: Do Weights Help You Lose Weight?

My advice would be to start by buying some sessions with a trainer. They will show you how to use machines and free weights effectively and safely. My trainer has a fancy scale that measures body fat %, which can be a helpful measure of weight loss (if you are gaining muscle and losing fat, your weight might stay the same even as you shrink.) Buy 10 hour-long sessions and go twice a week. Plus, they stretch/massage you at the end!

My other suggestion is Jillian Michaels' 30 Day Shred video. It's only 20 minutes, but it leaves me sweating and sore for days afterwards! A great way to get in a quick toning workout.

brooklyn candies

Joyva Corp. has been making candy for over 100 years, and they are headquartered in Brooklyn. I'm not sure where the candy is actually produced, but I think it is in NYC. I'm not a huge fan, but I know a bunch of people that really like the sesame crunch and chocolate-coverered marshmallow bars. You can find their products at Economy Candy on Rivington St.


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