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Annoying Lunch Habits of Coworkers

Slurping. The girl next to me likes ramen noodles and slurps as she eats them. We always have to have suggestions ready for her when she can't decide what to eat so she doesn't default to ramen. To make matters worse she is a slow eater and take the better part of 45 mins to finish. She also slurps/sucks on fruit when she eats it.

The other annoying thing is the leaning over your shoulder to see what you're eating and then commenting.

Dining in San Diego!

Lunch at George's on the Cove in LaJolla. You sit outdoors on the top level overlooking the ocean, good fish tacos. You should definitely make a reservation. For dinner I highly recommend 1500 Ocean at the Hotel Coronado. Pricey but definitely worth it. The service and food were both top notch and you can spend time enjoying the hotel property before or after dinner. Both places are on Open Table.

Combination Cooking: Caja China + Smoker?

Caja China sells a smoking pistol attachment and a variety of woods you can use with it. I've never tried it though so I can't speak for the results.

Goodbye, Food Pyramid! Hello, Plate.

I stand corrected there is no meat section. And I don't have a problem I just don't understand your vitriol at dairy products. Sure, foie and slim jims have nutritional value so we'll put them in the protein category. And recent research shows that calcium may prevent fat storage and increase metabolism.
I'm not sure I understand your argument. Basically you're saying that all things have some nutritional value. Based on that why have any categories and/or recommendations? Basically there is nothing on the "plate" that we can't live w/o or nutrients that can't be obtained from different sources.

Goodbye, Food Pyramid! Hello, Plate.

@seriousb - Do you have some unresolved issues with the milk man that are causing this anger? What "special treatment?" Do you really believe that a "soft drink" is comparable to a glass of milk? Do you really believe that milk provides no nutritional value (ie calcium, vitamin d, vitamin a, iron)? Where does it say anything about being "essential for life?" In fact if you go to the .gov website the point they stress is that you should consume lower fat milk products and it says soy milk is a worthy alternative. Going back to your essential part of life comment I don't think anything on the plate is essential for life. Ask your local vegan what they think about the meat section. I know plenty of people whose fruit and vegetable consumption comes in the form of burger toppings only and yet they manage to exist. Not to say it wouldn't be healthier for them to consume more fruits and veg but they are certainly not "essential for life"

Places to eat in San Diego

1500 Ocean on Coronado Island is pricey but worth it. It was the best service I've had anywhere.
George's on the Cove in LaJolla for lunch. Rooftop seating overlooking the ocean, very good California Coastal cuisine. You can (and should) make a reservation on Open Table.
For a casual meal head to Point Loma Seafood. It's right on the wharf.

For breakfast head to World Famous in Pacific Beach. Right on the boardwalk, great people watching.

Italian food!

Yeah, I mean why would we possibly want to help someone that could be posting information that someone else might find useful.
There are multiple writers on this site that have their own blog, with a plug for their blogs in their bio. I see no reason why the SE Community can't be helpful to this person.
Real spam is one thing, this is someone who actually participates on this site and thought that maybe it would be a good place for some help. OP could've been sneaky and just asked for everyone's favorite Italian dish w/o saying what it is for and then there would have been a ton of answers b/c it's an opportunity for everyone to show how much they know about Italian food.

I'm a vegetarian and my boyfriend will not eat vegetables :(

Why is everyone making it seem like the problem is that he doesn't eat vegetables? I think the problem is that OP doesn't eat meat. I think he should "train" OP to eat meat. Maybe if he cooks steak everyday eventually she will be enticed by the "aromas of real food" and not rabbit food.

No salt needed in pasta water, or most anything else

Adding salt to pasta water does help the cooking or at least the taste. Pasta cooked in unsalted water tastes bland. You can keep adding salt after the fact but all you will wind up with is salty food, not tasty food.

Lobster tail

Second Fortunato Brothers


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