Berlin's Asian Food Scene Is on the Rise

@Giulia Pines great article. Wish it came with recipes! Those chili wontons look amazing, even at 10:45 in the morning.

Manner Matters: How to Deal With Lateness

I agree. I have 2 very dear friends who are very honest about the fact that they ALWAYS run late. I adopted the 30 minute rule with them: I tell them a reservation is at 8 when I really set it for 8:30.

As someone who is always 10 minutes early to places (me), this has saved our friendship.

This Week at Serious Eats World Headquarters

Kenji - that's friggin exciting! Can't wait to pick up your books!

need NYC foodstuffs to take back home & food recs

Go to Klauystan's and grab some crazy spices!!

Would You Pay a $10 Fee for Delivery?

I agree with the uptowners! I live way up east and would gladly pay the premium to get good eats up here. That being said, I am aware of the not so great take out packaging and will wait until the program gets a little more developed.

Wine Tasting Giveaway: Win 2 Tickets to In Pursuit of Balance in NYC

2nd for Cuvaison!!

Not Just Coffee To-Go or To-Stay: How About Both?

I love the idea. I rush too much and would love to be able to take even 10 minutes of my day to just chill, think, and caffeinate.

What's Your Neighborhood Food Thing?

@Pickled and @Kelly Erin also...PATSYS!!!

UES has a ton of great sushi (Sushi Seki, anyone?), wine bars and seafood. This is a great thread.

What's Your Favorite Diner in New York?

Neils on 68th and Lexington. Hands down, my fave. I know a few NY Critics who rub elbows with me at the counter, too!

Exciting brown bag lunches?

I agree with everyone that mentioned a thermos (both hot and cold). Rice salads and wraps are great, but thermos' work great when you really want something hot or cold!

Behind the Scenes: Making Sprinkles From Scratch at Crave Fishbar, NYC

The Perfect Scoop: Grassroots Tortilla Chip Innovation

Wow. Really reachin there. Maybe if it included a slide show it would have been better.

14 Ramp Recipes To Celebrate The Season

April's recipe looks amazing!

14 Ramp Recipes To Celebrate The Season

I feel like the season has been kind of shitty this year. Last week was the first week I picked up some okay looking ramps but selection was not as good as years prior. Where are you finding yours, Kenji?

Friday night dinner @ home - Brainstorming a new tradition?

First of all, welcome! My suggestion is to find a few blogs that interest you and pick through the archives. Something I like to do when I need inspiration for a new dish is look through the Photo Grazing on SE and click on something that looks appealing. Through doing that, I've been introduced to TONS of new blogs I would have never seen before.

Cook the Book: 'Gluten-Free Girl Every Day'

Oooh I would love this book! I am new to GF so this would be a HUGE help! So far I've been doing lots of salads (Kale is my new favorite) and experimenting with the cool flours. We were craving pizza the other night and made one using shredded veggies (broccoli, cauliflower, spinach) as a sort of "crust". It actually turned out pretty good (albeit a fork and knife experience!)

What would you do to get a chef back in the kitchen?

I echo the sentiments above. I think that it is really awesome that you recognize his talent, but if his heart is not in it, there is probably a bigger reason than just "life stuff". As much as I love what I do, there are moments where I wish I had more quality time with the people I care about.
You don't share whether or not he enjoys his part time job, only that he could be making more elsewhere. It sounds like you guys have a close relationship--maybe you could take him out for a couple beers and talk about some different career ideas that inspire him presently.

Ask the Critic: 'Classic NY' Bachelorette Party, Fancy Lunches

What about lunch at Nougatine? I love that place. And for the bachelorette party-what about Locanda Verde?

New York Style Pizza with Kimchi, Soppressata, and Maitake Mushrooms

Do you think this would work with your deep dish crust?

Stuffed Roasted Poblano Peppers with Cashew-Chipotle Sauce

Can you achieve the smoked affect by placing the poblano over a stove top? I've never tried it, but have always had the urge...

11 Awesome Negroni-Like Cocktails To Try in NYC

droooooling over this.

Homemade Condiments You Keep on Hand

Home made sriracha. With that, I always have a bottle of home made sriracha ranch. Lately I've been making a batch of secret sauce once a month to have on hand. And always lots of pickled veggies, which isn't technically a condiment but I used the pickled liquid as a condiment of sorts. With so many of you making your own BBQ sauce, I am inspired to try my own! Any go to recipes?

Eataly gift card

They ship-why don't you just order some stuff from them online? That's an awesome gift to receive, by the way. Props to whomever gave you that!

Creating Your Own Special Cereal

@Bloo that sounds awesome. Cool idea!

