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Where to eat in Seattle and Portland?

Salumi in Seattle! (beware: not open everyday!)

Japanese knives?

Japanese knives are wonderful! I highly recommend you check out Korin, a Japanese knife and tableware store in Tribeca. If you're not in NYC, they also have a detailed website. Chubo is also a wonderful online company. Hope that helps!

Looking for BBQ/Meixcan Rec's in Irvine/Dallas Area

I still like Mi Cocina and Taco Diner. Cuquitas used to be awesome, but for some reason I think it closed. Gloria's is also good El Salvadorean food. I also loved Zaguan (Venezuelan bakery). Ohh, and Javier's is great higher end Mexican food. Enjoy!

Street Food: NYC Cravings

I enjoyed the fried pork over rice, however I did not enjoy the tamale... anyone else? Also wasn't thrilled with the anchovies...

Super Bowl Giveaway: Pig Pickin' and Wings from RUB

I love an american beer while watching football, maybe a sam winter ale, or harpoon winter warmer, but... I could drink micheladas all day (mexican beer, plus clamato, plus worstcheshire sauce, plus maybe some tapatio, salt and lime) = delicious!

What's Your Favorite Bread Basket in New York?

Il Posto Accanto (2nd between Aves. A and B). If you order brunch, it comes with your meal. If you don't go for the $17 brunch, you can always buy it separately.

Baked Halibut with Sour Cream, Parmesan and Dill Topping

This looks delicious!

Roundup: Fish Taco Chains in Southern California - My brother makes us stop at both. First Rubio's or Bahia for fish tacos, then straight to In-N-Out, all in one trip to and/or from the airport.

Also, does anyone remember Senor Pesca's? It use to be up by UTC as part of the Anthony's. It was awesome!

NYC to Albany: Where to eat?

I'm driving from NYC to Albany (Schenectedy) tomorrow afternoon. Any recs on where to stop for dinner, or to eat in general? Any food related shops to stop by or markets? Hopefully someone has a suggestion. Thanks!

Provoleta Recipe

I just got back from Argentina and have been dreaming about a dish I tried: provoleta. it was fantastic! Does anyone have a recommendation for this and/or chimichurri? Thanks!

Dinner Suggestions

Anyone have some good dinner suggestions, possibly places i may not know of, more or less around 59th and 5th, so basically midtown, low UWS? Thanks!

Cookie Dough Recipe

Hi, I need to go home and bake some cookies. I have a nufty little "R" shaped cookie cutter. Now all I need is a trusty recipe. Should I go sugar? chocolate chio? peanut butter?

Please forward some recipes and suggestions. Thanks! Oink!