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  • Location: Hawai'i
  • Favorite foods: Poke, lomi lomi, any kind sashimi, laulau, rice, any kind bento, miso, Thai, Korean spicy, good dim sum, French (yes, French), Greek, some Italian, American pizzas (not European), and better believe cheeseburgers.
  • Last bite on earth: Sashimi at the beach.

The Best Way to Cook Frozen Dumplings

My simple solution to steaming doesn't require a wok or bamboo steaming bowls. You can steam just as easily with Western tools. Get two of your favorite saucers and a pot big enough to fit them. Put one saucer face-down. Fill up water to about the height of it. Put the second saucer face-up on top of it. Heat the pot until the water is boiling. Put your dumplings on the top saucer. Cover and cook for the recommended steaming time. Since there's very little water in the pot, it will heat quickly and save you money.

For them shopping about in Whole Foods, Costo, etc., do look around for local Chinese, Korean or Japanese store. The dumplings seem to be everywhere in these, these days.

Love Cast Iron Pans? Then You Should Know About Carbon Steel

Daniel, thanks for showing the right love for carbon steel pans. You nailed their essential value in this article. I got some from Canada and they are genius. Cast iron in the kitchen as well, but the weight factor overcomes the sentiment for cast iron, as both can cook food essentially the same. I also like the sloped sides of carbon steel pans, not to mention the absence of skin-burning from the "turned" French-style handles, which elevate the handle away from the stovetop.

Cheese Expert's Picks: 10 Essential Cheeses to Know and Love

"I've been told it's sort of a food wasteland as far as Italy goes."

O_o I lived in Apulia and that characterization is so inaccurate as to be unfair.

What is fair is your 10 essential cheeses, cheese expert or not. Those are fair.

The Wok Mon Converts Your Home Burner Into a Wok Range. For Real.

This is great, thanks for writing about it! I've been afraid to use that big-BTU wok cooker in the house. Because it's not recommend for a residence. So there it sits, like a future Ozymandias. This is the second intriguing consumer-level product (the other is the new sous vide device) you've reported on. I read a LOT of foodie sites but SE was the first for me to read about both. Good job.

The Food Lab: The New Reversible Baking Steel/Griddle is Not Just for Pizzas

@TikiPundit -- "intelligent," not "intelligence." Loco local!

The Food Lab: The New Reversible Baking Steel/Griddle is Not Just for Pizzas

Nice review and some intelligence comments. I think it would work well on a grill; Kenji, any thoughts?

We Taste Every Kind of Spam

Spam and eggs over rice with Portuguese sausage. It was so delicious for breakfast even knowing the Hawai'ian heat would give payback later. I should have taken a picture of the Spam in an aisle in the Hickham AFB, HI, commissary. Every version available. It was awe-inspiring. I wanted to drop to my knees right then and there.

El Paso, TX: A Burger Saved By Green Chile at Los Bandidos de Carlos & Mickey's

@Damon, you nailed Carlos & Mickey's for what it is -- well done. I'm glad you got some amount of joy out of the burger while properly pointing out its faults.

Locals know that C&M is a place to take tourists because of the Spanish Colonial ambience that you can hardly find anywhere else. That said, the resto is rightly famous for it's heady mixed drinks, which is another way of saying don't go there for the food.

Cheers for your fun and interesting take on a local restaurant.

Is Public Drinking Good For the Neighborhood?

@boobird FREE KENJI -- your idea could be a T-Shirt. Maybe with a suitable graphic and a SE logo somewhere on it to make money for the brand.

Seriously Delicious Holiday Giveaway: The Sriracha Lover's Ultimate Gift Pack

It goes remarkably well with gorditas and cal do de res. And also improves those sausage, egg & cheese-filled biscuits you get at a convenience store!

In a Pickle: Pickled Garlic

This sounds fantastic! Thanks for posting this -- must try.

Got a Question for The Food Lab? Kenji Will Answer Everything

Sounds like a reddit AMA post :) Really... it's not the cesspool some might think it is. If I put up an AMA Request for a competent cook who writes well, with a sense of humor, would you go there and play?

Taste Test: Barbecue Sauce

Thanks for the head-nod to Stubb's, regardless of the chipotle chewout and changed recipe mystery. Have now come across a homemade sauce being marketed out of a ranch (yep, a real one) in AZ that has inspired me, along with this article, to develop my own. Mine will have chipotle :)

French Fast Food Showdown: McDonald's vs. Quick

Quick! A good competitor to McDo, in Brussels. I liked the regular hamburgers -- the taste was different but not bad at all. Yes on the fries with no salt. Thanks for this; it's a trip back in time. I would hit this place before braving the parking lot of Carrefour.

Snapshots from Germany: Imbiss, or German Street Food, Explained

Thanks for this hat-tip to the great institution, "Imbiss."

Do You Know Your Soy Sauces?

Aloha gets A-no-ha, Jenny?? But seriously, it's one of our brands, though we find it very salty. To be honest, we go with Kikkoman Lite a lot of the thing, but use Chinese brands for cooking.

Snapshots from Germany: Weißwurst

@maztec If you're going to "Geeze" an earnest and honest post, perhaps you would be willing to research the story behind not eating the casing and post that to SE, vice asking Steen to do it for you. Geeze.

There has been a rash of comments to posts on SE criticizing the authors' endeavours. It is becoming rather tiresome.

