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Chicago: Abigail's Is Still Going Strong on the North Shore

I could not enjoy a burger cooked to medium. I enjoy rare beef. Cooked more than that beef, especially ground beef, is not palatable. My exception is FF burgers, but even In-n-Out will do MR.

Laguna Niguel, CA: Deemer's American Grill Is the Best New Burger Chain (That Isn't One Yet)

Wow, that looks like what the Counter tried to promise, but fails to deliver. Awesome

Served: A Restaurant Girl Becomes a (Sometimes Lonely) Grocery Girl

I too miss family meal. At the resteraunt I work at, no dice for FOH staff. And we cannot even purchase our staff meal to go. WTF is that about?

Would You Hire This Man?

I am once again, and for the first time publicly agreeing with rps. And it is very rare to get anything but an affirmative response in the hospitality industry. Maybe other fields are different, but in my near twenty years in the industry rejection letters just don't happen.

Milwaukee: Big, Boring, Blah Burgers at Harry's Bar and Grill

Do any of you AHT contributors send your burgers back? I used to never do it. Now if I get something that is that over cooked, or way over my requested temp, I do not hesitate. Like to hear other peoples thoughts

Chicago: Excellent Fusion Burgers at bopNgrill

I'm going to make a kimchi burger tonight! With an egg.

Fallbrook, CA: Nevermind the Hype, Nessy Burgers Are No Good

That looks like a burger from my childhood. Dry, mealy, and totally chokeworthy. I'd be very upset if I paid for it.

Hard Taco Shells: Yea or Nay?

Del Taco classic taco let to sit a few minutes for burstage abatement.

Snapshots from Sweden: Swedish Breakfast

The tubes are available at IKEA, they are delicious.

San Diego: Quality Social Aims High...and Misses

I think that burger would make me very happy, than again, I love rare burgers. Yum

Whopper or Big Mac ???

Whopper with chesse, right off the broiler