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Berlin's Asian Food Scene Is on the Rise

@Giulia Pines great article. Wish it came with recipes! Those chili wontons look amazing, even at 10:45 in the morning.

Manner Matters: How to Deal With Lateness

I agree. I have 2 very dear friends who are very honest about the fact that they ALWAYS run late. I adopted the 30 minute rule with them: I tell them a reservation is at 8 when I really set it for 8:30.

As someone who is always 10 minutes early to places (me), this has saved our friendship.

This Week at Serious Eats World Headquarters

Kenji - that's friggin exciting! Can't wait to pick up your books!

Would You Pay a $10 Fee for Delivery?

I agree with the uptowners! I live way up east and would gladly pay the premium to get good eats up here. That being said, I am aware of the not so great take out packaging and will wait until the program gets a little more developed.

Not Just Coffee To-Go or To-Stay: How About Both?

I love the idea. I rush too much and would love to be able to take even 10 minutes of my day to just chill, think, and caffeinate.

What's Your Neighborhood Food Thing?

@Pickled and @Kelly Erin also...PATSYS!!!

UES has a ton of great sushi (Sushi Seki, anyone?), wine bars and seafood. This is a great thread.

What's Your Favorite Diner in New York?

Neils on 68th and Lexington. Hands down, my fave. I know a few NY Critics who rub elbows with me at the counter, too!

Exciting brown bag lunches?

I agree with everyone that mentioned a thermos (both hot and cold). Rice salads and wraps are great, but thermos' work great when you really want something hot or cold!

The Perfect Scoop: Grassroots Tortilla Chip Innovation

Wow. Really reachin there. Maybe if it included a slide show it would have been better.

14 Ramp Recipes To Celebrate The Season

I feel like the season has been kind of shitty this year. Last week was the first week I picked up some okay looking ramps but selection was not as good as years prior. Where are you finding yours, Kenji?

Friday night dinner @ home - Brainstorming a new tradition?

First of all, welcome! My suggestion is to find a few blogs that interest you and pick through the archives. Something I like to do when I need inspiration for a new dish is look through the Photo Grazing on SE and click on something that looks appealing. Through doing that, I've been introduced to TONS of new blogs I would have never seen before.

Cook the Book: 'Gluten-Free Girl Every Day'

Oooh I would love this book! I am new to GF so this would be a HUGE help! So far I've been doing lots of salads (Kale is my new favorite) and experimenting with the cool flours. We were craving pizza the other night and made one using shredded veggies (broccoli, cauliflower, spinach) as a sort of "crust". It actually turned out pretty good (albeit a fork and knife experience!)

What would you do to get a chef back in the kitchen?

I echo the sentiments above. I think that it is really awesome that you recognize his talent, but if his heart is not in it, there is probably a bigger reason than just "life stuff". As much as I love what I do, there are moments where I wish I had more quality time with the people I care about.
You don't share whether or not he enjoys his part time job, only that he could be making more elsewhere. It sounds like you guys have a close relationship--maybe you could take him out for a couple beers and talk about some different career ideas that inspire him presently.

Ask the Critic: 'Classic NY' Bachelorette Party, Fancy Lunches

What about lunch at Nougatine? I love that place. And for the bachelorette party-what about Locanda Verde?

Stuffed Roasted Poblano Peppers with Cashew-Chipotle Sauce

Can you achieve the smoked affect by placing the poblano over a stove top? I've never tried it, but have always had the urge...

Homemade Condiments You Keep on Hand

Home made sriracha. With that, I always have a bottle of home made sriracha ranch. Lately I've been making a batch of secret sauce once a month to have on hand. And always lots of pickled veggies, which isn't technically a condiment but I used the pickled liquid as a condiment of sorts. With so many of you making your own BBQ sauce, I am inspired to try my own! Any go to recipes?

Eataly gift card

They ship-why don't you just order some stuff from them online? That's an awesome gift to receive, by the way. Props to whomever gave you that!

Creating Your Own Special Cereal

@Bloo that sounds awesome. Cool idea!

Ask a Bartender: What Liquor Should More People Know?

I agree with the Sherry and Pisco trends. I am seeing TONS of sherry on menus these days. And Pisco is just delicious.