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Recap: Top Chef DC, Episode 11, Ballpark Challenge

Anyone catch my lack of writing skills?

He needED 150 orders x 3 balls = 550

Recap: Top Chef DC, Episode 11, Ballpark Challenge

Anyone else catch Ed's lack of math skills? He need 150 orders x 3 balls = 550.

Fuel City: The Best Taco in Texas?

I love the beef fajita at Fuel City, especially when they offer carmelized onions on the side. The down side, however, is they almost have too much flavor, and your car will smell of them for a couple of days afterwards.

Big Ass Burger at the Twisted Root Burger Company in Dallas

You guys should do a burger tour of Dallas. Many good ones have been named, but there are a ton more, from fusion burgers like Burguesa to old skool burgers like the #5 at Keller's Drive In.

Who invented/created honey mustard?

Is it the same people that created Ranch? Those mutha*&^%$ know what they are doin'!

What is the longest you have waited to eat in a restaurant?

I would wait two hours to eat at Hot Doug's, especially on duck fat fry day.

What is the longest you have waited to eat in a restaurant?

We often eat at off hours to avoid the crowds too. I would watch the cam at Shake Shack to know when to hit it.

Dear Restaurants: I am so sick of seeing ******* on your menus!

Meat advertised as Kobe but is actually Wagyu. I see this constantly, and the easiest way to know it's not Kobe is the price. Kobe sliders for $3 each...doubt it.

Healthy & Delicious: Black Bean Dip

Someone out there has to have the black bean dip that Gloria's (locations throughout Dallas) serves free with chips. Please post!

What is your worst cooking disaster?

My father once fried fish in the oil my grandmother brought when she visited us. How he confused corn syrup and oil, I will never know.

Las Vegas dilemma: Where to eat well - for less than $20pp

@nalega: Going to Lotus, I thought I was in the wrong place too! It is in that deserted part of Vegas, NE of the Statosphere and in the backside of a strip mall.

Funny story. If I remember right, they have a hotness scale that runs from 1 to 50. Our waiter asked how hot I wanted my dish. I said, um, I don't know, how about 22? He said, no, you could never eat it that hot! I will bring you an 8. I thought, 8 sounds good, but why ask in the first place, lol. BTW, the 8 was plenty hot for me, so, clearly, he knew what he was talking about.

Get their chicken wings! So good!

Las Vegas dilemma: Where to eat well - for less than $20pp

Lotus of Siam! It is in a divey strip mall, but Gourmet magazine voted it the best Thai in all of North America. They have a lunch buffet this is surprisingly good for a buffet. Their dinners, however, are sublime.

This is an article on more good places to dine on a budget:

What's the stupidest thing you ever ordered at a restaurant?

@rasellers0 Wow, just wow. I checked out the Alley Bar's menu online, and it is truly stupid. A can of spaghettios...3 boiled eggs...Jiffy Pop.

See the idiocracy yourself:

A brief history of the one-word restaurant name

One of the things I hate about this naming convention is that is can be very hard to find information on a restaurant, especially if they have a generic name. In Dallas, there is a hip restaurant named Dish, and another named Park.

Aquavit I get. Park, not so much.

Why doesn't Orlando have destination restaurants like in Vegas?


Awesome, I didn't realize there were so many. We were there a few years ago and didn't remember any, but clearly I was wrong.

'Top Chef Masters' Season 2 Chefs Announced

Why are they recycling the same chefs from season 1?

Wow, my pizza delivery dude had his family w/ him in his truck

Ok, let me start all over again:

The pizza delivery guy had a woman his age and a toddler in his truck when he delivered my pizza. I tipped him $10 and a juicebox for the toddler.

I have no commentary on his life, the woman and kid, the state of American, Obama, or the unemployment rate. I had never seen more than one person in a vehicle when a pizza was being delivered, so I thought I would post it.

I hope the $10 puts more gas in his tank and hope the kid enjoyed the juice.

Wow, my pizza delivery dude had his family w/ him in his truck

My comment on taking a hand out can be clarified as such:

An able bodied person working for a wage vs. an able bodied person receiving government assistance rather than working

If I had to choose between giving $10 and a juicebox to one of the two above persons, I would choose the former. And please spare me the right to choose, rather than have you choose for me. It was my &^%$ money.

Wow, my pizza delivery dude had his family w/ him in his truck

When I saw them I had the feeling that they were doing this out of necessity. I respect a young man doing his best to help his family, rather than taking a hand out.


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