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Crisco and Cookies *or* Crisco in anything

Wow! What timing. I made oatmeal raisin cookies today and the recipe called for crisco, which I didn't have. I looked up a substitute and it gave me the equivalent measurement of butter. The cookies were a disaster! They spread way too much and came out paper thin and gross. I threw the whole thing away. I blamed it on too much butter, but now I don't know what to think after reading how many of you use butter instead of crisco.

Are crockpots a crock?

I love my crockpot. As stated above, having a meal ready for the family when I get home from work is the big appeal. There's been some trial and error for sure. But the right cookbooks have set me straight and it's way better for us than stopping for fast food after work!

Girl Scout cookies

Mine are already eaten!! West Chester, PA

I don't mean to brag, and I don't mean to boast,

Christmas Eve is only two of the seven fishes -- lobster bisque and shrimp scampi after church. Christmas morning is mad chaos with the kids opening presents so all I have time for is coffee. In laws arrive around 10 for cinnamon buns and more coffee. They leave and my family arrives around 1:00. Cheese ball, cookies fly with more gifts opened and more chaos. So far I've eaten nothing cause I'm too busy. Dinner starts around 4:00. Antipasto, garlic bread, escarole soup, ravioli, meatballs, cannolli, cheesecake, cookies. Great time, lots of laughs. Can't wait!! Will sleep all day Sunday!

Teach me to cook.... please

My mom was a great cook. She wrote the weekly food column in the local paper for 20 years and taught cooking classes out of our home. I'd like to say I went to every class and learned everything I know from those classes. But, like most kids I couldn't be bothered and wanted to be out with my friends. After my mom passed away I suddenly became interested in cooking. It's wierd how that happened, but when I'm cooking I feel she's with me. I have all of her columns and cook from those, have experimented a lot and am lucky enough to have a husband that will gladly eat even my mistakes! I'm happiest when I'm in the kitchen now. I'm sure mom is smiling about that!

gift suggestion for 12-year old

If your computer has a camera you can cook together via video chat! It's really fun and free! I did that with my Aunt when I wasn't sure about an old hand me down recipe. My daughter is 12 and loved learning the recipe with me.


Wow! To be a new poster and just come in yelling and screaming like that! What's up with that? I've been reading and enjoying this site for a few months and out of respect for the regulars just dip my toe in once in a while with a question. And they've been terrific and very helpful. They all seem very familiar with each other and I'm loving reading the comments. So, MaltyMom, I'm not sure where you're coming from but I recommend getting to know the people and the site before you barge in like nobody's business.

Are there any healthy slow cooker recipes?

Wow! Thank you everyone....I'm not that expert at this so I appreciate all of the great advice. I was reading "Fix it and Forget It" and "1100 Fast Cooker Recipes". There's cheese or cream of "whatever" soup on almost everything. This will obviously take some studying on my part but I'm game. Thank you Square Pie for the cheering on -- and everyone else for the great thoughts and recipes. I will let you know how it goes!

SE South Beach Diet Recommendations

Wow! Me too. I'm not even on South Beach but now I think I want to go on it!! :)

Picky Eaters

This is interesting. I wonder how this applies to children? My son is twelve and will not eat anything but pasta or pork (tenderloin only) for dinner. He also loves my meatballs and hamburgers. And, that's it! He's very much a carb lover. He's not overweight, very active, loves fruit but would not ever eat a vegetable. Other than what I mentioned, I cannot make a dinner he'll eat! It's very frustrating because the rest of us are willing to try anything and I love to cook and experiment. It also limits restaurants for us. I'm wondering if he'll outgrow this. Dr. says he will but I see no signs of it! Please don't suggest I force him to eat what he doesn't like or I starve him cause "he'll eat if he's hungry." I've tried both to no avail and it only ruins dinner for the rest of us. Any thoughts or ideas?

Thanksgiving ... So, how'd it go? Success? Hilarious failures?

Thanks to those who helped me the other day on SE, my first time convection oven turkey was a success. Only hiccup was when the probe was at 165 (I was waiting for 180) and the turkey was so obviously done I took a chance and ignored the probe. Turned out to be done perfectly. My MIL brought an unexpected sweet potato nightmare in some 50 year old ugly dish. But I did what you have to do and politely thanked her and put it on my table that I spent hours getting just right! All in all the day was a hit - exhausting but a hit!

*sigh* one more turkey question

Yes you are right! Thank you. I wasn't sure so I was giving myself extra time to play with if I needed it. But now that you confirmed the time, I will put the bird in at 11:30. Out by 3:00 We don't have to eat at 4 on the dot. Could be earlier or later. Family comes at 3. So I think I'm good to go Thank you, Peggasus. This is the only part that has me nervous cause convection oven is new.

*sigh* one more turkey question

Thanks for the tip on the convection oven. I've got a 23 pounder, stuffed. I'm going for 3 1/2 hours -- with 45 minutes to rest before we eat at 4:00. So, in the oven by 10:30 -- out by 2:00. Sound about right?

Fravioli, anyone?

Wow! Thank you all so much. @maom, my uncle is in fact Sicilian so this could be it. @dhorst you are very kind. Yes we all do love him very much and if I can make this for him he will be so happy! Thanks again!

Dead-Simple Turkey Gravy

I feel stupid, but what is marmite and where can I find it? I would love to make the gravy ahead of time!

What's Cooking? - 11/14/2010

Made a big pot of chili - half for tonight and half to freeze for friends visiting over Thanksgiving. Also managed banana bread and white chocolate macadamia cookies and lastly made three pies -- two pecan and one pumpkin. All for same freezer for same friends. Pies aren't baked yet. I bake them Thanksgiving day so they're still warm. Yum!!

Weekend Cook and Tell: Stuffing Stories

Wow! This is awesome. I'm having a big crowd and will need to use my crock pot, too. Thanks so much for this!

Dutch oven prep - could I really be poisoned?

Ok thanks for the answers. I appreciate it. Now that I know, I will definitely get myself a dutch oven!

Mobile SE

Thanks for the tip about "view normal site". @Aya, after I got the "normal site" up I made it a favorite on my iPhone and now it's on the homescreen and opens right up.

Dutch oven prep - could I really be poisoned?

Ok. Please don't think I'm dumb. But I have always wondered and no one could tell me, what is a Dutch oven? I see it in recipes all the time. How is it different from any other pot? Again, I know this is probably a dumb question ... but I really don't know the answer!

What do you eat/drink when you're sick?

Pastiina in chicken broth. Throw in an egg and sprinkle with Parmesan. Works every time!

Bocce Pasta Salad

This looks great. I will make it tomorrow and let you know. Thanks!


I love it! This is my first food blog and I can't wait to learn from others. Cooking is my joy. So blogging about it, and hearing what others have to say should be awesome!