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The Food Lab's Top 6 Food Myths

If sodium replaces magnesium and calcium ions in the beans does that mean the nutritional value is lowered? If so, I wonder by how much?

Tasting Tour: Eating in Houston, Texas

Oh, and I love how this post is sponsored by Continental.

Tasting Tour: Eating in Houston, Texas

Mike, I have to agree with you on Huynh. The mi quang is amazing and they have the best iced coffee in town.

Yelapa Playa - Mexican fusion (Richmond)
Mi Bolillo - Mexican bakery (Airline)
La Trattoria - Italian and one of the best steaks I've had in this city (Westheimer/Voss)
Tampico Seafood - the grilled fish a la diabla! (Airline)

Houston is massive and many people live in the exurbs and commute in. I live in the Clear Lake/Galveston Bay area and there's great seafood out there. Like:

Topwater Grill - from the boat to your plate. The pecan-crusted red snapper is my favorite. (San Leon/Angel Point)
Thai Seafood Kitchen - black pepper softshell crab (Hwy3/Nasa Rd 1)
Outrigger's - seafood gumbo and bloody marys (Seabrook under the bridge on the Clear Lake ship channel)
Bailey's - chef Roland Soza is doing amazing things and this is totally worth the drive. Shiner Bock braised beef short ribs. Berkshire pork with spicy molasses demi-glace. Peanut butter mousse "candy bar" with whiskey ice cream. (Seabrook, Nasa Rd 1 near Hwy 146).

What Are the Must-Eats in Your City?

@bebo, what a great idea!

When I visit Denver, my must visit places include The Saucy Noodle, the Cruise Room and Bastien's.

What Are the Must-Eats in Your City?

In Houston I would take folks to Huynh near downtown for killer central Vietnamese food. There's a million great Tex-Mex places, but the old Doneraki on Fulton has a lot of charm. Anvil Bar is great for cocktail enthusiasts and is in an old eclectic neighborhood. Houston is about more than just what's in the city limits, so I'd take a drive to San Leon to Topwater Grill (when it re-opens from hurricane damage) where you can watch the fishermen catch and clean the fish. Head up to Kingwood to Bill's for that Texas roadhouse vibe. I could go on forever - folks have no idea how great the food is here!

Deveining shrimp.

Ooh hungryhungryhippo, I know what blog you're talking about and the idea of uncleaned shrimp sure did set off a firestorm! Especially when it's addressed to a geographic area where many of the readers have spent their lives cleaning and eating shrimp.

I always devein medium to jumbo shrimp. I think the vein is unappealing looking and gritty. It's the shells that add flavor, not the digestive tract.

Favorite restaurant review sites?

Kitchenista, b4ueat is wonderful. That's my go-to for local critiques. I also like Fearless Critic, but I find it to be a bit biased towards certain areas of town/latest foodie darlings.

Dinner Tonight: Coriander-Orange-Scented Red Lentil Soup

Ooooh, I received this cookbook for Christmas and it is awesome! I made this soup last week and it is fragrant and light and beautiful. Tonight, I made the recipe for the Turmeric Almond Potatoes - a definite winner. The oven roasted Chicken Cacciatore is good too. The Thai style seafood saute was bland, but so far everything else is proving this book to be my favorite Christmas gift of the year.

Northern New Mexico

You guys are great! Thanks for all the suggestions. I'm about to pester you for another locale.

Thanksgiving Foods We Love to Hate

Giblets are essential for my heirloom (and delicious) East Texas cornbread dressing recipe. Grandma would smack me if I left them out!

It's happening. Running out of things to cook!

My go-to weeknight meals often include a Vienamese style bun; a lettuce salad with fresh herbs (mint, basil, cilantro), julienned carrots, cucumber, and meat. Ginger poached chicken, simple boiled shrimp, carmelized black pepper chicken, spiced porked balls - whatever works. Sometimes I will wrap it all up in rice paper as a salad roll.

With the cooler weather I turn to chili, french onion soup, red beans and rice, pan seared NY strips, fajitas.

You said you didn't like sweets, but how about experimenting with breads? The possibilities are endless and the process is really interesting.


Delicious boudin! It can be surprisingly difficult to find really stellar boudin. I grew up eating the version from Nick's Grocery in Port Arthur (409-985-2781, don't know if they received storm damage) and we would traditonally eat it warm, cut from the casing and spread on a saltine, then topped with a pickle slice and some drops of Tabasco.

Cooking with mustard

As others have said, mustard and pork love each other. I make what I call Double Mustard Pork - it's pork tenderloin medallions crusted in mustard seed and panko with a mustard, shallot and vermouth sauce.

West Midtown Recommendations

Hey, Pfossil! I wish I had seen your recs before I left for New York. I would have loved to try Marseille.

Simon, Landmarc was dead on. I can not thank you enough. I had the hangar steak with green peppercorn sauce. Then I offered to bear the grill guy's babies. Absolutely incredible.

I unexpectedly found myself in Greenwich, so I checked out Otto. House cured olives, goat cheese and swiss chard pizza, followed with bufalo ricotta gelato with figs and lemon curd. Amazing and delicious; I could not stop eating. I was so stuffed I walked from 8th St all the way to 53rd!

Friday Night Drinks

@StripeyChef: How do you make your ginger simple syrup? Do you steep the ginger in the water before adding the sugar?

Favorite dessert when eating out?

I'm always a sucker for the booze. A little tawny port or some good Cognac is irresistable. Otherwise, I love any lemon themed dessert and a good espresso.

Friday Night Drinks

I want to go to your party, StripeyChef! Sounds delicious.

It was in the 90s today, so I have a large glass of a lightly chilled Tempranillo rose wine.

West Midtown Recommendations

@simon: OK, I just looked at Landmarc's menu online and it totally up my alley. Half bottle wines are great - I really wish more restaurants did this. Thank you so much!

Time for Chisai to buy new food books.

Chisai, you might also like:

Julie & Julia by Julie Powell
Escoffier: the King of Chefs by Kenneth James
The Art of Dining by Sara Paston-Williams (explores food history and kitchens in England's National Trust estates)

Cook the Book: 'The Tex-Mex Cookbook'

Major foodie crush on Robb Walsh!

Chips and salsa are our go-to snack for football games.

Best TV Chef? Worst TV Chef?

frederika, I'm with you - I would LOVE to see a Bourdain cooking show. Just based on his brief cooking sgment of the "No Reservations" holiday show, I think he would be great teaching behind the stove.

And ol' Puddin' Cups Sandra is the best comedy on TV.


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