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Japanese knives?

Japanese knives are wonderful! I highly recommend you check out Korin, a Japanese knife and tableware store in Tribeca. If you're not in NYC, they also have a detailed website. Chubo is also a wonderful online company. Hope that helps!

Looking for BBQ/Meixcan Rec's in Irvine/Dallas Area

I still like Mi Cocina and Taco Diner. Cuquitas used to be awesome, but for some reason I think it closed. Gloria's is also good El Salvadorean food. I also loved Zaguan (Venezuelan bakery). Ohh, and Javier's is great higher end Mexican food. Enjoy!

Street Food: NYC Cravings

I enjoyed the fried pork over rice, however I did not enjoy the tamale... anyone else? Also wasn't thrilled with the anchovies...

Super Bowl Giveaway: Pig Pickin' and Wings from RUB

I love an american beer while watching football, maybe a sam winter ale, or harpoon winter warmer, but... I could drink micheladas all day (mexican beer, plus clamato, plus worstcheshire sauce, plus maybe some tapatio, salt and lime) = delicious!

What's Your Favorite Bread Basket in New York?

Il Posto Accanto (2nd between Aves. A and B). If you order brunch, it comes with your meal. If you don't go for the $17 brunch, you can always buy it separately.

Roundup: Fish Taco Chains in Southern California - My brother makes us stop at both. First Rubio's or Bahia for fish tacos, then straight to In-N-Out, all in one trip to and/or from the airport.

Also, does anyone remember Senor Pesca's? It use to be up by UTC as part of the Anthony's. It was awesome!