Ask a Bartender: What Liquor Should More People Know?

I agree with the Sherry and Pisco trends. I am seeing TONS of sherry on menus these days. And Pisco is just delicious.

growing veggies without a garden

I live in the city and don't have a backyard or a poorch. Ive successfully grown herbs on my windowsill but want to branch out. Has anyone had success growing veggies (or fruits) in an apartment? I get some good light, and my place is a great temp for growing.


Meatballs sans veal

My go to meatball recipe includes equal parts beef, veal and pork. It is impossible to find veal where we are right now, but I have the beef and pork. Think they'll still turn out okay?

Check Boxes in recipes

I was browsing some older recipes and notice that there are check boxes in the comments section. I can understand that in the actual recipe portion, but whey the comments?

Roast Chicken Question

My new favorite Sunday afternoon project is roasting a whole chicken. I've been mostly rubbing it down with olive oil and various spices and baking it in my cast iron. Though the result is delicious, it tastes a little oil-heavy and not as crisp as I hope for.

Is it better to use a roasting pan that has a rack and elevates the chicken? I think that part of the reason it comes a little more soggy (regardless of the high temp) it that it is sitting on veggies that are adding liquid. What do you suggest?

What's up with my Quinoa?

I am not sure if it is the brand I am using, (Earthly Choice Premium, 100% Whole Grain), but the last few times I have made it, it tastes REALLY earthy. Almost like dirt. Not good at all.

I switched brands because this one was on sale and I am wondering what's up. I rinsed with cool water before I cooked it the first time. Then I soaked the second time. This time I just rinsed well and made sure my heat wasn't too high/didn't over cook it. Yielded a nice fluffy texture but still the dirt taste.

Seasoned with a little extra virgin and kosher salt (my normal seasoning). Did I just get a bad bag?

Going to Montreal-Good Eats?

Hello Friends...I am going to Montreal for the first time this weekend (long weekend).

Any good recommendations? Not looking to break the bank here, I certainly want to check out Little Portugal but have no real spots marked off yet!

Gimmie what you got!

Boozy Cupcakes in NYC?

Help! Need to get a colleague some boozy cupcakes for her bday on Friday. I don't have time to make them myself....I remember seeing something about a boozy bakery here in the city! Does anyone know where that is? I googled and didn't see anything with a store front...

Love my new juicer!

Just unpacked my new juicer and I am already in love with it. Does anyone have any go-to recipes and/or recommendations for a good site or blog that can provide some inspiration?

Pickled Red Onions

I want to try my hand at pickling some thin sliced red onions. Anyone have a good method that never fails? I have been reading up and some call an even sugar/salt split, while others call for a "pickling spice mix". It is a fairly inexpensive thing to try, but I really want to nail it on the first go-round.


Boston Area for New Years - Where should we go?

I am going up to Boston for New Years (actually for beginning on Weds until Monday) and my lovely sister has tasked me with planning our New Years festivities.

We are mid twenties, not big into the party scene. Really just looking for a great prix-fix meal on NYE. We don't mind spending the money, but we actually want it to be worth it (quality matches the price).

Can anyone recommend somewhere awesome? I am the 3rd wheel, so somewhere with an ample bar (as bourbon will likely be my date...) will be well received.

Also accepting suggestions for other rad places to check out! I've been to Boston many a time, but would love to hear about some of your faves!

Vodka - Am I being cheap?

Last year, I infused vodka for my friends as a holiday gift.

This year, well, I am a little broker than I was last year. I am planning on doing most of my "gift making" this weekend, as I like to give gifts around New Years.

Is it out of my reach to think I can still give gifts of infused vodkas to my friends? To clarify, I buy a few liters and seperate them into individual smaller jars/bottles. So I am only thinking of buying 3-4 liters.

Is it not worth it if I have to go for the cheaper booze? I actually am not even sure what brand vodka I should go for (suggestions welcome!), but I need your non-judgey opinions. Should I just give up or is it possible to make this work with cheaper vodka...?

What is wrong with my scallions??

I have been noticing a trend lately. When chopping my green onions, there is a slimy, clear, almost gel/jelly like substance in them.

I wash them (not with soap), dry them, let sit for a little bit and then chop. I have bought them from different markets in NY and still the weird stuff.

What the heck?

I want to get a crock pot

But what kind and how big?

I usually cook for two, sometimes 4 but usually just me and the guy.

I was thinking a 5 quart, but would like a few opinions.

What do you use? Tell me what to do! ;)

Miracle Berries-NY

Anyone know where I can pick up some Miracle Berries?

