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The Food Lab: The Science of Pie Dough

Typo- Meant "wanted" to up my game. Also! That is not nearly enough liquid to wet the flour/fat! I had to add a bunch more water/vodka to make the dough come together. I have a general distrust of "scientific" food recipes and this didn't help.

The Food Lab: The Science of Pie Dough

I tried the vodka pie crust and was disappointed. My crusts came out weirdly dry and crunchy. I usually make very good crusts using plain water but I wated to up my game this year. Oh well.

Your Ukrainian Shopping Needs Answered at Net Cost Market in Sheepshead Bay

There is a new Net Cost on Queens Blvd a little east of 63rd Rd. I went in once to look around and was intimidated by all the foreign labels but I'll go back to look for the chocolate aisle at least.

Poll: Pasta on Pizza, Way or No Way?

Put some meat in the spaghetti sauce and I'll try it.

The Food Lab: The Truth About Brining Turkey

Dry turkey? That's why gravy was invented.

Worst turkey ever: Butterball. Because it's injected with brine and stays pink and rubbery no matter how long you cook it. It is nothing like turkey!

The Nasty Bits: Spicy and Tingly Lamb's Face Salad from Xian Famous Foods

Thanks for not leading with the picture of the lamb's head with the black tongue lolling out! But seriously, I don't think I am interested in eating any dishes with the word "face" in them. I'm a little sqeamish that way.

Have You Tried Candy Corn M&Ms?

They are the yummiest thing I ever had in my mouth. I wish I could find more!!!!

A Pizza My Mind: On Matzah Pizza

I was a vegan for 6 months and wasn't tempted by the standard vegan cheese substitutes, but I'd make a tasty slice using coursely ground sunflower seeds as my "cheese." Needless to say it doesn't melt but the flavor on top of seasoned tomato paste is quite nice.

30 Great Vegetarian Sandwiches in NYC

Sweet potato sandwich! How did you miss that one? It's the best!!!!! Ate it somewhere on Smith Street in Brooklyn, and make a simplified version at home often!

Dinner for Two: IKEA-Inspired Swedish Meatballs and Smashed Potatoes

Yeah, sorry but those are sausage balls. I made some awesome Swedish meatballs in the past using some plum (instead of lingonberry) preserves and cream and breadcrumbs in the meat. I need to find that recipe. I get that the sausage is easy and all but, um...

Sugar Rush: Cinnamon Toast at Trouble Coffee, San Francisco

I remember a pleasant afternoon from childhood, when I and a a friend tried to see how much butter and cinnamon sugar we could get a slice of bread to accept. It involved poking holes in the bread with a fork to try to fill the bread inside. We also made "fudge" out of Nestles Quik, I'll let you imagine how.

Daily Scoop: Eddie's Sweet Shop in Forest Hills

I gotta go there again. I am near by. Mmmm.

Rollover Ads

I am still finding this new site design hard to look at and I come here MUCH less often because of it. It's a hot mess.

How Do You Like Your Iced Coffee?

At home, I put about 1/3 c. coffee in a pint jar and fill with water and let sit in the fridge overnight. I strain the resulting coffee over ice and it is very smooth and un-acidic.

Poll: What Pizza Practices Are Unacceptable?

I learned the BEST way to reheat a slice here-- you do it on top of the stove in an iron skillet. Mmmmmmmm. I would rather have a leftover slice reheated this way than a fresh slice. The crust gets so awesome and crispy.

Good News: New Site Fonts!

The fonts are still way huge, with, what? double-line spacing? One ends up scrolling a LOT. Kind of a pain. Still not loving it.

Please Change The Fonts

I am really disliking this "upgrade." It wasn't broke-- why did you "fix" it? The jumble of boxes on the front page are just ugly. It is all quite ugly. Sorry but it is. Different isn't always better. New isn't always better.

Adventures at In-N-Out: We Make a Shooter's Sandwich with 16 Burger Patties

Aw, you went and done it. You uglied up your 'site in the service of "improving" it. Damn.

My Thai: Chicken Massaman Curry (Kaeng Matsaman Kai)

I'm sure it's very delicious but, um, the picture, I thought maybe this was another installment of Nasty Bits. Sorry!

HELP! I cant eat meat

Um, hello? A lot of people don't eat meat. Eat other things.

Video: Mullet, the Sustainable Seafood Kind

The mullet hairstyle goes all the way back to the 70's. I know because I had one. My cut was styled after David Bowie's in his Ziggy Stardust phase-- short front top and sides, longer in back. I have pix to prove it.

Wake and Bake: Glazed Key Lime Bread

That looks a lot like chopped broccoli florettes on top. Mmmm.

Gimme Your Burger Lab Requests!

Do yourself a favor and grind your own beef-- avoid the Pink Slime.


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