I am passionate about Maine's scallop fishery. Maine fishermen are limited to 15 gallons per day in a 70-day winter season. Their brief trips produce scallops of unparalleled quality. I want to bring these scallops to consumers in the northeastern US.

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  • Location: Maine
  • Favorite foods: MAINE DAYBOAT SCALLOPS!
  • Last bite on earth: pan seared Maine Dayboat Scallop with a dab of cupie mayonnaise.

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Wanted: Discerning scallop consumers

Hi Dashofginger: I agree that a good fishmonger is a great thing. However, seafood generally goes through several steps between fishermen and the fishmonger. I meet the fishermen at the dock and bring their product right to the consumer. Check out my website for more info. And please note I won't be able to respond to any more comments until I advertise on this site (don't want anyone thinking I'm ignoring them). Thanks for your comment.

Wanted: Discerning scallop consumers

Hi bleu: Thank you for the comment. I didn't actually know that was an option. If you're willing to reply with information on how to advertise, please do so! I don't see an obvious link on the top tabs.


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