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Slice Poll: How Long Have You Gone Without Eating Pizza?

Before a couple of weeks back, it was a little bit of year since my last slice of pizza (and I HOARDED that thing down! Though probably with good reason... It was a year after all.) because of cutting back. Fortunately, I plan to be ordering a pizza from my favorite pizzaria soon enough. This time, I'll let myself have the chance to breathe while I eat it.

Calling All Vegetarian Serious Eaters!

Me, I do know my sister is not really full-time vegetarian with her consumption of fish. Though she doesn't even eat fish a lot unless its with pasta or there REALLY is no other option for dinner but the salmon Mom cooked up in the oven. Being vegetarian was also my sister's lifestyle decision as for her diet. But for her to continue forward at all in the life of getting other sources of protein other than meat, I'm pretty sure it was my mom that convinced her to at least eat fish and shellfish.

Calling All Vegetarian Serious Eaters!

Im by no means vegetarian. I even attempted, and horribly failed when my best friend sneaked some delicious salty slices of ham in my sandwich for lunch... I'm also a Texas barbeque girl and grew up having a dad who did his part of cooking by firing up the grill almost five days a week.

However, I do have a vegetarian sister. At first I teased her for it, but that was also the same time I was teasing her for liking icky boys like Justin Timberlake. Now I respect her wishes of eating no meat, and it just gives me a wider spread of food to try and cook with that my meat eating dad and brother probably would never dare look at. (Note: Though in all, I'm still more of a baker than a cook)

In which I have been able to take note, my sister's favorite form of energy in place of her meats, is carbs. Pasta, chips, crackers, cookies, chips, chips, pasta, bread, chips. And I was curious.

What do the vegetarian serious eaters like to eat as their energy? Proteins (eggs, nuts, fish (my sister consumes fish, I don't know if you do))? Carbs (pasta, bread, *hem* chips)? Or do you just LOVE your vegetables and fruits?

Do tell!

Easter bread?

I'm helping cook half the dinner with Mom this Easter. My Dad always needs a bread served with these holiday meals, but his famous garlic bread isn't going to make the cut with the type of food we're making (even though I always salivate over that delicious bread :)). So I need some help as for what bread, biscuit, roll, or whatever I should decide to bake. And if any of these, should I add a little something to it to give it flavor or go just for your basic bread?

Strange thing too: I saw in the weekly ad for my local supermarket that they're selling "Easter bread" (has like little pieces of dried fruit in it I think). Never heard of such a thing.

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