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Maniacally food-obsessed New Yorker who lives to explore, experiment, and eat.

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  • Favorite foods: Pizza, xiao long bao, ramyun (ramen), sea urchin, steamers, samgyupsal (pork belly), cheese (the runnier the better), and gopchang (cow intestines).
  • Last bite on earth: Can't bear to think about it.

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The Call of Khachapuri at Oda House, Georgian Food in Alphabet City

Can't agree more about the Pkhali Trio! Eggplant was great but the other two balls tasted "too healthy." Not sure why the waiter recommended it. Khachapuri was amazing though.

Best places to buy fruit in Chinatown?

I like the stand on the corner of Grand & Chrystie and also the one on Grand & Forsyth. Both on the North side.

Xixa in Williamsburg: Makings of a Great Restaurant, With Some Ways to Go

Had a cheese tortilla in Mexico and I loved it! Must try the fricco-dilla! And I hate it also when plates aren't paced out well. It gets chaotic and the food gets cold. Not good.

Slurped: Are the Noodles at Dumpling Shops Any Good?

I agree, I like the boiled dumplings at Prosperity better, specifically the veg and pork dumplings. Will try the noodles!

Manhattan Special Espresso Coffee Soda

Oh, I love these! They have them at Iggy's Pizzeria on 1st in the East Village.

The Best Soup Dumplings In Chinatown, Manhattan

I've been told by the hostess at Joe's that Joe's Ginger is related. On busy days, they even hand out Joe's Ginger business cards and direct people there.

The Best Macarons in New York City

I've been waiting since last week for this! Yes!

Tacos Morelos Now Open 24 Hours in East Village

One night I was passing by the cart and there were 2 guys in front of me. One guy wanted to stop at the truck, but his friend didn't want to. At the end the friend convinced him to go to Chipotle instead. Hilarious!

Soft Tofu Restaurant (So Kong Dong) in Fort Lee, New Jersey

I agree, So Kong Dong in Pal Park is better, food & service-wise. If you like the Fort Lee one, you should check out the Pal Park one. They opened up a BCD in NJ too, but I still prefer So Kong Dong.

Pizza-party catering menu? Help me with my 'pizza playlist'

What about an egg pizza? It'll be good if it's during brunch.

Koronet: Jumbo Pizza Slices Bigger Than Your Head

In college I use to eat one easily & then follow-up with a hot dog from Mike's Papaya. Miss my college metabolism...

Sugar Rush: Ushiwakamaru's Zenzai

Oh yes, love the zenzai at Ushi. Haven't been in a while, thanks for reminding me!

Taste Test: Cabbage Kimchi

Leftovers = kimchi jigae or kimchi jun (kimchi pancakes)!

Sugar Rush: Praline Parfait at Pearl Oyster Bar

I'm a fan of the parfait as well. Love how generous they are with the butterscotch.

Ten Margaritas We Love in New York City

Glad to see Barrio Chino's margarita on the list. It's completely killer.

Flushing: Korean-Chinese at Guh Song

Agree with @jkaww, Bayside is not Flushing. Sorry Chris.

Mono+Mono in the East Village: Where the Space Trumps the Food

Went to Mad for Chicken on 32nd a few weeks ago and noticed they changed their name to Mono+Mono. Rebranding I guess. As usual, outside of the chicken and ddukboki everything else was bad. It's best not stray from the Korean items at Korean restaurants.

Finding a decent sammich in Flushing

If you're looking for sandwiches of the Boar's Head variety, check out Cherry Valley Deli in Whitestone (close to Flushing) - They have a huge selection - 48 sandwich combos and also makes a prosciutto hero on request.

Use a Panini Press to Reheat Slices

In the past I've used a George Foreman with a salt shaker to keep the grill open. Waffle irons work too.

Canteen 82: Quality Chinese from a Dumpling-Espresso Bar?

Who would have thought you could get good dumplings at a place called Canteen 82? Interesting.

The Best Bread Baskets in New York City

I'm going to Commerce just for the bread basket! Love this post. And btw, Rayuela also has good cheese bread.