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I went to The Culinary Institute of America, and now live in Las Vegas.

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  • Location: Las Vegas, NV
  • Favorite foods: Sushi. Spicy foods. I pretty much love everything!
  • Last bite on earth: A cube of fresh parmesan with fresh honey drizzled on top.

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What's the story behind your SE screen name?

I enjoy food, to the very last tasty I was slightly referring to myself =) My alter ego, though, would be cunningcupcake =)

Is Your Pet Named After a Food (or Food Critic)?

I don't have dogs yet, but when I do, I want 3 rescue dogs and I want to name them Chuck, Porterhouse & Ribeye. Not only because I love butchery, and I am a Texas girl...I also reference PCU. Yeah!

Calves Brains...Apparently I Am Satan? Still too taboo?

Wow - I appreciate the response from everyone! There are some Halal markets and many latin grocery stores in Las Vegas...I will try those and ask the other small mom and pop butchers to see if they have a recommendation.

Poll: How Do You Top Your Pancakes?

I like having a flavorful (and butter-full) batter, to where I do not have to put anything on my pancakes. If bacon, butter and syrup happen to make it to the plate - bonus!

What happened to just plain chicken wings?!

I finally found out that they are breaded, bone-in wings. I didn't realize this would create such a variety of answers =) Thank you everyone!

Best way to advertise food blog

@phenoderr - my coworker and I feel your pain on the grammar issues. She has an English degree, and my mom was an English teacher for 30+ years (so, I've been immersed in proper grammar for ever,) yet we still have to argue with our boss(es) about proper spelling, where hyphens should be placed, etc. AND they still tell US we're wrong about it.

Once I get my ideas situated, I hope to have more than the one post I have up so far (I tend to be a little overzealous with new projects, and I did not factor to have backup material written after I posted the first...brilliant one that I am.)

Ramen In Las Vegas

Well, I was pleasantly surprised by the meal at Yokohama Kaigenro. I ordered my usual ramen that I always ordered at Togoshi, so that I could do a comparison, and I always order takoyaki if it is available. The chanpon ramen was nicely done, in a salt based broth with narutomaki, tons of fresh vegetables, shrimp, scallops and calamari rings. The only thing that I noticed was that the noodles were a little overdone by the time I ate them. The takoyaki was lacking in the octopus area, but they were still delicious as well. The pork chashu ramen that we ordered was ok, but the pork was lacking in flavor. The only complaint would be the service, but I will take what I can get out here =)

Dinner's over. Oops, look what I forgot!

A friend of mine and I catered an event for about 100 people a few years back, after we had just graduated from culinary school. We had made tons of food, so we didn't even realize we had left our stuffed tomatoes in the oven until after the event, when I opened the oven to see black charcoal looking's a good thing, they were kind of lame anyway =)

Best way to advertise food blog

@phenoderr - THIS is exactly what I need to hear =) Not that all the other comments went unnoticed; all the information has been helpful. For now, I have a tiny little blog (nothing fancy yet, until I can prove to myself that I can provide enough materials for people to read and keep them interested.) I know, in my heart, that this will be tough, but I love to write and I think that as long as I keep writing and archiving and saving materials (a laptop would really help with this process) I can at least say that I did this for myself and my passion =)

Ramen In Las Vegas

I found one location that I am going to try out tonight...I will have to follow up with the results =)

Yokohama Kaigenro; man, I hope this comes close to my other spot!

Phoenix: Impossibly Airy, Amazingly Awesome Pancakes at Matt's Big Breakfast

I too, am an avid peanut butter and honey fan...I like to let the honey rest on the toast before throwing the sandwich into a hot pan. I'm sad when I finish the first sandwich, that I usually end up in making another one.

With your description of the griddle cakes, I might have to make the 4 hour drive to try them out; and I'm just crazy enough to do it. I'd have made the drive for Chik-fil-A, but THIS sounds much more enticing!

Seriously Delicious Holiday Giveaway: D'Artagnan Boneless Heritage Ham

New Caanan Farms Jalapeno Honey Mustard, Tilamook Cheddar Cheese & Multigrain bread

Critic-Turned-Cook Gets a Smackdown From Thomas Keller

This post hit close to home - the mention of the woman that drove 6 hours to meet Thomas Keller. I too, have so much respect for this man, and waited close to 2 hours outside The French Laundry (while he was having his meeting with the crew) just so I could shake his hand...and a photo op, of course =) He is the epitome of what I would like to be as a chef.

