Forget Totchos and Nugchos; Spamchos are The Ultimate Nacho Hybrid

Where is the 'get the recipe' link? I hope the finger-scooping-spam-???-juice is in the steps. :)

Easy No-Knead Olive-Rosemary Focaccia With Pistachios

@ElieK It is almost definitely 1/8 cup since it lists in the ingredients as '1/4 cup divided', but I agree the recipe should be updated to make that clearer.

QUAD Grill on KickStarter with Pizza Stone (Ends Aug 15)

Is anyone checking out this QUAD Grill on Kickstarter? It looks like it may be quite a genius idea and might be slightly cheaper pizza oven than a Kettle Grill and Pizza Kettle add-on... assuming it works.

QUAD: High-Temperature Naturally Fired Cooker

I'm not sure if I can work it into my budget in the next week, but I figured I'd put the word out in case anyone here is interested and can give it a try.

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