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Fish Sauce...What's the Turn Off?

Kengk - I'm sure it was a foul-smelling perfume!

Lorenzo - The people I'm referring to are mainly friends and acquaintances. You're right, people who consider themselves "foodies" do tend to "praise fish sauce as a gift from Southeast Asian cuisines". I'm just frustrated when I try to introduce new Vietnamese foods to people, just to have them skip out on the fish sauce. Sometimes, it's the fish sauce that makes the dish.

Fish Sauce...What's the Turn Off?

I've been eating Vietnamese food all my life and if you're familiar with Vietnamese cuisine, you know that almost every dish (like this one) contains fish sauce or is accompanied by a fish dipping sauce, which I love!

Fish sauce adds such a great umami flavor, but many people claim they are disgusted by it. I think it's due to the idea of a sauce made from fermented fish that turns people off. But is it the truly taste they dislike or is it purely psychological?

What can I do to convert a fish sauce hater into a lover?

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