How to Make Arroz Caldo: Filipino Chicken Soup for the Soul

Looks too soupy for me ;)

My MiL's version is nice and thick, I love it that way.

How to Make Lechon Kawali, Filipino Crispy Fried Pork Belly

Oh and everybody knows you need Mang Tomas and garlic rice.. Mmmm

How to Make Lechon Kawali, Filipino Crispy Fried Pork Belly

Sounds just like my MiLs recipe.

We got this right after we got married( and my in-laws told me it was the only way to make lechon. I'll admit it works fantastically, but sometimes I just want to deep fry it.

It's a smidgen more work, but it makes a huge difference imo.

How to Make Microwave Popcorn in a Brown Paper Bag

@CityMinx Yup, we have that as well, and it makes fantastic popcorn. Great, now I want popcorn :|

The Non-Judgmental Guide to Getting Seriously Into Tea

@StephanieL Really, to buy, but if you know a of a good tea shop, I'd be interested as well!


The Non-Judgmental Guide to Getting Seriously Into Tea

In the past couple months, I moved to NJ and work in NY. Where would be a good place to stop in and get some tea?

I used to buy all my tea from Adagio since I was in a small town that didn't have access to good tea shops.

The Ethics of Foie Gras: New Fire for an Old Debate

You must have seen the Gawker article that was posted. As soon as I read it I thought of sending them your original article.

The Food Lab: Make This Crisp-Skinned Chicken and Roast Vegetables in One Cast Iron Skillet

@JDHarper Oh man, thats genius. I just tossed the rest out tonight because I couldn't think of anything to do with it. :|

It came out good, but and I don't know if its my oven or what, but my chicken was way overcooked at the 40 minute mark. I'll make this again, but I'll check at 30 minutes.

The Truth About Cast Iron Pans: 7 Myths That Need To Go Away

I have a question about cast iron treatment. My Mom gave me her old cornbread molds(the ones in the shape of a ear of corn) and they are in pretty bad shape. After getting them cleaned up, what is the best way to take care of them after use? Obviously I can't really heat them on the stove(or can I?)

Meatloaf Meets Buffalo Chicken: Blue Cheese-Stuffed, Hot-Sauce Glazed Chicken Meatloaf

My wife despises Blue cheese with the fury of a thousand suns. Is there any decent replacement? Maybe just plain cheddar?

Doritos Migas With Pepper Jack, Tomatoes, and Jalapeño

This was amazing and perfect for a lazy Sunday breakfast. The kids loved it!

Also, fwiw, my wife made that kitty litter cake for a Halloween party a few years ago and it was a huge hit. ;)

Celery Forever: Where America's Weirdest Soda Came From and How It's Stuck Around

In DC we used to get it all the time at Krupins by American U. Since they closed down I'm not sure of another place that has it.

Use the Pressure Cooker for a Butternut Squash Risotto Packed With Layers of Flavor

I loved stirring risotto too, until we had kids. The idea of a hands off risotto really appeals to me. I'm going to most likely try this next week once I dig out my pressure cooker.

Purple Yam and Halo-Halo: The Delicious, Contradictory World of Filipino Desserts

Oops, should be piche-piche.

Purple Yam and Halo-Halo: The Delicious, Contradictory World of Filipino Desserts

Mmmm, until I met my wife I never heard of any of this. Now I can't get enough!

You should try pichi-pichi if you get a chance. I love it more than cassava cake.

The Food Lab: Use the Oven to Make the Best Darned Italian American Red Sauce You've Ever Tasted

I agree with both of you really.

And yeah the only time our sauce has meat is on Sunday for big family dinner. If I make it during the week I do it as I said earlier in the thread.

I appreciate the work Kenji put into this, and I'm going to try it, just to see. The oven part seems strange, but I'll try it.

The Food Lab: Use the Oven to Make the Best Darned Italian American Red Sauce You've Ever Tasted

I've been making sauce for years and never thought to bake it. I'll have to give it a try sometime.. It'll take a lot to change my ways ;)

It's funny, my Mom's recipe has added herbs but when I was digging through my Dad's stuff and found my nana's she didn't add anything other than salt/pepper/garlic. I honestly like her style a lot better. You really taste the tomatoes and they don't get overpowered by extra spices(imo of course!)

