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I am an Urban Yankee Mom cooking for her rural southern family. Sometimes we butt heads about dinner, but generally we just enjoy our time together around the table. I love to cook with my kids.

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  • Location: Rural Tennessee
  • Favorite foods: Fresh baked wheat bread, chicken salad with fruit, oatmeal toffee cookies.
  • Last bite on earth: oohh. That is hard. Last bite I guess the mom side of me comes out and it would have to be chicken salad. I make myself sick on it when I make it.

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Seriously Delicious Holiday Giveaway: Bacon of the Month Club

crispy! and nice and salty. and covered with mayo and letttuce and tomato wrapped in very fresh white bread.

Seriously Delicious Holiday Giveaway: Two Peter Luger Steaks

Rare strip with blue cheese on top.


Around our house with the budget in mind we all enjoy a *gulp* round steak baked in the oven with a tin of whole tomatoes poured on top.

Does round steak even really count?

Kids Tired of Brown Bag Lunches: Any New Ideas?

Very funny, gfweb!! If only that would solve the problem!
I have really appreciated all of the great ideas.

I looked into the Mr. Bento lunch boxes. THey looked great. But, (the big but!) So far this school year we have lost 2 lunch boxes and broken 1 $8.00 thermos. It would be about $180 to buy each of the kids a Mr. Bento, plus replacement costs.


Maybe I should just homeschool!!

Cook the Book: 'Crescent City Cooking'

Definately red beans and rice. i could eat them evryday!

pizza stones -- do you use yours?

I love my stone and use it all the time. It is black with use. I don't clean it, just some hot water.

I love it for cookies and bread, also.

Chocolate Chip Cookie Secrets...

I always replalce the white sugar with all brown sugar. I like them soft and chewy. Sometimes we use a recipe that has a box of pudding in it. Those are very soft, also.

Seriously Delicious Holiday Food Giveaway: Russ & Daughters

The French Toast at this resturaunt in Murray Hill right near my parents apartment. Oh Yummy! I don't remember the name of the place.

And yes, I love bagels, too.

your perfect burger : only 3 toppings +1 Cheese

vidalia onion, mayo, green leaf lettuce cojack cheese

Egg salad...what's your secret ingredient?

I like thinly sliced cucmber. And a littl edried mustard mixed with the mayo.

Please don't use that Miracle *gag* Whip stuff. Nasty!

HTML Hints?

Oh, I wish I had read this before I posted earlier. i am going to try. My website is

Urban Mom

OH MY GOSH!!! Wait until my 15 year old gets home from basketball. I used HTML! He will be so impressed.

To celebrate I am going to go and post my favorite pumpkin muffin recipe. (Rather than eat it!)

Thank you Chiff0nade for asking the question that I didn't think to ask.

Ever do anything totally ridiculous in a restaurant?

I am the mother of 6 chidren, so resturaunt eating is an expensive affair for us. We always make sure that nothing is wasted.
There was a new Mexican resturaunt in town and I took the kids to lunch there. My second son was about 8 years old. He had said as we left that he didn't feel too well. About half way through the meal he proceeded to throw up all over his food. I took sent him to the bathroom and had my older son go with him. I then proceeded to get to go boxes and box up everyone elses food before I would leave.

Waste not want not!


I would freeze what you have.

The Ball Blue Book is a great canning guide. I would also suggest The Big Book of Preserving the Harvest by Carol Costenbader.

Canning is dangerous, like everyone else here has said. Be careful!

(We can salsa every year.. Okay, I use the word we loosely. My husband cans every year, but I like to read all of his wonderful cooking/preserving books)

What dishes can you put flaxseeds in?

You have to grindflax seeds up. I use a Whisper Mill Wheat Grinder. I never put the flax in by itself, though. It is very oily and will gum up your mill. I mix about 1 cup flax to about 6 cups wheat and then grind. If you didn't have wheat to grind then add it to oats and make an oat-flax flour. You could add this to anything you use regular flour with. Rather than look for new recipes try incorporating into your tried and true ones. You will be much more likely to use the flax if it starts to be an ingredient in your everyday recipes and foods. If you don't bake a lot I have several recipes that use wheat flours that are good with flax in them. I was going to make a link but I only know how to do that on blogger. :-) Anyway. go to my site by clicking on my name and search under recipes.

Onion tart for breakfast

Onion tart sounds very yummy. Would you share the recipe?

So, what did everyone have for Thanksgiving?

THis year I brined the turkey for teh first time. We couldn't decide if we liked it better. I also made stuffing with a mix of french bread and cornbread and cooked it in teh bird. I had my kids in teh kitchen. They carefully followed my recipes and made cranberry sauce, cornbread casserole, pecan pie, pumpkin pie, sweet potato casserole and mashed potatoes. I also made rolls. My SIL brought a strawberry cake tha twas wonderful and my MIL made banana pudding. That was something I had never seen until I moved to the south!

We are still eating the leftovers. There are 8 in our family and we had 8 visitors and we still had way too much food. I wouldn't have it any other way, though!


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