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My name is Georgia and I'm a home cook who loves to put my own spin on easy, elegant comfort food classics. What makes me happiest is bringing people together with satisfying and simple food.

DIY Sour Mix

This is a fabulous sour mix recipe! Friends and I enjoyed it in a variety of cocktails this weekend. Just make sure you've got the muscle (or a good tool) to juice 4 lemons and 6 limes!

Cakespy: Thanksgiving Cake Made of Real Turkey! And Leftovers

What to do with cocoa powder?

Thank you SO much everyone for your incredible input. It's much appreciated! I have a lot of cocoa powder leftover from when I made brownies this weekend and I'm going to steal plenty of your ideas for my next cocoa powder recipe. I particularly love the idea of adding it to chili. Thanks again!

What to do with cocoa powder?

Sorry, forgot to add that this is "dutch processed" cocoa powder. Looking forward to your suggestions! Thank you!

What to do with cocoa powder?

Hi everyone,

I was given some Valrhona 100% pure cocoa powder from France, and I'm not quite sure what to do with it. Could you please help me with some ideas and suggestions?

I know that you can make a basic brownie or chocolate cake, but I also don't have a good excuse to make anything difficult like truffles or meringues.

Please help! Thank you in advance!

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