The Picky Eater Challenge: Helping Kids (and Adults!) Try New Foods Without Tricks

@SinoSoul: Actually my Mom devoured watermelon and hard boiled eggs when she was pregnant with me. It was only within the past...oh 2-3 years or so have I started to like them.

The Picky Eater Challenge: Helping Kids (and Adults!) Try New Foods Without Tricks

We're fairly lucky. Both of our kids are have pretty adventurous tastes, moreso our son. He'll eat most things given to him, but he isn't a fan of sandwiches. I can't figure that one out.

Our daughter is 21 months and the past month or so, she has been really picky. She'll eat any fruit given to her, but outside of tomatoes isn't a fan of veggies.

My wife is Filipino and I'm Italian so most of the food we make have big strong flavors and they eat it up. The baby is obsessed with adobo and caldereta and my son loves carbonara and japanese curry. They both will eat any Indian food thrown at them.

I will admit, sometimes when the baby doesn't eat her dinner I'll make a egg closer to bedtime based on the recommendation of her doctor. She told us not to replace her dinner but make her a egg or something later on.

The Real Story of Gumbo, Okra, and Filé

I was a bit saddened that there was no recipe at the end of the article :(

Good article though.

How I Built a Barbecue Restaurant in Brooklyn: My 18-Hour Work Day

And this is why, despite many people telling me to, I refuse to open a restaurant. I just don't have it in me for those kind of days.

More kudos to you!

How to Make Italian-Style Eggplant Parm (Melanzane alla Parmigiana)

This is exactly how my grandmother made it. Except she used Scamorza.

Friday Night Meatballs: How to Change Your Life With Pasta

I'm also from a traditional Italian american family, but it makes me sad that my siblings have no interest in this. Both brothers and my sister don't see the importance of this as I do. I still start my sauce at 6:00 on Sundays before Mass! Let it simmer all day and use some for dinner and freeze more for dinners during the week.

Now that we(my wife and kids) live in NY, we just aren't close(distance wise) any more to my siblings to do this.

We just moved up here so maybe I should try and find people to do this with.

Cinnamon-Apple Baked Oatmeal

Does this keep well? My wife and daughter are the big oatmeal eaters in the family and I'm wondering if I could make it for one day and save the rest for the next morning.

Crème Brûlée for One From 'Paris Pastry Club'

I've....never had it before. I think I'm going to need to change that.

NYC/NJ Restaurants Advice!


In January my family(me, my wife and 2 kids) are moving to NJ from DC, and we are looking for some good local places to try out.

We don't have the area finalized yet, but we are looking at Montclair or Florham Park.

We've never been to NJ before and only have been to NYC a couple of times.

We'd like to find good Thai, Chinese, Japanse, Indian and breakfast places. And ideally places that are good for young kids(5 year old and 1 year old). We don't care about Italian(I'm Italian and do all the cooking :P) or Filipino(that would be her ;)).

Also if anybody knows of a good Italian market and a good Asian market in those NJ areas that would be super!

High Calore, Low Carb Meals

My wife just found out she is pregnant with our 2nd(yay!).

Because diabetes runs in her family, both parents and 3 outta 4 grandparents, her Dr wants her to be on a low carb and high calorie diet. I think her calorie total is 2300-2400 I think.

Right now, she has eggs with guacamole for breakfast, almonds during the day, sometimes yogurt and a grilled chicken breast with salsa, cheese and guacamole for lunch.

Because I'm Italian and she is Asian we used to use a lot of rice and pastas with our meals which I am going to have to cut back on. I'll still make them, just not as much. So I'm trying to find some new meals that will be good for her.

Graham Crackers with.....Butter?!

I told my wife the other day I wanted to get some graham crackers so I can have them as a snack with a little butter spread on them.

She immediately recoiled and expressed her disgust at such a horrible idea in her mind.

When I was growing up this was a popular snack in our house. Am I just weird, or has anybody else heard of this? (and enjoys it)

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