Apparently I am late to the party, but I just heard about this and I am DYING to try it. Has anyone ever done it? What do you recommend eating/drinking the 1st time?

Digestive Liquors

I had dinner at this great little French place on Friday and after dinner, our server brought over 2 shots of digestive liquors. They were amazing, especially after a big meal. Tasted herbal and fresh and really soothing.

Do you have any favorites? Would love to explore some great digestives!

Soft shell Crabs Question

I work for a restaurant group (on the corporate side) and I was at one of our locations yesterday.

The Chef made me an AMAZING soft shell crab sandwich. Kind of Banh Mi - ish with pickled veggies and all. It was really great.

But he told me that it is ok (and recommended) that I eat the crab, shell and all. Now, it certainly wasn't hard or anything, but I still felt weird about it. I felt like I was eating shrimp with the shell on, ya know? I did it, and really enjoyed, but my brain was telling me not to!

Anyway, my question is, is it really ok to eat the shell? Do you when it comes to Soft Shells? Do I just need to get over it?

A grill for my 5th floor apartment!

Look, I love summer. Like really really love it. I love hot dogs and hamburgers and grilled veggies on skewers and grilled greens, oh boy, do I love summer.

And so when I moved into my not so huge apartment, I was giddy with the fact that I have a patio off my bedroom. Like, a real NY patio that I can actually fit a table and 2 chairs on. Or maybe a grill?

So I am considering buying one of those mini-charcoal grills. THe small ones that probably use only 6 pieces of charcoal at a time...

Has anyone ever used one? Should I fork over the money and hope I don't set my building on fire or should I just resort to spending my weekends in some Summer House where I can actually work on a full sized grill?

As an aside, I checked with my landlord and the legalities and it says that it IS legal to get one of those little guys and plant it on my patio. Thoughts?

I want to make cinnamon rolls...

Ok, confession: I am contemplating buying the can-kind, only because I don't want to spend all day baking. I really want to surprise my boyfriend with some nice buttery cinnamon rolls with cream cheese frosting in the morning. But I don't want to wake up at 6am to make them.

Any quick recipes that I can't mess up? Or should I just succumb to the grocery-store variety?

What do you CLEAN with??

Hello friends,

I have been cooking more than ever lately at home and I am wondering what you all clean with.

A few specific questions, but then any other suggestions are welcome...I just bought my first Le Creuset and have been soap and water-cleaning it, my question is-when you get some good baked on food on there, do you soak as soon as your food is out of the pot or do you wait until it cools down and then start a soapy-soak?

Also, I have a classic white stove-top (gas burners) that always gets a little splattered or dirty, what products do you use to wipe it down? Just soap and water or is there a specific cleaning product you love?

Let me know if I need to be more specific!

Bringing lunch to work, need some suggestions

I just started a new job and it is in a part of the city where there is no where to run out a grab lunch. My hours are pretty brutal (usually 12 hour days) so I eat a quick breakfast at home and then am starved by mid afternoon.

Can anyone reccomend some good, healthy, office friendly lunches that I can make at home and keep in my bag? I can't do frozen stuff because there is no microwave. i have been limiting myself to salads, but I want some good ideas to make my lunch a little more appealing.


Non Alcoholic Sangria

Anyone have a good recipe for non-alcoholic sangria (basically just juice with fruits)--what juices should I use? Canned or bottled?

I am cooking for 50 people this weekend, 5 meals (don't even ask me why I agreed, I want to kill myself right about now). Send me a prayer that I don't lose my mind!

Milk kept at room temp

So, here in Spain, I have noticed at the grocery stores that they keep the milk on the shelves, at room temp. Unlike back in the states, they are not kept in coolers.

I am assuming it is because of the lack of preservatives (or maybe they in fact have MORE preservatives than in the States), but it is apparently safe to keep it room temp until opened.

Never much of a milk drinker anyway, but I have also noticed that when I pour some on my granola in the morning out here, it wreaks havoc on my digestive system (TMI, I know).

Anyone have any experience or knowledge with this whole room temp until opened situation? Just curious...

Need Some Menu resources!

My 3 coworkers and I are going to be in 12-hour trainings this week from Wednesday-Sunday. I am fortunate enough to not have to stay as late every night (I will be going in early daily).

I thought it would be nice to cook them dinner for when they get home every night. But I have limited resources. Can you give me some ideas?

I have a 4-stove gas burner, no oven of Microwave. And fresh produce is kind of limited-but there is an abundance of frozen produce.

It is easy to do the ordinary stuff (pasta, rice and chicken, etc) but I would like to impress them a little bit.

Ok...go! ;)

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Mixed Review: How to Make Cake Balls

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First date spots...

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