Snapshots from Germany: Bread Bakeries

Steen, thanks for this reaffirmation of Germany's bread culture. Though it seems like any Serious Eats post is getting negative feedback these days from either jealous or immature commenters, it is refreshing to know that posters keep posting, regardless of feedback concerning what some feel to be news or not news. I lived many years in Germany and the organic movement was not happening at that time; your report on more modern attitudes toward German bread is inspiring. The bread must be delicious; it was always so in my pre-organic, pre-local days!

The Burger Lab: The Pueblo Slopper (And How To Make Pueblo Green Chili)

More great writing tha--- uh-oh: "chili" vs "chile" comment war in 3, 2, 1...

Snapshots from Germany: Döner Kebab

You had me at Döner. And, the stands are open late-nite, in parts of the country (read: outside the cities) where other restos have long-since closed.

Snapshots from Germany: Swabian Maultasche

Toll! I grew up in Bavaria in the 1960s and the adults never talked to us kids about those black forest-dweller heathens to the west, or their devious non-Bavarian eats. Not 'til 1995 did I lived in Baden-Württemberg -- and what an eye-opener! The border over there really ought to be extended; there is a whole culture, and associated food, encompassing four countries that everyone ought to know more about. And the countryside is spectacular.

Taste Test: Best Salsa

Salsa has //tomato// in it?!? :)

Baked "Buffalo" Hot Wings

Recipe sounds great, but what is the weight of 2 sticks of butter? 'Cause sticks come in different sizes... I'd like to try this but don't want to over-butter here. Thanks!

Drinking the Bottom Shelf: Schlitz Classic 1960s Formula

Humorous article -- liked the writing style. Hipsters everywhere are hating on you and talking in small circles about, "PBR was the best because it had the least discernible flavor."

Foie Gras Burger Coming to Fast Food Chain Quick in France

Quick! Like McDo, only worse. But it really is quick, as compared by normal Brussels service speed.

Any Knowledge of Chef Mikel Alonso?

Apparently Alonso is coming to my town to cook a meal in support of the Slow Food movement. Thoughts? The meal ain't cheap, though that's not my consideration in this post. Just wondering who knows about his food. Slow Food is a new concept on the border, and a known chef is as well.

Ave. Presidente Masaryk 407, Colonia Polanco
Mexico City
Bruno Oteiza and Mikel Alonso, disciples of avant-garde Spanish chef Juan Mari Arzak, have divided their menu into two sections, traditional and "evolution." Both focus on Basque ingredients and techniques, used in varying degrees of orthodoxy or innovation. Prices are high--befitting the restaurant's location in an expensive shopping district--but the dining room has a relaxed atmosphere."

Crock Pot as Bain-marie?

While looking for ways to cook steel-cut oatmeal, I came across this intriguing idea.

Blogger Ann Kroeker uses her slow cooker as a bain-marie for the oatmeal. I've honestly never thought about this, not that I'm an original cooking thinker to begin with. But it is certainly an intriguing idea. Anyone try it? How did it go? What did you use it for?

Guy Fieri: Tagging Restaurants Where He Ate?

According to this post, Guy Fieri (or someone associated with him, or who wants to be him, or who is a shill for Food Network) tagged Nico's Pier 38 in Hawai'i. (See 9th picture down in set.)


I'm really at a loss for words. I mean, I'd like a T-shirt of Anthony Bourdain's logo, but really? Tagging like this? What's next? (I mean that as a question; I'm sure the contributors to Food Network Humor could help out. Can you?

Shrimp vs "Shrimp Meat?"

Yesterday, I saw something I've never seen before: a package of frozen "shrimp meat" for sale in the grocery.

Other packages by the same vendor were labeled as "shrimp."

The "shrimp meat" looked liked shrimp, peeled and deveined.

Unlike other packages, there was no count per pound, i.e., 16/20.

But why was it called "shrimp meat" instead of "shrimp?"

I didn't buy it.

It got me wondering: Is "shrimp meat" whole shrimp, or some kind of reconstructed-in-the-shape-of-a-shrimp processed product?


Expresso vs Espresso: A pro-Expresso Rant

I just read a blog post wherein 20+ people commented about how dumb, uninformed and possible "Trinker" Sandra Lee idiotically mispronounces 'espresso' as 'expresso' on her TV show.

So how about it, SE? Is she as wrong as when she changes the tones of her kitchen to match her clothes, or vicey-versey?

I lived in Brussels, and spent a ton of time in France, and some time in Portugal, so know my answer.

If I could make a poll here, I would: expresso, or espresso?

(And don't give me that bogus Italian alphabet argument either, linguistic scholars!)

Cornish Hen - Internal Temperature?

I'm cooking two Cornish Hens tomorrow and while they rest gently in the fridge, I got online to see about the best internal temperature. Bad idea! I read 155, 165 and 185 degrees Fahrenheit!

What is the optimal temperature for them? I'm thinking that it's a bird, like chicken, but is that so?

Peanut Butter Recipes (or other nuts)

A couple of months ago, the longtime love of my life declared she would be buying a peanut butter-making machine if I didn't get her one for Christmas, her birthday or our anniversary (those being the fall Holy Trinity in our house, which is a full-frontal assault on my bank account).

Thinking quickly after eyeing my old and functional-but-insufficient Cuisinart Handy Prep food processor (3 cups on a good day), I recommended we get a gonzo food processor that could handle the job. She wins, and I win.

So there it sits, all wrapped up near, but too big to be under, the Christmas tree.

What are your recommended recipes for peanut butter, almond butter or others? (I'm dreaming of macadamia nut butter, owing to my ancient Hawai'ian heritage, but don't even know if such a thing exists. Then again, why shouldn't it? And hazelnuts? Nutella at home?)

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