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Italian-Style Grilled Octopus

@Lou Barba It's an old wives tale that suggests adding a cork will result in a tender (as opposed to rubbery) octopus.

Source: NYT

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What non-internet resources do you recommend for becoming a better "civilian" cook?

What's Your Favorite Hot Dog Topping?

Best Provision natural casing "Syd's" dog, Sabrett's onions, Russian dressing & crumbled bacon.


Taste Test: The Best Sriracha

Kenji, any chance you can post the heat rankings for each brand?

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Oysters & a Bloody Mary


Blue crabs, butter & beer, preferably on a dock.

New York-Style Pizza Sauce

Many cooks (both Italian and not) add sugar to tomato sauce to cut bitterness. Tomato sauce can taste bitter for a variety of reasons (to name a few: overuse of tomato paste, skin/seeds in the sauce, over-simmering of herbs/spices, under-ripe tomatoes or simply using crap tomatoes).

Equipment: The Best Mixing Bowls

These were mentioned on The Kitchn in early 2009 and they're awesome (albeit expensive):

How to Roast a Pig on a Spit

+1 on La Caja China. Cooks amazingly, the only downside is the missing aesthetic of the spit.

Also, just wanted to mention that the pig in the slideshow is spitted improperly. The snout-end prong should actually be placed under the head/neck and into the haunches of the front legs

Instructions should read: insert the main bar through the anus, slide prong on bar BEFORE exiting the mouth, secure, THEN slide bar through mouth.

Could be wrong, but that's the way I've always done it (and seen it done).

Fatty 'Cue: Brooklyn Barbecue Goes Asian

Is it just me, or does anyone else think the BBQ sauce at Fette Sau is terrible? (other than that, I love the place!)