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Goats Milk and Cherry Ice Cream...made easy!

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Why 'Chopped' Is Such an Addictive Show

Im going to say the anticipation of what comes out of those woven baskets makes it all worth it! Chopped here I come!

What do you thing of this!

So I decide to start my own web series and this is the premier of it @

What do you think of the concept and video! Criticism is awesome!

Here are the recipes for you too!

Baked Sweet Potato Chips


· 3 Sweet Potatoes, cut in 1/8 inch slices

· Cooking Spray

· Salt and pepper


Preheat Oven to 275

On a couple baking sheets lined with parchment paper and greased with cooking spray, lay out the slices of potato being sure not to overlap them. Spray tops with cooking spray, season with salt and pepper and bake for 45-60 minutes or until golden brown.

Fig and Lemon Reduction Sauce


· 7 dried figs, stemmed and chopped finely

· 2 lemons zested and juiced

· ¾ cup water

· ¼ cup sugar

· Pinch of salt


Put all ingredients in a pot and simmer for about 10-15 minutes or until bubbles appear thick and caramel like. Reserve.

Baked Ancho Almond Crusted Salmon:


· ¼ cup ancho chili powder

· 1/3 cup ground almonds

· 1 tsp. pepper

· 1 tsp. cumin

· Honey

· Salt to season

· 4- 4 oz. Salmon filets


Preheat oven to 350 F.

Mix all ingredients together but the salmon, the honey and salt in a pie tin or plate. Drizzle the salmon filet with honey and then season with salt. Dredge the tops of the filets in the ancho mixture and pat tops to ensure that the crust sticks.

Bake on a parchment lined sheet pan that has been well greased for about 12 minutes or until tender and flakey!

Serve with reduction and sweet potato chips. Even a squeeze of lemon!

Goats Milk and Cherry Ice Cream...made easy!

So I am starting my new web series wich will debute next saturday! My whole idea behind the show is making weekday meals for us foodies out there easy but gourmet! I have started with a few recipes on my blog ( and cannot wait to share them! Here is a recipe I made up for Cherry and Goats Milk Ice Cream. I know that ice cream is intimidating but I have it down I hope... The real question is... easy? or too difficult for most?


Cherry Goats Milk Ice Cream


· 1 cup Cherry Juice

· 1 cup Half and half or cream

· 1 1/2 cup Whole Goats Milk

· 3/4 cup sugar

· 1 tbsp vodka

· ½ cup chopped cherries


In a saucepan mix together all ingredients but the vodka and cherries. Bring to a simmer over medium heat. Remove from heat and transfer to a glass bowl then add in the vodka. Chill in the fridge until cold.

Prepare in your ice cream maker how you would.


Simmer all the ingredients but the vodka, sugar and cherries. Beat sugar and 3 egg yolks together. Then temper the yolks with the simmered mixture and return to heat. Simmer until thickened. Strain the mixture into glass bowl and chill until cold.

Prepare in your ice cream maker how you would.

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