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Can you duplicate restaurant taste at home?

I know knowledge is not what you can substitute ,and equipment , such as big ass red hot flattop is not available , and when you try "making up some other way " never really works, but I m still hoping it is a way to get close... naturally some undisclosed secret technics never shared ,but if would be a way to produce small quantity recipe , and home kitchen environment allowance , would be a terrific publication, I bet most of us would buy it and who knows mybe would be trend setter , for future cookbook editions.. One can only dream!

Miss Jerry Sinefeld...and cooking?!l@

Dcarl1 old champ or chimp ? Of the English language.
Admitted several times , my "rant" as you pointed so delicatelly , is not coming off from my mothe's language, and hard as I do my best do the least amount of harm .... I would ask your intellect, how many language you speak ,beside the mean spirited , schoolmaster one.
If you have a hard time to read my post , perhaps it is your capacity , not solely my bad grammar ...
As you see most of the folks-forgive me and go on with the topic , not to tout the lonely little virtue you have over me , a better englsih ... Can you cook ?or just bitching about others ?
After all I'm all right wih critical notes , but I can not help you with comprehension...that is on you
Ta ta

Today show and Sandra Lee

Kwanza ... Who invented that ,I wondering ...?,
Hubbard? ,John Smith ? Or perhaps?PC . God?

Today show and Sandra Lee

It is hard to find comic relief in sharlatanism, and her dangering the novice cookery candidates, who might take her "crafty" nonsense as actual advice, or something to follow do more damage than 85 lb lard in elementary school cafeteria.
As to the note "she dont represent NewYorkers", I sure hope so , but all i read in NewYork publications,and local media , she is the first lady in NY.
Cookery scene ... I don't believe the media in any level but she is like the bad penny always there. ?!
In the city where Pen and Pencil reside , she should be stopped 100 miles out of city limit and lashed 100 times by a Macdonald cook,
Never mind a show in TV.

Today show and Sandra Lee

Yes it was amusing to see pour flavored vodka as her contribution to the world... Perhaps those Russians need her over there , to introduce vodka to the messes , ( they need some one like her ,)
Here at the Today show seemed like all those " monumental journalists"find the chocolate vodka ."amazing" , and celebrate Sandra pouring ability ,like a major achievement in the culinary world "
I'm not sure who is a bigger fraud , her majesty , or those clowns who host that show . I'm really find disturbing the fact in New York , out of all places , she can flourish , I tough New Yorkers are more cosmopolitan and food educated then other states , and cities...
Mediocrity is bad for the soul, but she is way below mediocrity .

Today show and Sandra Lee

Turtles are great , even in the soup , with some chives , and lemon grass

Today show and Sandra Lee

First , I apologize to all of you , butchering the English language , please use this apologia for all my Posting ,now and in the future... I have written asking the same , English is not my mothers tong ...
Reading the suggestion to turn off the TV is for sure a option , and if that would help to shut her up I would do it all day long ,but the point is not my amusement or dislike ,but the lock of knowledge,standard, what would be so important special for novices to learn the right way ( because good cooking not harder then this shit she vomit to the screen.)
to give her platform is wrong,allow her to spread junk is immoral ,and against good taste, and reverse education what need it so much
To teach people how to eat right and ,how to enjoy real food

10 Food Memes, Themes, and Schemes of 2010

Sandra lee never was is and will be a trend ..nor any redeeming culinary nor intellectual value , not even amusement. Annoying overexposed blonde , I bet you can look in her eyes , and see some one behind her , empty head as can be.
Cuomo's in house cook , hardly a personality we need to even slow down for not to mention trend setting .
Food network is unfortunate mote network then food , if you know what I mean.
Watching people applause for use of garlic in a live show , is tiresome as watch the paint dry ... How low you can go with brain activity ? seems like limitless, junk network .

Cook the Book: Northern Fried Chicken

We use regular old bread crumbs , all eggss ( white and yolk) and flour to coat the chicken, seasoned the crumbs, and mix good fine grated hard cheese in the egg mix, and a paprika... Matzo or hand made bread crumbs not that far away.
It is from Germany and Austro Hungarian cook books, and God !,, that is amazingly good.
People you must lighten up ... Not everything is racist , why so trigger happy ?
I do can understand some people do not care for middle eastern influences and yes jewis food is more middle eastern then not... Just ask a spaniard Jew , and so on..
It is funny most Jewis name adopted a German name ,but that is an other story,
Matzo is pretty blend less you kill it with spices .no matter what ethnicity you are .

Where can I find a really deep grill pan/pot?

Cooking is a messy process , and comes with the therithory to clean up after , but if that bothersome ...well take out comes to my mind.:)
Seriously cast iron skillet a must , and a good bottle of stove top cleaner,or perhaps you can go over to your mom and give her a super duper kitchen clean up for Christmas ...

Picky Eaters

i believe it is a bit social issue . i must say when you grow up in a home where sophisticated cooking a custom , learning new experiences is a norm, try everything as is to try , travel and see other peoples food , and try them make a all world of a different , from the kid who grow up an main street and eat out of stirefoam , all his life , shop at wallmart , and apple bee is haute cuisine ... so he or she use to fried everything , and so on
of course are exceptions but by examples kids emulate people they like or respect
grown up freaks who make the resaurant help miserable , mostly attention junkies , with serioeus personality issues
again exceptions are not prove other wise
i believe fussy eaters have other issues,what have nothing to do with actual food.....

i have seen parents go bezirk , when the spoiled kid don't eat a 45 dollar plate .. don't give him nothing he will learn ..

