Tina Vasquez

I read cookbooks in bed. I cook every. single. day. I love feeding people and I believe in the power of sharing a meal.

  • Location: Los Angeles
  • Favorite foods: Cheeseburgers
    Panang curry
    Turkey mole
    Carne asada burritos
    BBQ sandwiches
    Pad Thai
    Cheese tamales
    Green tea mochi ice cream
    Roasted broccoli and cauliflower
    Cheese pizza
    Cob salad
    Chili cheese anything
  • Last bite on earth: I refuse to play this game.

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Meet & Eat: Alex Chu, The Dim Sum Truck

@beatle9: I did not go to USC. It's strange to know there's more of us floating around out there!

Best Sandwiches in SoCal?

I second Porto's. They have three Southern California locations and their Cuban sandwich is awesome.

In Downey, CA there's this little torta shop called Tortas Bravas that has excellent tortas ahogadas, which I don't think get enough play in the food world. At this place, the ingredients are super fresh, the tomato broth is housemade, and the bread is exceptional. It all looks deceptively simple, but a good tortas ahogada is hard to find and I hope you have time to eat at least one on your trip to California.

Meet & Eat: Todd Barricklow, Creator of the Taco Bike

@Seriousb: When talking to Todd he was quick to point out that "food bikes" have been around for ages, but I think it's his addition of a sink, a compartmentalized griddle, etc. that makes Todd's bikes something special. He can build an entire bike based around a specific food's needs.

Soggy Sweet Potato Fries

I've always wondered how to successfully make sweet potato fries at home. I don't have a deep fryer and tried roasting a couple of batches, but they kind of just turned to mush ... delicious mush.


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