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What to bring? Going Away party, 30 ppl, 10am

Definitely spanakopitas! So delicious. Make a strata or savory bread pudding. Both call to be made the night before and you can "foodie" them up with asparagus, prosciutto or pancetta, goat cheese, etc.

What's For Dinner?

Vietnamese marinated steaks, vietnamese spring rolls and green papaya salad- Vietnamese night! Love making my favourite cuisine.

Pistachio Milk is Awesome, and You Should Make Some at Home

Wow last paragraph had me convinced- even if it is an expensive treat

Pomegranate seeds

I have a silicone shaped lemon you just pop citrus into & it filters all the juice out when you squeeze it- I put chunks of pomegranate & easily squeeze the juice out

Best type of Pizza?

New York style with lots of cheese cooked until lightly brown, and pepperoni on top of the cheese so that it gets a bit crispy, and must drip down your arm. Perfection.

Life choices based on food?

I base what restaurants we have our big family gatherings at based on what ethnic markets are nearby

What is YOUR kryptonite?

Chinese noodle dishes, Vietnamese spring rolls, garlic bread, pizza, Shirley temples, shrimp turnovers, steamed Chinese buns

Oodles of Eggs

Tea eggs! Or soya sauce eggs. Both healthy, low cal, and super easy.

foods that combine capsaicin + cooling at once?

Chilli with sour cream or Greek yogurt on top, Indian food with yogurt sauce, really spicy stir fry or braised asian meat dish over rice.

Ideas based around a risotto dish- for a "special someone" meal?

No soup before risotto- it's so creamy and rich already you want a different texture for a first course- make a killer salad- great greens (butter lettuce is awesome), roasted nuts, roasted vegetables, etc. I'd definitely use prawns on top of the risotto- class it up! Totally acceptable to buy an amazing desert from a bakery if you've cooked dinner.

Sampling the Fried Delights at Phnom Penh in Vancouver's Chinatown

The chicken wings are legendary- just unbelievable. I'm not a fan of the luc lac- it's so overpoweringly sweet- in Cambodia it's way more balanced. The egg greatly improved it, but it's nothing compared to the excellence of those wings.

4 Foods of the Apocalypse

Beef, cheese, potatoes (hello vodka) and pork.

What to do with A LOT of lemongrass?

Add it to your bath, boil in water to use as a spriz for laundry, infuse stocks with it, make peanut sauce for satays, marinades, etc.

What did Santa bring you?

Silpat baking mat- love love love it. Medium sized enamelled cast iron casserole dish, popcorn popper, olive oil sprayer, an a KILLeR mega toaster over with a ton of settings and crazy high heat.

Need cocktail recipes to go with names...

Make the Georgia one with peach juice! With rum would be delicious. Lime to balance out the sweetness. Leroy brown is so easy- anything with dark liquor.

Smoothie to go

I use the magic bullet, so I just keep all my fruits and veggies frozen (in inch size pieces so that it blends easily) and then use yogurt as your main liquid- that will stay cold for an hour easily. Then you could squeeze some lemon, lime, grapefruit, orange, mandarins, etc into it right before blending. The blender itself is so small you can take it to work & keep it there.

Cornbread recipe

definitely not muffins. And ensure you don't put too much cheese on top of the cornbread or it will not rise properly. Mix it into the batter and put a tiny bit on top if you want.

What traditional family recipe would you never mess with?

My mum's shrimp linguini, Auntie's crab dip, and Great Grandma's apple celery stuffing. Even when I add better ingredients and liven them up with more seasonings or spices, they just don't taste how I love and remember them unless done the same way.

rasin bread

try I get all my recipes from there.

Mac And Cheese Cupcakes?

Ya putting Mac and cheese in cupcake tins, topping it with breadcrumbs and baking it does not work. So annoying trying to find a recipe that stays together.

Turducken - does size matter?

I've done a tiny turducken with a turkey breast, chicken breast, and duck breast- size is irrelevant- just adjust the time

Need Mushroom Pizza Sauce Recipe

Make sure you use really hight heat when you fry your mushrooms and only add salt once you see them release their water into the pan- this is the way to get browned, perfectly cooked mushrooms. I would use cream- milk will curdle with high heat used to cook pizza. Roasted garlic and thyme would be a great addition.

Your favorite pancake/topping?

Candied pecans and syrup. I love my peach syrup I get from British Columbia. Lemon zest and juice with white sugar is amazing too.


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