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Mashed Potatoes and Fondue Made a Baby, and It's Pommes Aligot

What is this? A dutch oven for ants!?

Seriously though, would it be inappropriate to just eat this with a spoon?

3 Roast Turkey Variations That Are Anything but Boring

@hh deluxe: You can see the year and month an article was published by looking at the URL.

You can also browse the website by most recent articles published by going to It's definitely my preferred way to access the site.

The Food Lab: My 19 Favorite Summer Grilling Recipes

So uhhh...what's the name of the strip club with the chicken out back? Asking for a friend.

The Food Lab: My 19 Favorite Summer Grilling Recipes

So uhhh...what's the name of the strip club with the chicken out back? Asking for a friend.

The Best Tortas in San Francisco and the Bay Area


Taqueria San Jose at Mission and 24th has al pastor off the spit. It's been a while since I've been there so I can't really remember how good it was.

Second Kenji's recommendation for Gallo Giro. They serve my platonic ideal of a carnitas taco.

The Best Tortas in San Francisco and the Bay Area

Fantastic article! My only regret is that I only have two weeks left in San Francisco before I ship back east. Gahhhh, there's not nearly enough time to eat all of these.

Daniel's article from yesterday inspired me to search out cemitas but I came up empty handed. Did you run across any shops doing the cemitas style sandwiches during your tour de torta?

The Best Cheesesteaks in Philadelphia

@Makanmata your post expressed my feelings towards this article/comments. A cheesesteak captures home for me. Just as I don't understand all the fuss New Yorkers make about their bagels, I wouldn't expect Niki, Ed, or Kenji to fawn over cheesesteaks. Objectively is it that greatest sandwich ever? No. But I do think it's worthy of the same sort of praise heaped upon places such as In N Out.

While reading, I was also reminded of Ed's trip to Naples to find the best pizza in the world only to come away feeling let down. It's always incredible to me how influential factors such as civic pride, nostalgia, expectations, companions, weather, *cough*levelofintoxication*cough* can affect how we perceive a food or eating experience.

Some other thoughts:

1.) "hero roll"? f*ckouttahere! Everyone knows it's a hoagie roll

2.) All the lamentations for expensive cuts of meat and gussied up versions betray the origins of the cheesesteak as an improvised blue collar sandwich. Appreciate it for what it is: a $6 sandwich.

How to Make the Best Tomato Sauce From Fresh Tomatoes

Excellent write and beautiful photos! Can you recommend a good food mill? I have purchased a couple and they both were essentially useless. Also, do you strain the puree to remove any of the seeds?

Taste Test: Should I Use Filtered or Bottled Water for Tea?

@A.M.H.A. Haha, glad to see that I'm not the only one thinking "Where are the error bars?" and "Are these results statistically significant?"

Suggestion for improved search results

I too have found using a regular google search to be more effective than the site search. My point was that having increased functionality within the site search would be more convenient and appreciated. Maybe I'm in the minority on this though.

Sous Vide Pulled Pork, looking for input

Not to disparage the previous posters but, when cooking sous vide, the traditional principals of cooking to a certain temperature for desired tenderness don't apply. You're on the right track with the low temperature but for pulled pork (in my experience) you can save yourself a couple days and get superior results by simply bumping your temp up to 150-155 and cooking for 8-12 hours. I've done it both ways and I prefer the higher temp/shorter cook time as the lower temp/longer cook has an inferior texture. Simply put, it comes out a bit mushy. The 150-155 strikes a good balance between the tenderness of the high temp from traditional pulled pork with the juiciness of the lower temp sous vide.

How I do it:
-Cut the shoulder into 2-3 inch chunks
-Coat the pieces in whatever dry rub you like, and seal it up. No need to wait to cook, it will have plenty of time to mingle with the meat while cooking
-Cook at 150-155 for 8-12 hours (you'll know when it's done when you can squish the chunks into fibers in the bag)
-Pour off the rendered juices into a sauce pan, boil the juices down until thickened, after thickened a bit throw in some kethchup, liquid smoke, vinegar, etc, to make a bbq sauce
-While that's happening pull the pork (throw under the broiler if you want some crispy bits
-Toss the pulled pork in the sauce and devour using your bare hands like Khaleesi going to town on a horse heart
-Alternatively serve on buns with cole slaw

Shake Shack is Expanding to Multiple Cities This Year (and Next)

During their initial expansion throughout Manhattan Kenji highlighted some consistency issues among the outposts. I'm curious if anyone could comment on whether these differences have been ironed out as they've expanded into other cities or if the problems have been exacerbated.