Best way to advertise food blog

@all - very helpful comments, thank you!

Worst foodie gift ever?

oh yeah, I forgot to mention the recent $10 gift card to Sonic that I got for my birthday. I get it, times are tough - then don't get me anything...I didn't expect to get anything, let alone a gift card for fast food. Sweet, my palate will thank you when it's swimming with tasteless grease.

Worst foodie gift ever?

an oinking pig cookie jar from Goodwill - no lie. The best part, the sound maker was busted, so it didn't even work. I didn't know whether to take offense at the time (I was larger then.) They told me they got it for me because I could bake cookies and put them in the jar. Gotta laugh at the gifts from old high school relationships =)

Fleisher's Meats Best T-Shirt Idea Contest

* Body by Bacon

* I'm Doing My Part to Stop Global Warming...By Eating Fleisher's Grass Fed Beef (gotta put a stop to the cow burps somewhere....and it's DELICIOUS)

Obsessed with Bacon Baked Goods & Confections

@eatup - you could have something going there...I may run with it and update with the results =)

@cdp - I totally understand....I may have to make up my own recipe for that

Weekend Cook and Tell: Thanksgiving Post Game Recap

@ Trilby - I have another frozen turkey...and now I totally want to make the Turkey Breast Rolls...where did you find the recipe? Sounds delicious =)

Seriously Delicious Holiday Giveaway: Southside Market Sausage

Being a born and raised Texan, I am a stickler for BBQ. Now I am in Las Vegas, and they generally run the gamut on poor to mediocre quality BBQ. I have 3 preferences in Texas (The Original Salt Lick, Rudy's & Luling City Market) and remarkably found that Buzz BBQ out here in Las Vegas is the closest BBQ comes to Texas out here.

Weekend Cook and Tell: Thanksgiving Post Game Recap

What was supposed to be a dinner for 6 turned into a meal for 13; which, for me, is an exciting prospect - more people to make happy with food! The menu I prepared was:

Stuffed Leg of Lamb w/ a Cumin, Cardamom crust (stuffed with a breadcrumb, dried apricot, dried fig, fresh mint, shallot, caramelized onion mixture)

Regular Leg of Lamb (stuffed whole garlic cloves in the leg & basted with homemade lamb stock)

Roasted Fall Root Veggies (Parsnips, Carrots, Red Beets, Yellow Beets & Mushrooms roasted with Garlic & Oil)

Roasted Butternut Squash Couscous (Couscous, Roasted Butternut Squash, Caramelized Red Onion, Chopped Dried Cranberries, Almonds, Cumin, Red Pepper Flakes)

Fresh Cranberry Relish (Cranberries, Orange Zest, Orange Juice & Sugar)

Roasted Whole Turkey (Injected with homemade chicken stock/butter/garlic powder/onion powder & rubbed with butter, salt, cayenne, onion powder & black pepper)

My cranberry jelly was the only "failure", and I just ended up whipping out the ice cream machine and converting it into cranberry sorbet.

Friends attending brought Cherry Salad, rolls, Pumpkin Pie, Apple Pie & two of the guests tried Alton Brown recipes, which included homemade Green Bean Casserole & Sweet Potatoes mashed with chipotle peppers & adobo sauce.

I feel like I am forgetting =)

Grossest thing found in restaurant food

My favorite had to be the chunk of an industrial pot scrubber- you know, the green brillo-pad type things- in my salad. Tasty.

Rare Chicken

I used to eat raw eggs when I was little; I guess I really enjoyed the flavor of the yolks. However, growing older and living under the idea that eating raw eggs or raw chicken is a no-no, I have stopped practicing the raw egg eating...of course unless it is in cookie batter or something. If given the opportunity to try fresh chicken sashimi, I would try it (don't knock it 'til you try it); however, I am not sure that the consistency would please my palette all that much.

What Does Michael Phelps Eat for Breakfast? More Stuff Than You Eat All Day

It's too bad that there is no Hash House A-Go-Go near him...he could easily meet his daily caloric intake at that restaurant. Try Sage Fried Chicken w/ maple reduction, 2 eggs, bacon mashed potatoes & a biscuit (which is the size of both of my fists balled together.

What's your go-to dinner for one?

If I am eating by myself, I almost always make a meal that involves sauteed onion, green bell pepper and mushrooms. Whether I combine that with baked chicken breast or in a half-assed frittata is generally the only thing I have to make a decision about. I usually use goat cheese as a nice addition, and use sriracha as a condiment.