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Where to eat in Atlanta

A few miles down I-20 from Atlanta towards Augusta is the beautiful little town of Social Circle, Ga. In the middle of a beautiful oak lined street with mansions on both sides is the Blue Willow Inn. Sit on the porch and sip lemonade or sweet tea served by pretty ladies in hoop skirts while your party is waiting on a table. The buffet of old south vittles is excellent and you're not likely to forget this fun dinning experience.

Compiling list of "original home of" famous/regional foods

Joe's Stone Crabs, Miami Beach - Stone Crab Claws

Shealy's BBQ, Leesville, SC - Carolina Gold BBQ and Liver Nips ( Newberry SC has an Octoberfest Liver Nip Cook off )

Nuway Grill, Spartanburg, SC - Redneck Burger ( Pimento Chili Cheese )

Ike's Grill, Spartanburg, SC - Fried Bologna Sandwich

Roger's BBQ, Florence, SC - BBQ Liver Hash With Red Gravy ( nothing like it )

Brown Hotel, Louisville, Ky - Kentucky Hot Brown

Hominy Grill, Charleston, SC - The Big Nasty ( Gravy Fried Chicken Biscuit )

Blue Marlin, Columbia,SC - Shrimp and Grits

Grits and Groceries, Belton, SC - Tomato Pie

Tupalo Honey, Asheville, NC - Sweet Potato Pancakes

S&S Caferteria, Greenville, SC - Sweet Potato Balls

Bowen's Island, Folly Beach, SC - Beaufort Stew ( aka Low Country Boil, Frogmore Stew )

Summerton Diner, Summerton, SC - Chicken Bog ( aka Red Chicken Stew )

Brunswick Diner, Brunswick, Ga. - Brunswick Stew

Beacon Restaurant, Spartanburg, SC - Santee Cat Dog, The Outside BBQ Sandwich and The Pig's Dinner

Gullah House, Mt. Pleasant, SC - Neckbones, Ox Tails, and Fried Chicken Feet

Cosmic Dog, Mt Pleasant, SC - Blue Cheese Slaw Dog

Vegetable Medley, West Columbia, SC - Fried Cornbread and Collards

Fuller's, Lumberton, NC - Native American BBQ and Flat Bread

Headed to London!

If you order a baked potato don't ask for sour cream as you are likely to be get clotted cream which is sweet.

Warning! While black pudding sounds nice enough, it's really blood pudding.

Pub food is usually only available at lunch. Shepard's Pie is good choice anywhere, however Kidney Pie was a little too strong for my tastes.

The ice cream parlor at Harrods is wonderful.

need input for best eats Miami

Joe's Stone Crabs - best I've had in my life so far

Can you explain the Success of Little Debbie snacks?

Nothing from Little Debbie's kitchen can touch a vanilla Moon Pie.

Do you care if your leftovers sit out?

When I was a kid growing up on a farm in South Carolina we would have a huge Sunday dinner ( lunch ) including fried chicken and many veggies. After we finished my mother would leave the food on the table and drape it with a cloth and there it would sit until supper time. In those days we thought nothing of eating food left sitting out and refrigerators wouldn't have held it all anyway. I still like room temp fried chicken.

Wine and Cheese Friday Nights

Try some Blue Diamond Nut and Rice crackers with your cheese, apple and wine. Yummy and gluten free!

We love the cheap German Landshut Riesling and sweet red we buy at Aldi for $4.99 a bottle.

Our backyard blue bottle wine tree ( all rieslings from Aldi ) is the envy of the neighborhood.

Do you ever eat things out of nostalgia and nothing else?

Zag-nut candy bars bring back wonderful memories of cowboy double features at the movies on Saturdays. I still crave them but they're getting harder to find.

What do I do with this beautiful honey?

cat head biscuits straight from the oven with butter and honey

When I grow up I'm going to eat all the____I want to. everyday?!

Candy coated Boston Baked beans ( peanuts ). I have been addicted to these little critters my entire life. Yesterday on my way back to Columbia I bought some at South of The Border and ate so many I felt sick.

