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    - Chinese Chilhood restaurant
    - Blueberry crumble with dollops of cream
    - Apple and pear crumble with dollops of cornish ice-cream

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Impromptu Taste Test: The Cult of Yakult

I once had the opportunity to speak to someone who worked on the advertising account for Yakult in the UK and he said that even they and the Yakult representatives knew it was primarily sugar-milky-water

What Gross Food Stuff Did You Do as a Kid?

- I used to check those 5p sweets until all the flavour ran out and dip them into a bowl of sugar to refresh them
- I used to dip sandwiches in water, flatten and then eat them
I'm sure there is so much more but I'm far too embarrassed to share lol

14 Taco Recipes We Love for Your Cinco De Mayo Fiesta

I think just to be safe I'm going to try making every single one of these recipes

Buffalo Chicken Macaroni and Cheese

This looks great and I think I just might take @scaffnet's lasagna version on board!

5 Doughnuts We Love in Berlin, Germany

These look absolutely AMAZING, but i agree with @candide, where are the money shots with fillings drizzlingout

Still Not Sure How Much to Tip for Pizza Delivery? You're Not Alone

Same here, when i order take-away its never been an expected gesture over here on the sunny shores of England