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Poll: What's the Farthest You've Gone for Pizza?

I live in Boston and went all the way to Portland to try Brain Spangler's pizza at Apizza Scholls. This wasn't a vacation to Portland and so I happened to stop by there. I specifically went to Portland for Brain and his pizza. It was also nice to have meet with Brain and talk to him for a good 5-6 hours.

First Look: Mathieu Palombino on the Return of Motorino Williamsburg

Is it just me or does Mathieu look really sinister in the cover picture.

Watch Takeru Kobayashi Eat an Entire Pizza in 60 Seconds

That's junk, Furious Pete has the official GBWR for eatting a pizza with a knife and fork in 45 seconds. He could have probably done it faster if they let him use his hand like Kobayashi.

Daily Slice: Lahmacun in Istanbul

All you need is some lemon juice on top and roll it up, thats how I've been eating them since I was a baby. My dad likes putting labne on it but he puts that on everything.

I'd agree though, this isn't pizza and shouldn't be sliced. Just because it's round and made of dough doesn't mean it has to be called a pizza.

Daily Slice: Pide in Istanbul

We can agree to disagree about whats right and wrong but this isn't that kind of place.

Daily Slice: Pide in Istanbul

Yet another food stolen from Armenian's to be called Turkish...

Boston: Pizzeria Regina, The Original

Did they recently change the oven to gas because I'm pretty sure it's running on oil. Sometimes even the North End location can be hit or miss. And it's usually when it's busy when you get the misses. I've been there maybe 7 or 8 times 2 on busy days at like 12am and those were the worst times. But overall their the best around that area.

As for the other locations, the only one that I've been to that was good is the one in the Burlington Mall which I think was the first sat location. IDK how it is now but back about 10-12 years ago it was the best and had just as long if not longer lines then the one in the North End.

Brighton, MA: The Proper Slice

Someone definitely forgot to sweep the deck. I'm wondering if your second visit was at a busy hour? When I would forget to sweep the floor and something like that happened, I'd get yelled but it never happened with whole pies, only when reheating a slice. Theres nothing worse than eating a pizza made from an unswepet oven.

Daily Slice: Purple Pig from The Rolling Stonebaker, Beverly Shores, IN

@conaglio: huh? You can tell a lot about a person who uses that word, "pizzaiolo".

It's funny because the "wannabes" on that site are making better pizza then most of the POS places in this country. Weathers it's NY, Neapolitan, Pizza in Teglia, American, ex. If it's made in a WFO, stock/modded/hacked home oven, LBE, Modded grill, ex. For you to make that comment shows your ignorance about pizza and anything else otherwise said on that subject.

There are some people who started out from that site and have opened some of the best places in the country, Jeff Varasano and Peter Taylor to name a couple.

Who are you BTW, why don't you show us all what you have done/know so we can critique you and your expertise?

PS: That comment that you cut and pasted oh so well from the thread DMC created on was not talking about pizza and was talking about the burgers that are reviewed on You have some great Hollywood editing skills.

My Pizza Oven: Jay Jerrier and His Mobile Pizza Oven

Nice way to promote yourself. He actually has his own restaurant in Texas with a Stefano Ferrera oven. He was just featured on Diners, Drive-ins and Dives this past Monday.

Watch This 7-Year-Old Dough-Tossing Prodigy!

That real dough he used is some strong stuff. I wonder what the salt % is, 5%+ probably. That definitely isn't their everyday dough.

Restaurant Name

What type of pizza are you thinking about making?

Daily Slice: Sweet Tomatoes, Newton, Massachusetts

Doesn't surprise me. Tobins seems like a scumbag and is already being/been sued by his employees. This is why I haven't been to UC in about 2-3 years.

Daily Slice: Sweet Tomatoes, Newton, Massachusetts

I like ST's, I hate that they say Neapolitan but w.e. I drive from the other side of Waltham to pick up pizza. Honestly its worth it since there aren't any good place around here to get pizza at all. You have to eat it while its hot/warm or it starts to get super jaw breaking chewy.

Is The Pizza Pendulum Swinging in a New Direction?

I wish the pendulum would swing in the direction of Boston. There are none at all here and the 1 or 2 that say they are aren't even close.

Daily Slice: Flour Bakery Breakfast Pizza, Boston

You have to try their sticky buns, they are really good. She was on Bobby Flay's Throw Down couple years back and won.

Chain Reaction: Papa Gino's

@dinaofdoom: Once a MassHole always a Masshole.

Chain Reaction: Papa Gino's

Papa Gino's is hit and miss. Sometimes they get it right and it's pretty good. Then sometimes you get caramelized onions and you get all burnt beyond belief onions.

Scott's Pizza Chronicles: Roman Invasion

Pizza alla Metro is baked directly on the hearth of the oven not in a pan like Pizza in Teglia.

Pizza in Teglia is pizza baked in a square pan(40cm X 60cm). The way that Pizza in Teglia is served is called Pizza alla Taglio(pizza by the cut).

Where to Take Tourist Visitors for NYC Pizza

Had Motorino's BS&P and it's wasn't that good at all. Maybe it was on a bad day but it was very bitter and I could barely taste the pancetta.

Boulder, Colorado: Proto's Pizzeria Napoletana

@PB: You know what the funny thing is that she mostly likely doesn't because if she did she wouldn't have started the way she did.

Boulder, Colorado: Proto's Pizzeria Napoletana

It looks like he opened the dough in a pile of flour and didn't shake any off. Then baked it on another layer of flour in the oven.

From their site:
"Proto’s first opened in 1999 when Pam Proto finally decided that in order to get true Neapolitan Pizza in Colorado, she would have to do it herself."

"Since 1999 I have been committed to making the best Neapolitan Pizza ever eaten. At Protos Pizza we never compromise.
Please sit back, take your time and enjoy." -Pam Proto

This isn't neapolitan pizza, it isn't even neapolitan-ish/neo-neapolitan. This is more like a coal oven or NY style.

Like monopod said try the other places that are actually doing neapolitan pizza. I've been following Locale before they opened and the pies they are producing look great.

Casey's Pizza Truck Hits the Road

I thought this was for sale. Either way it looks great. I want to do the same thing but with a WFO inside.

Video: Dozzino Pizza, Hoboken, New Jersey

Nice video. The best is near the end with the two old men fighting over bocce ball positioning.


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