Where to eat in San Diego (4 days)

Snooze in Hillcrest for breakfast. Whoa mama that place was great!

Leftover Pizza + Waffle Iron = Delicious Crispy, Gooey, Cheese-Stuffed Snack

Belgian Pizza?

I used to have a waffle iron. Then I tried waffling Pillsbury Cinnamon Rolls. I used to have a waffle iron.

San Francisco Essentials: Comstock Saloon

Great write-up! Their South Side cocktail is a personal favorite. Definitely recommend stopping in for free lunch too.

Serious Entertaining: Four Easy Summer Tartines

Have you had a chance to stop by Alemany Farmer's Market yet? It doesn't necessarily have the cachet of the Ferry Building farmers but it's my weekly go to for the best produce at the best prices.

Headed Cross Country, Need Suggestions!

Since moving to SF I've taken a number of your recommendations, thanks in particular for the heads up on El Gallo Giro. So good! Here are a few of my favorites so far: sit at the bar at Sushi Zone, free lunch at Comstock Saloon, cheeseburger at Dear Mom, and an open invite to some grilled steak from Olivier's Butcher in my backyard.

Pizza Capital of the World: Tasting Our Way Through Old Forge, PA

Grandmother of 80?! Assuming they all still live in Old Forge, she's responsible for about 1% of the town's population! Color me impressed.

Open Thread: How Do You Say These Food Words?

Chocolate: Philly says Chock-lit, Midwest says Chawk-lit

The Pizza Lab: Is The New KettlePizza Short Model Worth The Upgrade?

@Castiron and Kenji

Glad you both liked the idea. My brick hack was definitely born of poverty (grad school) and circumstance (lack of thin crust pizza in Indiana). I'll say that the Kettle Pizza is certainly a more elegant solution and if I had the tools to create a ring out of flashing I'd have loved to do that as well. As it was, I had a grill I couldn't devote totally to pizza, a hammer, and a craving for the leopard print char of thin crust.

It took a bit of tinkering to get the pies just right but after a few weekends of trial and error I was pulling out pies on par with the last picture above. As Scott mentioned, the bricks (I just used regular brick not firebrick) did soak up a lot of heat but I just made it so that the flip up portion of the grate was accessible by leaving the opening there. I could add more fuel as needed that way. What the bricks soaked up in heat I suspect they also put back in, acting as a heat sink to stretch out the number of pies I could get in one night. Adding a couple briquettes up on the grate next to the floor tile also seemed to really help get the char I was looking for. I'll monitor these comments in case you guys have any questions.

Best of luck!

The Pizza Lab: Is The New KettlePizza Short Model Worth The Upgrade?


A couple years back I hacked together a Weber Pizza oven using about $20-30 in materials from Home Depot. I bought enough bricks to form a semi-ring around the outside of the grill while upright (think Stonehenge) leaving an opening to slide the pizza in and out. I also picked up two large un-glazed stone tiles (if memory serves me correctly they were 16x16). I trimmed one up to sit on the grate as the floor (with some space between it and the bricks for air circulation. I left the other tile large enough to sit atop the bricks and under the grill lid as the roof.
My process was to spread the lit coals evenly into the grill and place the bricks into their semi circle around the floor tile. I then sealed up the outside of the bricks with a layer of aluminum foil. Then the ceiling tile was place on top of the bricks to hole the foil in place. On top of that I placed the Weber grill lid which added to the stability of the whole structure. I'm not sure how hot the tile surfaces got but the air maxed out my 600 degree thermometer.

Save Your Recipes With Our New Recipe Box Feature!

Awesome! I'm looking forward to trying out the new feature.


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