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very best carrot cake

The Food Lab: Slow-Smoked, 40-Ounce, Dry-Aged Porterhouse Steaks

done very similar with prime rib in my CS smoker; smoke at 200 until desired internal meat temp and then finish in 450 oven or hot grill to develop a bit of crust.

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hambitiously hamolicious

Gluten-Free Fresh Pasta

I typically use about 3/4 cup flour to 1 whole large egg; you can only add so much flour per egg, regardless of type of flour. Seems like 4 eggs to the amount of dry here might result in a too soft dough. I mix the dough in a food processor; add the flour then the egg. Buzz the processor to combine, scrape down and continue processing. Resulting mix should resemble wet sand and will easily compress when pinched. If it seem wet add more flour; if dry add a few drops of water. Form dough into ball and wrap with plastic wrap; allow to rest in fridge for an hour. I use KitchenAid attachment for rolling and cutting. For my liking rolling to a 5 or 6 works best.

Bake the Book: First Prize Pies

Bake the Book: The Model Bakery Cookbook

cakes, pies, cookies, breads

Bake the Book: The Irish Pantry

that would be a fairly long list inclugins flour sugar, spices, beans, rice...

Bake the Book: Puddin'

Easy Black Forest Cake

this is my son's favorite. I keep it simple; chocolate genoise layers, macerated fresh cherries and kirsch Chantilly cream often topped with chocolate curls:

Super Bowl Party Giveaway: 17th Street BBQ Baby Back Ribs and Pulled Pork

nothings too crazy for BBQ; fire up the smoker in any weather no matter how cold or hot, wind or rain...

Cook the Book: 'Lighten Up, America!'

Seriously Delicious Holiday Giveaway: Thermapen Thermometer

Seriously Delicious Holiday Giveaway: Thermapen Thermometer

The Food Lab: How to Make a Turkey Porchetta

been looking for an idea for the family turkey day feast. Last year I made a roulade with turkey breast and sausage. Maybe I'll try 3 of these; one smoked and one oven roasted. The quick blast in a hot oven should work to crisp the skin on both of these.

Cook the Book: Andy Ricker's 'Pok Pok'

Bake the Book: The Gramercy Tavern Cookbook

New York Cheesecake

Cook the Book: 'Maximum Flavor'

low & slow smoking brisket

Pumpkin Pie Ice Cream

for homemade pumpkin puree, try roasting the pumpkin (rather than boiling) to intensify the flavor.

Bake the Book: Desserts for Every Season

fresh spring strawberries for sorbet

Bake the Book: Sweet

chocolate toffee crunch cake

Is This the Classiest McDonald's in America?

Chocolate Peanut Butter Cupcakes

just made a batch of these for sisters' kids/grandkids. They turned out great, tho' I did use a bottled Hersey Shell topping. The peanut butter buttercream was great. For the butter cream I used ingredients as noted but used a handheld mixer to whip the first stage of the frosting while it heated; basic 7-minute frosting technique. I prepared an ice bowl to cool the frosting before adding the room temp softened butter. After the first step of frosting was ready I transferred to bowl to the ice bath and continued beating with the hand mixer then added the butter and peanut butter in stages. Everyone loved them!

Chocolate Peanut Butter Cupcakes

re: baking powder or baking soda; given the use of buttermilk it would be baking soda

Got Extra Popeye's Biscuits? Save'em For Breakfast Sandwiches

Hardy's has one of the better breakfast biscuits around there. Biscuits tend to dry out fairly quickly after they're done. So for home use I rely on frozen biscuits; there are a couple southern brands that are decent and even the WalMart brand works well. Frozen biscuits are convenient for single use; turn oven to 400 pop in biscuit and set timer for 21 minutes. While biscuit bakes prepare the other fixins'. I prefer scrambled egg for a breakfast sammy.

We Try 4 New Electric Hot Water Kettles for Coffee and Tea

personally I love my InSinkErator instant hot water dispenser. Filtered hot and cold water is always there; no waiting for water to heat or bother to fill a separate pot and wait. Works great for coffee and tea, as well as other instant things that just need hot water.

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The Pizza Lab: Foolproof Pan Pizza

I've got a confession to make: I love pan pizza. I'm not talking deep-dish Chicago-style with its crisp crust and rivers of cheese and sauce, I'm talking thick-crusted, fried-on-the-bottom, puffy, cheesy, focaccia-esque pan pizza, dripping with strings of mozzarella and robust sauce. If only pizza that good were also easy to make at home. Well here's the good news: It is. This is the easiest pizza you will ever make. Seriously. All it takes is a few basic kitchen essentials, some simple ingredients, and a bit of patience. More

The Food Lab: How to Make a Turkey Porchetta

Behold! The Mighty Turchetta! King of the Thanksgiving roasts. Gentle and benevolent ruler of the holiday table, fair in his judgment and ample in his juiciness. If ever you sat down on the third Thursday after the first Monday in November and could not think of a single thing to give thanks to, I implore you to place one of these guys on your table this year and you will find that this problem will disappear. This isn't a roast for celebrating with, this roast is a celebration in itself. More

Blueberry-Lime Ice Cream

In this ice cream, blueberries are cooked into a rich jam with lime, star anise, and cinnamon, then blended into a custard for an ice cream that tastes like blueberry cobbler, but a lot more interesting. More