Tara Pereira

I'm a video girl that loves to cook.

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  • Location: Vermont
  • Favorite foods: blueberries,sushi,pasta,dim sum,fresh mozz, any type of fruit tart, croissants,mexican food, striped bass, roasted cauliflower,runny semi aged goat cheese
  • Last bite on earth: wood fired roasted chicken, salad,nice red wine, blackberry tart

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Too many Green Tomatoes!

Green Tomato of the Union Square Cookbooks has a really nice recipe for it. Nice with Salmon.


If I'm making a Halloween cake or a bunch of cupcakes, I like to buy halloween themed finger puppets and have them sticking out of my oreo "dirt." The kids love it!

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Too many Green Tomatoes!

Wow, these all sound so yummy. I hadn't even thought of a pie. Very cool.



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