What is the best mail order fruit cake?

That Question is an oximoron yes?
joke of course ..... The best fruitcacke by mail ... The one what never arrive!

What Is It With These Meat Thermometers?

well you right, my English need a lot of work, ( not my native tounge ) , and you right , there is no substitute for knowledge ..nor understanding !


What Is It With These Meat Thermometers?

Luna. My Dear,
Actually a hand made clay stove oven from old Europe is better than any Thermador for a zillion $,
I do can butcher my meat if have to , done it , with help,
And seems like , you missing out again , I'm not against basics, I'm against overdone technology ,try to substitute actual cooking skills..
That is what I have written nothing else.. Why are you so sensitive ? Did I hit a spot ?

What Is It With These Meat Thermometers?

dear Luna ... you are missing my point entierly .. it is not the $5 thermometer the issue .. my point was and is, we are overcomplicate our life with gimmick gadgets, and rely on $5 themometers..!!! instead of get experience and knowledge. wiggle the leg and the bird is done .. as it was ages ago , and still valid ... simplify and learn , Ii believe a way better way, then buy every stuff know to man , and bitch when all fails ! (because it will)
that is very much reality an all aspects of our life ..
so none "berated" you , only serve up my very own take on the issue .. have a drink , relax ...

Sandra Lee New York's "First Lady"

what is wrrong with her ? just about everything , phony ,phony ,phony, ..fake "devotion", fake deminor ,fake smile, fake food, fake...FFFFFFFAKE.
what do you think , is i swear when drop a a ladle an the floor ,? ort she j"just wisper" O shoot!@!!? ..
come on people .. nothing real with this broad!

What Is It With These Meat Thermometers?

I believe we are overcomplicate our life wih a lot of stuff and gadget what no one use only the suckers who who pay for all that .
Any Sicilian grandmother never ever heard or used any of that junk.
They looked the food ,stick they finger in the bird, and it was done , and o yes it was right every time.
The table in Provance that meat just right every time,
Te German meat fest in Munchen never used any of the digital or analog or any of the yuppy wonder gauge , and guess ,that hand made ham just right to.
In other words , no substitute for knowledge, if you spend a fortune in Crate an Barell or any of that gimmick store , you not going to be a cook
Spend that Money and go to hang out in a kitchen where talented people cook , and give a rest of that gadgetry all ready!

Be Serious: Isn't "Upscale" Food Just a Load of Bulls$%t?

As i read this tread i guess all of you have a point , but perhap the issue is a bit depend what mood you in. Food is emotional just all we do more or less ...when I'm tired and worned out from the day. I might grab a beer and a mac and cheese with a big fork, and chill...
But when I want excitement and play ... For sure I enjoy a creation or two, and tolerate the appendage of the pampass ass Matr'd ..and play along Long as the food is excellent.

Just thought I'd say

Talking about cook books

Is any one have the new "my French table " book at hand ...worth to get it ?

Seattle restaurant recommendations?

If you recommend that place to eat to anyone ... You don't need to much to be impressed ... Any truck stop bettter then that horrible tourist trap.
Don't ever go there less you want junk for to much money


Cassaendra I love tender moments from the past and ,good manner driven by respect from one to the other.. And that is why curl my blood,When a badly trained waiter "ensure me he has no problem " with my existence and serving me is not over his trash hold ... That is what I read out of this horrible ,rude and appalling "saying".
If any owner of a restaurant allow the help address the guests this way..he or she should stick to operating a dive where anything goes,
We. Go out to dine for a nice place for a total experience, and good polite service part of that expectation.
Server with attitude,don't fit in that plan ...when a server intent to voice his disappointment and current burden of serving me ,well hevor she should perhaps look for a different line of work.
A good professional waiter will never ever say no problem...
I guess we confuse casual with rude and uneducated,


Dear Salpico

It is horrible to hear you" popped a few brain cells" ... Be careful ,seems like you don't h ave much of those cells to waist.
I guess you have no problem with bad service and piss poor treatment , it is a blessing for you your brain cells are limited quantity ...
Or do I missread your o so descriptive lament..?
Ta ta


When somecof you have "no problem" with NO PROBLEM then YOU do have a problem... A lot's of it to be correct.
When we say thank you ... You as a server .. Not qualified nor expected "ensure " us ,,your job is not to" releive "the angst !!!! We must feel to bother you?!are you people off the kilt a bit?
When you telling me it is no problem. Should I assume when I'm as a customer in a restaurant where you work as a server ... It could be a problem ? Problem how? Do I put you out much? Or you not really up to provide service ?
Again so I understand ...when you say "no problem" ..that is means I find you in a forgiving mood?
Are you people insane ? Accepthing this Is pure measure of your ignorance and lock of civilization , and intellect ... If you grow up accepting piss poor service and pay for it deserve it
Wher is culture and expectation descended ?

Political garbage on your pages

I hope all of you forgive me bring this tread ,to this delightful site, I guess I was just bombarded one to many political nonsense day in Day out,with out is like a Chinese water torture drop,by drop by end of the day that drop feel like bullet ...I figured at least they stay out of the "kitchen"
I need a drink. Again sorry to dedicate this much time for this , time lost to chat about good food instead...

Political garbage on your pages

Dear Cassaendra
You just making my point.... You just engaged a political polarization agenda,, you. Defending Patty M. ,indicating you preference her versus the other party ! Garbage. As I written


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