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Open Thread: What's Your Preferred Pop-Tart?

Unfrosted strawberry or s'mores. Mmmm. College.

Brand new Lodge cast iron skillet - what to cook first?

Just put some lard in that sucker and fry everything you see.

That's what my grannie told me and you don't want to argue with my grannie.

Calamari Question of Dire Consequence

I would just eat it cold with some mayonnaise or on a salad. Your reheating options are quite limited it would seem. Then again, I don't usually have the problem with leftover calamari.

On Paula Deen

I grew up in the deep south, and Paula actually cooks a lot like my grandmother. Her show is about decadence, and anybody who cooked like that as a daily habit would be unhealthy. But -gasp- people have the responsibility unto themselves to eat and have healthy habits. I'd rather see someone using butter, lard, deep frying than a constant diet of canned this or dehydrated that. Certainly she plays into the theme of indulgent cooking, but to label her malicious just because she profited off a condition she was already fighting is just stupid. Most people would probably do the same, and like it or not she increased awareness for the disease while profiting.

As for the racial comments, I don't think any of it was acceptable. Of course it's a different generation, of course it's joking around with your family, it wasn't meant in a harmful way, but still not acceptable. But I think this is a situation where she said something, and it's biting her in the ass now. I think her apology should have been enough. There are other TV chefs and celebrities who have done far, far worse and still continue to be aired.

What do you leave OUT of the fridge? Food safety

I grew up where we didn't put stuff back, so I've got a plethora of flora and fauna to keep me going. That being said, eggs, butter, etc. Milk goes in at night. I leave chicken out while marinating. These people that put flour in the freezer, sugar in the fridge, bah. That being said, when I am cooking for others I try to be as sanitary as possible. They don't have the gut collection of microorganisms protecting their colon like I do.

Refreshing Food for Hot Weather

As soon as I read this headline, I started singing "tomatoes, tomatoes, tomatoes, tomatoes tomatoes tomatoes" (to the theme of La cucaracha). Also iced tea and tomato sandwiches.

Help! My smoke alarm hates it when I broil!

Uh....I might have learned in college doing various things that one does in college that the shower cap doesn't always work. A wet dishrag however, does.

Special Occasion Drinking

Wine O' Clock is Fine O' Clock by me.


I'm going to make some McNugget Chicken McNoodle soup and bring it to him to feel better soon. Then go all "Mercy" on him and make him write. Me and my ceramic statues can't just entertain ourselves, can we?

Do you corn your own beef?

Do you beef your own corn?

Didn't think so. That's what the deli down the street is for. a nice beefed corn hash.

Bad wine club

Unrelated, but the ABC by my house has a wine fountain machine. I had never seen one of these before but I almost cried.

If you had to eat one nationality...

@MeatGuy, I want my American meat grass-fed. Better head to Colorado.

That being said, hands down, Southern food. It's what I grew up eating, I love seafood, and also it's delicious. And also lard.

Soup De Poisson

les poissons les poissons hee hee HAW HAW HAW

Taste Test: The Best Tortilla Chips

Why has everyone failed to mention the fact that Santita's should win purely on the fact that their packaging says "$2 only"? That's part of the freaking charm, people.

Animal Slaughter...Have you?! Would you?!

@Meat Guy, I agree with you for most of your statements. I think large corporations are often unjustly vilified. A nation of nothing but small-scale farmers (like the one I frequent) is simply not sustainable and would lead to a large majority of our population not being able to afford or obtain meat. While many large corporations (daresay most) do care ultimately about profit, they wouldn't make money if they didn't have a good product. Even the pink sludge processed frozen chicken nuggets taste good, chemical party or not. The trend towards wholesome food and honest farming will drive changes (and already has) in product development. They're not out to pick your pockets and kill piglets just for the hell of it, they're turning out a product (pork, chicken, etc)for consumption. Knowledge is power, but that goes both ways. No need to point fingers. Instead, better yourself so that you have no desire or to blame anyone else but yourself for the choices you make.

Animal Slaughter...Have you?! Would you?!

As a child, we were required to kill a chicken at least once. That has stuck with me for many years. To be honest, I didn't have a problem doing it, and I don't have a problem doing it now. I prefer to break down whole carcasses, or at least large cuts. I have gone hunting from time to time, but like an earlier poster mentioned -- more to be with family than the actual sport. I do not eat alot of meat, but thoroughly enjoy the meat that I do consume.

I couldn't say, kill a giraffe or a baby animal of any sort. Thus I don't eat them! (Even veal). It's a simple as that.

It's all about responsibility. We (the collective members who believe in this mentality) have a responsibility to know where our food comes from, and what we are putting into our bodies. I don't think that it's wrong to want to know where your food comes from, and I don't think it's wrong to not really care. Those who don't have a vested interest may have other parts of their lives they put more emphasis on. That being said, I do think that there is a trend toward food knowledge and honest food.

I buy my meat from a small-scale grass fed beef farmer. It tastes delicious. That being said, I buy my chicken from Publix (along with thier heavenly carrot cake, oh sweet jesus that carrot cake.)

There are a lot of ways to live your life. Some put emphasis on whole healthy living, some put emphasis on making careers and being successful, some put emphasis on family. Not saying any of those are mutually exclusive -- people care about things differently.

I can and will and have killed animals for consumption. I have no guilt about this, but I respect the animals for their contribution to sustaining my life.

Will it melt?

wrap the entire thing in plastic wrap, then several layers of foil, then put in a plastic bag. wrap that in tin foil, wrap a towel around that and put in a bag. Or buy an insulated bag.

Your bestest Quinoa recipe

I make a variation of this all the time. I use the Bob's Red mill Bountiful Black Bean soup mix and i add in carrots and jalapenos. I cook the soup down until it's thick and then cook the rinse quinoa in that. It has the consistency of gruel but it's absolutely delicious. I finish with lime and sometimes crema. But I've also made the recipe per the original instructions and it's great, but def needs more cumin and lime.

I turn my back for five seconds..

My boo and I were making soup using the Bob's Red Mill bean soup mix. I went to take a call and she poured in the entire bag. I only needed 1 cup.

We have a lot of bean soup in our freezer.

Canned Collards?

We used to eat these all the time. They just need a lot of hot sauce and some rice, they'll do you fine as is. They might come out more minerally than normal, though. Fry an egg and put that on top.

Totino's New Chicken Parmesan Rolls Let Me Down

^^^ All about the ranch, sriracha and/or Barbeque sauce.

It's totinos, you can't judge me.

Please Reminisce about Birthday Cake

yellow cake made with duck eggs and store bought chocolate fudge frosting. delish!

Staff Picks: What's Your Achilles Heel in the Kitchen?

I'm actually okay with eggs. Steaks however. Steaks are hard for me to cook even with a thermometer. They always end up on the raw side of rare or on the leather side of well. And I like neither, dangit!


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