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Secrets from the Host Stand: 10 Things a Restaurant Host Wishes They Could Tell You

I'd love to know who sent in 1 and 7 so I could be sure never to dine at their restaurants.

Eating at The Office, Grant Achatz's Subterranean Speakeasy

B. Mark: you can't replicate the atmosphere and experience of a play anywhere else. I'm quite sure there are other dark places that will serve you a middle-of-the-road cocktail and a froyo bar for less than $70.

Seriously Delicious Holiday Giveaway: The Sriracha Lover's Ultimate Gift Pack

I'm not eligible to enter since I write for SE, but just for the fun of it: there are few dishes as wonderfully warm and comforting as white rice mixed with raw egg and a bit of Sriracha. Simple and delicious.

Reality Check: Cheddar Bacon Onion Angus Burger from McDonald's

I don't like cheddar on burgers, really. Whataburger did something kinda similar to this recently, the chophouse cheddar burger:


It wasn't up to much. Just too rich.

Why British and Irish Crisps Are Brilliant

Also, the "cocktail" sauce in prawn cocktail isn't like US cocktail sauce. In the UK seafood cocktail is made with a mix of mayo and tomato ketchup - what you might call Russian dressing. Very different from the ketchup/horseradish mix in the USA.

Why British and Irish Crisps Are Brilliant

Highlander's Tomato flavor = win

Texas State Fair: 15 Crazy Fried Foods We're Still Digesting

@bluemonq Thank you! That *is* cheating. I was wondering by what alchemy the bubble gum had become so... fluffy and delicious.

Dallas Burger Recs from Burger Week at 'Dallas Observer'

I ate it too! It was actually pretty good!

Do Chua - how to buy it?

Thanks all for your words. I think I will need to take the plunge and just ask someone, who'll show me where the tongs are, I hope :D

The Ultimate In-N-Out Secret Menu (and Super Secret Menu!) Survival Guide

You know what I'd love? A "Where is he now" with Thomas. I read this article before In-n-Out came to North Texas; I'd only eaten there once before, in Vegas, and only really knew about Animal Style and nothing else. Thomas opened my eyes to a wonderful new world of In-n-Out lore. I've a good mind to buy a Neapolitan shake tonight and pour it out in his honor.

(By "pour it out" I mean into a glass, not onto the sidewalk. I'm not wasting a shake, man.)

San Diego: Nine-Ten's Burger is an Eleven

The teaser pic made it look like the toppings/patty ratio was way off, but the autopsy shot tells a very different story. Even though I don't really care for cheddar on burgers I would still love to try this one.

If I ever do make it out to Comic Con, I know where I'm going for lunch...

Chain Reaction: The Broken Yolk

Second-worst burger I've seen on here after that Brazilian chain. I'd be ashamed to serve that.

Dallas: More Attitude Than Flavor At Twisted Root Burger Company

Disagree - I always get a cheeseburger and I think it's great.

Dallas: More Attitude Than Flavor At Twisted Root Burger Company

I've eaten at Twisted Root plenty and never had anything but friendly service. I don't like faux-edginess either (see here for more of the same in Dallas: http://aht.seriouseats.com/archives/2012/07/maple-and-motor-burger-review-dallas-tx.html ) but other than the signs I've never experienced that at Twisted Root. Not doubting your experience at all but they've always been good to me. I took family there a few weeks ago and with five people there the ordering took a while, but there was no sense of anyone being hostile.

Bellevue: El Gaucho's Tribute Burger, the 410

I'm not a fan of cheddar on burgers but the way it's melted in here looks like they got it right. Awesome article.

Dallas: Smashingly Good Burgers At Off-Site Kitchen

Not open weekends, so I've never been. Will make a point of doing so.

Detroit: Elmer's Hamburgers Is An Unforgotten Classic

You're right, sdfishtaco. That was lazy of me. Of course it's not the 'Great Depression', which wouldn't have been possible. I'll make that change. Thanks!

In-N-Out really that good? Do you like Whattaburger?

Whataburger and In-n-Out offer very, very different products. Of course as they're both fast food burgers there is a basis for comparison but there would never, ever be mistaking one for the other. Both, for my money, are in the top 5% of fast food places, but for different reasons.

Twisted Root Burger Company Offers Discounts for 'Best Butt,' 'Best Looking'

I'm a huge fan of the food at Twisted Root but this is really off-putting, and I won't be going back as a result of it.

First Look: Swine, Porky Small Plates and Charcuterie in the West Village

I would give anything for that charcuterie :D

Reality Check: Steak 'n Shake's Jalapeño Crunch Steakburger

I despise those crunchy onion sticks/straws/randoms that you get everywhere. I'm generally quite easy-going about what toppings people put on a burger but I just don't see the attraction with these. At all. They go cold after around 2 seconds exposed to oxygen, seep grease everywhere, and taste not a bit like onion.

Chain Reaction: Old-Fashioned Burgers With A Salty Twist At Burger House

@texas blues: You're bang on the money. Fast food burgers are about so much more than just the meat. It's about the alchemy. Burger House's seasoning means that their alchemy is excellent and also unique.

Chain Reaction: Old-Fashioned Burgers With A Salty Twist At Burger House

@berts: I think I've done a decent job of saying that this was a crave-worthy burger, and that its not being fancy is not at all a point against it. The original location is a thing of beauty and I'm sure it will be standing in another sixty years' time. However, I don't think making claims towards perfection is particularly helpful for a review site, and I also think that point out a community restaurant's idiosyncracies shouldn't automatically be construed as unwelcome criticism. Either way, Jack's will continue to flourish, of that I have no doubt.

@dwinterb: Snuffer's is very, very high on my list to review - sorry to keep you waiting on it but it's definitely in the pipeline.

San Francisco: The Beauty of a Classic Burger at 4505 Meats

Looks like too much lettuce but other than that, absolute perfection.

Dallas: Come For The View, But Don't Eat The Food At Stackhouse Burgers

@cdkellerson: From reading other reviews online the place seems to divide opinion. My experience was exactly as I described it, and my wife, who is generally less demanding than I am about restaurants, was similarly unimpressed. I don't mind paying a premium at Twisted Root because the product is excellent.

@Uglycuss: You've found me out. I didn't really move to Dallas for the weather. Top-notch detective work there.