One pack costs $.59 while two costs $.99 so I always end up eating two packs.

Fresh Seafood

Joe's Stone Crabs at Miami Beach ships their wonderful claws ( when in season ) packed in dry ice. Check out their website. I can't think of anything that even comes close to their iced stone crab claws.

People that have actual real -life food/spice names, Know Any?

I grew up with a girl who's last name was Corn. Dang if she didn't marry a Mr. Cobb.

Foods we did not like as kids but now like as an adult..Got one?

Growing up in the south we were afraid of those three Yankee veggies: broccoli, brussel sprouts and cauliflower. The brussel sprouts were tempting as they looked like little cabbages. Never ate any of them till I went off to college and today I love them all.

Early 1960s party ideas

In 1961 we were doing "The Twist" by Chubby Checker also the Fly, Watusi and Locomotion. The Limbo was popular and the game Twister was in vogue. Mellon balls spiked with vodka served in a jagged edge watermelon was a biggie. A punch bowl of PJ or a ice tub of PBR's were college favorites in those days.

As for dress we wore Bass Weejuns without socks and anything made of madras. Girls wore their hair in beehives or bells and guys wore crew cuts or flat tops. The side she wore her circle pin on meant something or at least us guys thought it did.

Dinner for one...what do you make when you are all alone?

I love pinto beans topped with onions with a slab of cornbread on the side. If any of yall are traveling through the south, the Cracker Barrel chain serves this great combination.

favorite dessert in a restaurant?

Go to the world famous Beacon in Spartanburg S.C. and order "a pie heated with" - In Beconese that's a fried apple pie heated, slapped with a 4 inch paintbrush full of butter and topped with vanilla ice cream.

If you're brave and go there with a group try the "Pig's Dinner" - which is a banana split in a punch bowl.

The one food you are SICK of this summer....

I've eaten so many fresh peaches this summer I'm about done with them for awhile. South Carolina has had a bumper crop this year and they are so plentiful the price has dropped to a pittance.

South Carolina grows more peaches in Spartanburg County alone than the entire state of Georgia. We wish they would change their car tags to read "Georgia The X Peach State".

Whistle While You Work???...I Think Not!!!

Salt is often used to repel evil spirits. Spirits of the dead are about decay and salt preserves.

Ceramic Knife Brands?

Checkout Harborfreight where I bought my ceramic for around $10. It's so scary sharp it will cut you if you look at it the wrong way. Wouldn't dare keep in in a drawer unsheathed.

Do touristy places ever have good food?

I was enjoying the English Country breakfasts especially the black pudding until I discovered that black pudding was a just a nice word for blood pudding.

Have you ever killed wild-game or slaughtered a farm animal?


Armadillos have invaded South Carolina and are referred to in this state as "possum on the half shell".

Have you neglected your cooking roots?

I approach this topic differently as the ethnicity of my family's cousine has little to do with their Scotch-Irish heritage. My ancestors have all lived in the Carolinas since the 1700's and we know little more than southern cooking. Soda bread, corn beef and cabbage, oatmeal or haggis never graced my parent's table.

S.C. was this country's major rice producer for many years and the influence of that low country rice is still heavy in my family's diet. Charlestonians can hardly go a day without "red rice" which is similar to Spanish rice. While they love their red beans and rice in NOLA, Carolinians tend to eat more butterbeans and rice. Stewed tomatoes over rice is also popular but chicken bog or chicken perleau ( rice and chicken are the main ingredients ) has almost become our state dish. All barbecue joints in S.C. make wonderful pork hash which can only be enjoyed on top of rice . As a kid we had rice and gravy every Sunday and the left over rice from dinner ( lunch ) was converted into rice pudding for supper. If any rice made it til the next morning my dad would eat it with milk and sugar. A writer once wrote that South Carolinians are a lot like the ancient Chinese as "they eat lots of rice and worship their ancestors".

I have always thought that if your mother was a good cook and you grew up eating her food you tend to always prefer the type of food she prepared and the way she prepared it. Am I correct?

The Myth of "Goop"

I use goop to repair holes in tennis shoes. Never tried it on a burger.


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